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Discussion in 'Priests' started by Cucuy, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Cucuy Member

    I've been looking for a good AA spec for my fury, but couldn't find one that hit all the abilities that I wanted. I would appreciate any feedback on the AA spec I came up with. The focus is primarily solo dps.

    Also, if anyone can point to a good balanced AA spec, I would appreciate that as well.

  2. Earar Well-Known Member

    first off --> remove healing stance and all healing AAs (right now they are useless)

    in heroic take protective instinct instead of faith, also 10 points in wrath adds a bit of dps (if u can afford it)

    dragon, take litany of destruction to boost DC and furies have a lot of dots, so quickening can be interesting. Also always take the self ward: reprieve.

    in prestige, the middle spell : lightning siphon isn't that great, use points elsewhere. max control of the storm instead of stormbarrier. Also double spec --> take also potent restorer to boost pot

    knowing the DPS AA from fury tree don't add much if you're maxed in cast/reuse speed --> so enhance thunderbolt, ring of fire are not so great. thunderbolt only improve CB of 5% and ring of fire does nothing.
    same for emergency healing and feral tenacity - better use those AAs on hibernation of forest spirit.

    my little fury has this set up


    know that it's not my main, haven't played him yet this xpac (but I main warden so I know a bit of the druid class)
  3. Cucuy Member

    Thanks, I'll do that once the servers come back up!
  4. Clintsat Active Member

    Why should he drop healing stance? The loss of 10% potency points isn't worth losing the extra HoT tick.
  5. Earar Well-Known Member

    yeah you're right. my bad
  6. Clintsat Active Member

    The Fury offensive stance really needs work...
  7. Clintsat Active Member

    Cucuy, feel free to take a look at Clintsat on Skyfire for a Fury spec.
  8. Cucuy Member

    Clintsat, I'll check it out
  9. Cucuy Member

    I notice everyone goes down the line for tortoise shell. Besides that ability, the majority of the line seems pretty useless. Is tortoise shell a necessity for a solo fury?
  10. Renamoriko New Member

    I don't agree with taking protective instinct. The maximum ward can only be 30% of the druid's health. The amount of DPS you do doesn't really matter if you don't have a ridiculous amount of hitpoints. For example, if you have 30 million HP, the ward can only be 9 million. Even though it's regenerating, it still isn't a lot. So with only 3 and a half million HP soloing, the ward is pretty much useless. Reprieve in the dragon line is a must-have for survival. For survivability you also want to go with a vigor spec (fury prestige tree, first line, along with the potency line) to increase your max health. You can also dual-spec in your prestige tree to gain more crit bonus and potency. I don't play a fury but my main is a warden, and I know that I lose a ton of both if I'm not dual-spec.
  11. Cucuy Member

    What do you mean by "stance"? It's not a term I'm familiar with in regards to AA's.
  12. Uganda Knuckles Member

    no fae fire rune no dps fury. sorry.
  13. Clintsat Active Member

    Protective Instinct is amazing if you gear appropriately. I have around 70m hp and it wards around 22m hp a person. That plus the SoD proc ward gives a lot of extra help when the big ae hit
  14. Clintsat Active Member

    We are talking about the last two skills in the shadow AA tree.
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