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Discussion in 'Priests' started by Deadly Decorator, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. Deadly Decorator Active Member


    Sooo I've played a Focus Fury as my main toon for about 2 years now, but this whole expansion has thrown me WAAAY off. I've been putting off placing this in the forums because I wanted to try and work it out myself, but alas... I have failed...

    SO! Here's my problem. I 'believe' I have a pretty somewhat geared (questline, solos, and 1 or two heroic items) fury again for TOV, but while in heroics my healing spells seem VERY uneffective. Please keep in mind I am usually a mage healer, so healing tanks becomes a bit more difficult but not un-accomplish-able in groups/raids.

    However I find myself at my WITS end on how to heal effectively with my toon. I used to run in DPS stance all the time because of the offensive wards and buffs I can apply to the group with spell casts, but in TOV I find myself using heal stance (Nature's Ferocity) almost all the time now, and I STILL dont seem to get a significant raise in my heal amounts.

    So my questions to the Main Furies out there: How have you adjusted to the new expansion and what can I do to improve myself? I'm tired of seeing group members dying off....

    Also if you think it is my gear or stats go head and check out my toon. ANY help would be appreciated: http://u.eq2wire.com/soe/character_detail/2168961219112
  2. Mermut Well-Known Member

    I can tell you part of your problem just by looking at your crit bonus and potency (436/366) they're too far apart. For maximum healing, you want your cb and pot as close as possible.
    Also, for tough fights, you need to have your HoTs running all the time. If you wait until damage has landed you'll have a hard time catching up. Also, with your AA spec, having your two primary HoTs up all the time (point and group) you're granting your tank 4% damage reduction and 10% mitigation increase (the bonus from the point and group stack) plus the DR from brainstorm if you can keep your attacks rolling. That's some powerful protection, but it requires the HoTs to be up BEFORE damage hits.
  3. Jeorge Member

    Hmm, do Furies really go double conversion? I haven't played mine, but it seems like left side would help a bit more? Tank would be less squishy, and that would also close the gap between CB and pot, albeit in a less than ideal way... Give you an emergency button too.
  4. Deadly Decorator Active Member

    Im working on getting my potency up, but I cant do anything about the CB. I cant reforge out of it and it comes on all the gear I get practically.
  5. Deadly Decorator Active Member

    I've usually run the double conversion for both high CB and high Potency. But your right, I can probably just focus on the left side entirely if this if I really dont need the CB that high. But that was another issue I was trying to figure out- There is no more cap on CB and Pot, so how much should I really be aiming for?
  6. Deadly Decorator Active Member

    Also another question: I usually only run the one spec for my fury, both solo, raid, and group. I havent had to have more than one spec since DOV. Should I go ahead and focus on a Solo Spec (focused more on DPS) and then make a group/raid spec (focused more on AA's that lean towards healing improvements)?
  7. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Don't put on armor that doesn't have potency on it. Just wait for the potency armor to come up. You can also swap the quested gear for gear with potency on it.
  8. Odinn New Member

    Until you get more gear you could just run two healers, it's what a lot of people are doing. Make sure no one is wearing that wrist item with the huge dmg aoe proc that hits friendly members too...cause that has happened to me.
  9. Deadly Decorator Active Member

    Aspect of the dragon? Yeah I make sure that no one has it on before proceeding a group.

    I know most people are running 2 healers but it kinda makes me feel...inadequate...
  10. xkrisx Active Member

    My Fury is used in raids quite a bit and I have it geared with Blue Gym and Green Gym gear. I went strictly with the CB and Pot gear with HP% increase on it. My jewelry hasnt been updated much but I have a few pieces. Both my CB and Potency are 550+. I run Right Side Prestige for DPS and also took the Far Right side Dragon Line as well. I can solo heal the mage grp in AS even with the Focus Pulse damage primarily with DPS and just rotating my Group Hot. I average 800k single target and well over a mill if its one of the encounter mobs. Cycling T-Shel / Porcupine / Hibernation in my rotation pretty much keeps the group alive and running.

    I will admit, I do have a full up Heal spec on my AA Tree for those stupid rare times I have to heal a tank :(

    PS: If you want to appear beast on the heal parse, spec into Faith of the Fallen for some 1mil + single target warding :) .. If you want to seriously lay into a mob without your group dieing, go with Howling with the pact. I havnt played with protective instinct much since they lowered the value of the ward all the way down to 25% of max health.
  11. Deadly Decorator Active Member

    Do the mages you heal tend to take alot of damage? Normally what I am working with is a group of mages/users who have only just completed the questline and are biting at the bit for Arcane gear. I work with a casual raid force so many of our members come in half geared most the time. But if your mages are taking normal damage then its definately my heals that are lacking somewhere...
  12. Rosvita New Member

    Ok so just spotted this thread, looking over your gear I don't understand why you have gone for the weapons bonus damage and max health set, on my fury I have gone with the casting speed or ability mod option in every slot, as a casting healer this is the only way forward imho.

    With aa's on a fury offensive is defensive, look for example at your prestige, if you take the right side option you get damage reduction on the group up to 12%, a channeler is the only other healer with higher damage reduction, some of your choices on your aa's don't seem to make that much sense, for example on your dps/heal spec you put 5 points in Tempest of the Elements and none in your group HP buff (Huntmaster's Vitality), more HP means the group can take higher hits so this isn't an aa you miss imho.

    I have no issues keeping mage groups or even a tank alive on my fury albeit she is better geared.

    For your aa's go look at what over furies are spec'ing, AricaJade (Butcherblock) is an excellent fury whenever a new expansion comes out I generally go take a peak at what she spec's, however I jiggle and find a spec that works for me (if you compare mine and AJ's spec's are similar but we have a some differences too.

    For a fury (and I put this in another thread too) here is are the stats you should aim for:

    100% casting speed (but don't be afraid to go over it coverts to doublecast!)
    100% reuse (hard caps so don't go over)
    60 - 70% recovery (if you have a bard they will cap it to 100% the hard cap)
    8K ability mod - this is based on your current stats, ability mod is worked out by:
    ability mod needed = (base spell max damage * potency)/2
    200 haste (makes your wand or hammer whichever you prefer hit faster and proc more stuff!)
    600 dps (makes your wand or hammer hit harder, will take abit before you hit this cap so don't worry too much)
    200 ma (soft cap)

    Imho you should dps with a wand over a hammer cause you don't need to time which gives you more time to heal when needed and you can stand at range with the squishies (mages)

    I think overall you are playing the fury as if it needs separate dps and heal spec's but it doesn't combining both into 1 spec is fine and works very well for a fury, dps is heals and heals are dps, so just have fun with it :)
  13. Koko Well-Known Member

    Close. Assuming potency and critical bonus have equal weights with respect to their availability (1 CB = 1 Potency), then the 'optimum' value for furies is Potency = Critical Bonus - 30

    Heal Value = (1+Potency/100) * (1+ (CB+inCB)/100), inCB = 30 for Fury on heal
    Heal Value = (1+Potency/100) * (1 + (CB + 30)/100)

    However, the stat availability is not equal (conversions, temps, etc.), but your generalization is a good start.
  14. Deadly Decorator Active Member

    The only item I can trade out for the CB and POT set would be my gloves (I think...) The rest of my gear is Arcane or Cryptic and cannot be traded. I have only put on what I have been collecting. When I find gear with a more matching set then I place that on, until then I just make do with what DOES happen to drop in groups/solos. I'm also a main adorner so most of etyma is going into BUYING the recipes for the purple adorns. I'll be waiting to actually make any for myself.

    BUT THIS IS SO AWESOME. Thank you ALL very much for helping me figure this out. I went back and spec'd into a healer stance for groups and raids, and went down the Left side of the Prestige line only (although I am not sure how I feel about that yet). The dragon lines still make me confused but I've been testing them out a few at a time to get a feel for the difference in game play. The only thing I DONT like about having to do all these changes is that my DPS shot WAY down. I do about 70-90K which is LOADS lower than my DPS spec. But I suppose it should have been expected. Until I get better gear and adorns I cannot afford to be a DPS healer at the moment.

    So if anyone has any suggestions that can help me rebuild my DPS in the future please let me know!
  15. Deadly Decorator Active Member

    Have you been able to measure/calculate the amount of heals via DPS? It would help alot if I know what kind of DPS I should be looking to achieve in order to maintain a steady amount of passive healing/warding.
  16. Mermut Well-Known Member

    You also get the most bang for your buck from spells (and combat arts) when crit bonus and potency are close. Classes that do alot of auto-attack damage tend to lean towards crit bonus a bit because crit bonus applies to auto-attack and potency does not. But the further skewed cb and pot get from each other, the lower the heals, spell damag and combat art damage gets.
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  17. Deadly Decorator Active Member

    I managed to fix that a bit. I've been having trouble raising potency, but I've been able to lower CB a bit. The new AA spec I think has lowered my Autoattack speed a lot. I used to AutoA about 2-4seconds but now there's about a 5 -7 second delay on an AutoA.
  18. mague Active Member

    I tend to think Brainstorm AA is > Invigorate and Natural Presence > Tunares Grace
  19. Kalika Well-Known Member

    I agree on most advices, but higher potency means also higher AM cap.
    So Potency larger than CB may be much more efficient.

    If you can cap your AM, each point of potency may bring you a return of 1,5 (half from AM).
    Players seem unable to even understand that.

    I don't trust formulae, checking by reforging as blue stat into AM i found out that the AM on my warden
    is beyond 15K even for my direct ST heal over the time. Nite that i assume that the in game speel description
    is correct.

    Note that this probably not with the gear appearing on my avatar since I may have currently equiped, this is my "dps" set.

    Wishing you to be a good furie, so many are just failed wizards. My inqui had one as co-healer. Fury was not even able to keep hibernate up all the time, my inqui outhealed and outdps her.
  20. AricaJade Member

    Natural presence only lowers power consumption on the heal stance. How is that better than a 2nd group cure that also gives a nice dmg proc?

    Im also a potency/ab junkie. I keep both of mine as close as I can but I usually go potency when given a choice because my cb gets buffed over my pot in group/raid. It keeps them closer in the situations where I play most & it matters. Otherwise I end up with all skewed numbers where one's like 60 or more higher than the other. Plus I like my mod & it lets more be applied to the spell.

    & <3 rosvita

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