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    Ulrichvon wrote:
    It may sound simple but we dont know how coin relates ingame compared to fuel and mats. i think ti would be far easier to consolidate all fuels of a type into one item and then increase the stack size and adjust the price so making an item after the change that used to use 5 etheral coals still costs 5gworth of coal per combine.
  2. ARCHIVED-Deveryn Guest

    General_Info wrote:
    All of those ideas involve changing the entire database of 30,000+ recipes. It could be simple. It could also turn into a nightmare. Let's just leave well enough alone. It ain't broke and it don't need fixin'.
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    Deveryn@Crushbone wrote:
    Not necesarily... they could leave fuel on the recipe, but have the craft window do an on the fly conversion of coin to fuel, thus cutting out the middle man.
  4. ARCHIVED-Ambeco Guest

    Or they can simply add a box we can store fuels in that works like the supply depot and we can buy our fuels like we do now and craft our recipies like we do now, and nothing changes other than the convienience of the people who like to craft in their homes. Especially for the player who has 18 apprentices working and does the quest everyday from a central home.
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    Avianna@Butcherblock wrote:
    I've done the apprentice thing just about everyday with 9 toons. Once a month or every other month, I go out to buy fuel, as I only keep one stack handy. I have plenty of room for more. The situation you've created for yourself is one that would seem to be very rare in the grand scheme of things. I'm not saying I wouldn't like to have easier access to fuel, but to expect them to implement a change like this for the convenience of a handful of people is asking a bit much.
  6. ARCHIVED-bluja000 Guest

    You do realize as well, you can make as many of the different items as you want, then turn them in when that quest item comes up, right? This means you can craft in your guild hall for a months worth, especially if that toon does nothing but the quest, then turn each item in the day it's due. And from what my husband says, you can even store the items in your bank, and the apprentice takes it from there. This just means that you don't have to worry about it. I personally just pay for 64 fuel, make a bunch of the item of the day, then turn in the item. I rinse and repeat for that day, on each toon that doesn't have one of the item, and this leaves me free for a couple months. With a staggered schedule for 15 toons, I rarely have more than one toon that needs an item made, and when I do, it takes only a few minutes to make enough to hold him/her for months.
    As for the original question, I really don't see what the difficulty is with the current guild harvest box size is. I've got one, with every common harvest for every tier, including all of the provy harvests. And yes, this does include at least one of the harvests from the expansion zones, t9 and t10. We also have the current version of all the tiers imbue harvests. We DO NOT have the holiday or rare harvests, nor any special harvests such as the items for the mirrors. This is something that we expect our members to provide for themselves, or you could perhaps have a special tab in the guild bank for such items. Perhaps people just need to clean out the harvest box and make sure there aren't original eq2 harvests that have been duplicated, and don't stack with the current item? I know that happens, because I have a partial stack of 2 different rare lumbers that don't stack with the current lumbers. There were also the old imbue items, so perhaps just remove the current version, and let the old items get used up. Then replace with the current version, which then stacks with any newly placed harvests. There are also old items that aren't used any longer, such as pepper (an old t1 rare that was never implemented in-game, but was a harvest for a while).
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    Oh, and a side note, for a brief period, the devs had implemented rare item drops that were things like oak table legs and such. I remember, because I gave someone my oak leg, not knowing it was a rare, and kicked myself a few days later when it was explained to me. I'd make sure to check for that, because I don't believe that kind of thing even stacked with itself, and may still have been able to go into the harvest depot. I'm not sure, but it's worth checking. They stopped using that practice tho, because others were also giving away those rares without knowing, and then kicking up a huge fuss when they realized what they had lost out on.
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    Hakdagutz@Butcherblock wrote:
  9. ARCHIVED-StrainAsylum Guest

    Hakdagutz@Butcherblock wrote:
    I think it's a great idea to have a fuel vendor NPC that we could buy with faction - or questable. Or an auto supply type depot like the GH resource depot but for personal homes.
    I have a "nexus" for my researchers, also, and craft there often. Even though the GH is just a click away, it's more convenient to do it on-site, since my home portals are in the nexus. And a LARGER personal resource depot would be great - esp with auto-supply (like the GH depots).
  10. ARCHIVED-Ambeco Guest

    DEVS? OH DEVS? Do I get my wish? Can we have a fuel supply depot with the expansion? I will have a house warming party at my house on Butcherblock where my provisioner will happily make milk and cookies for all of you.
    PBBBWEEEEEZZZE Eddie! You gotta hewp me!
    Thank you,
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    I currently use the fuel on the broker in my crafting house method, which works fine. I pay exactly the same price as I would from a merchant since I've got the fuel in a placed sales crate. It would be nice if apprentices sold fuel though. I like that idea better than a fuel depot, simply because I'd have to remember to refill a fuel depot like I do my broker boxes so it isn't much of an improvement over a mechanic already in place.
  12. ARCHIVED-Ulrichvon Guest

    I still think one of the better sollutions to this is a new higher tier crafting table that auto converts coin to fuel as you make combines.

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