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  1. Stellacious Member

    Winners and Winning awards for 2020


    1st Place - Lot # 9, 300,000 plat, Illegallyblonde
    2nd Place - Lot # 7, 250,000 plat, Robusta
    3rd Place - Lot #1, 200,000 plat, Lunarosa

    Special Mention - Lot # 4, 150,000 plat, Aeval
    Made us Laugh : ) - Lot # 5, 100,000 plat Serifa

    Antonia Bayle:

    1st Place - Lot # 8, 300,000 plat, Tirzah
    2nd Place - Lot # 6, 250,000 plat, Bellissima
    3rd Place - Lot # 5, 200,000 plat, Ayke

    Special Mention - Lot # 4, 150,000 plat Resk
    Made us Laugh : ) - Lot # 7,100,000 plat Ennia

    Maj Dul:

    1st Place - Lot # 6, 300,000 plat, Daemora
    2nd Place - Lot # 2, 250,000 plat, Karriaz
    3rd Place - Lot # 5, 200,000 plat, Vasagio

    Special Mention - Lot # 4, 150,000 plat, Andreasjahn
    Made us Laugh : ) - Lot # 3, 100,000 plat, Nascene

    Halls of Fate:

    1st Place - Lot # 2, 300,000 plat, Wisty
    2nd Place - Lot # 9, 250,000 plat, Devilkiss
    3rd Place - Lot # 3, 200,000 plat, Enchantress

    Special Mention - Lot # 8,150,000 plat, Garpam
    Made us Laugh : ) - Lot # 4,100,000 plat, Dendrobate

    In other breaking news: Xxtacii has agreed to be next year's volunteer Grand Overseer. She will be seeking volunteers for each Server Overseer position. A happy 2021!

    This year's unique challenges brought us some empty or incomplete lots. Judges were instructed to look for the vision of what the decorator was going for. Congratulations to all participants for making this event grand!

    Homes will be published soon for visitors by the Server Overseers.

    Our thanks to Server Overseers:
    SF - Briar
    AB - Devilkiss
    MD - Xxtacii
    HoF - Slythara

    2020 Judges:
    From Skyfire: Quizar, Clintsat, Xenogenetic, Profaner, Nektarz.
    (These judges created new characters on each of the participating servers in order to "travel" for their work)

    Thank you,
    Stellacious, 2020 Grand Overseer

    Memorial: This annual event also includes a memorial for any decorators that we have lost. The 2019 neighborhood included a memorial for Cloudrat. The 2020 neighborhood includes a memorial for Faeanora and Yulla (On the Skyfire location). Our intent is to continue to use the neighborhood event and home for memorial purposes. Anyone in the game may prepare a one item contribution to the memorial by sending it to your Server Overseer (a "personal note" or writable book, or just a flower, etc.) Your Server Overseer will add your contribution to the memorial.
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  2. Lunarosa Well-Known Member

    YEAH! I'm so excited! Love your title ;) Grand Overseer he he he
  3. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    thanks for offering to have other servers besides the standard ones participate I will see if I can't rally the decorators of Kaladim.
    This would be especially interesting , because we have none of the fancy Frostfell decorations or recipes , so it's all about
    working with simple tools .
  4. Aneylee Well-Known Member

    So Excited for this event!! Thank you so much Stellacious Grand Overseer for doing this for us all!
  5. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member this in addition to or in place of our regularly scheduled Santa Glug Swap? ;->

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  6. elflover Well-Known Member

    Its something else, like last year dedicated to Cloudrat.
  7. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Point; I remember when Niboota had her "Frostfell in July -- Gone Wrong!" contest/challenge. :)

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  8. Aelissa Active Member

    Oh my goodness, I hope i have a bit of extra time off to participate in this too :D
  9. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    When in doubt, 2-room houses. ;->

    who's still grumpy that the devs insist on calling the 2-, 4-, and 6-room houses 1-, 3-, and 5-room still >:-/
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  10. Lera Well-Known Member

    But that's what they are. The 1-, 3-, and 5-room houses just have more rooms now. And the 5-room house never had only 5 rooms.
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  11. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Well, yeah, if you count the "Cupboard Under the Stairs" or the "Secret Freeportian Bolt Hole"... ;->

    Five and a half, back then. ;->

    who finds it odd that even the SIX-room house on Karana St. still has its balcony overlooking the Mage Tower in South Qeynos... :confused:
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  12. Xxtacii Member

    I just want to add that the FF house on MD is under Littledot and it's in Freeport. You get trustee access so you can get there either through Freeport or through your guild housing portal. It's Sanctus Seru :D
  13. Aneylee Well-Known Member

    You know I am in!

    How do we know if we have been accepted for the event and can start choosing our Lot?

    So excited to participate in this!
  14. Xxtacii Member

    What server Aneylee? AB?

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  15. Aneylee Well-Known Member

  16. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    Ennia on AB is in. How do we sign up?

    Edit - Nevermind, I'll pass
  17. elflover Well-Known Member

    when is end date to complete need more info before signup
  18. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Good question! Got space still on Skyfire? :)

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  19. elflover Well-Known Member

    send briar a mail in game or stella ..even a tell. atm i knw on sf theres room
  20. Xxtacii Member

    Maj'Dul server is now full!! Thank you all for participating and I can't wait to see the end designs!


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