Frostfell Feedback and Bugs 2017

Discussion in 'In Testing & Test Server Updates' started by Kaitheel, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. Finora Well-Known Member

    I just put in a bug report about the zone for Merry Mischief and the insane pathing this year. Mobs you engage are running such a crazy path to get to you sometimes the encounter breaks.

    I had charmed a gumdrop (wee coercer)and when I engaged a gingerbread man on the main floor it and my gumdrop went running off and brought 3 groups of gingerbread men from elsewhere. Needless to say, I did not survive. I'm not well equipped and I'm not a particularly skilled coercer (and not even 60 yet). I've never seen the pathing this bad in this zone.
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  2. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Pathing is off in the whole game, I would say something changed with PoP has made everything run around like chickens with their heads cut off.

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  3. Finora Well-Known Member

    Could be, but I've not been anywhere that the pathing was anywhere as close to as bad as the Merry Mischief instance.
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  4. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Nice to know it's not just me, but yeah, Denmum has mentioned some of the PoP areas are crazy, too. The gods alone know what happened, but hopefully the devs can fix it (HINT if they fix it in Frostfell, in Merry Mischief, before FF goes live, it might help them nail it down in the PoP areas... /HINT). ;->

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  5. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    Uwkete to answer one of your questions , Frostfell is not live till the 5th
    So yes the Frostfell tree is missing on test, but I thought if they fix it here it might be there on the live servers including Fallen Gate.
    last year we had the tree there in Freeport for over a week before Frostfell started :cool:
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  6. Kaitheel Developer

    Thank you so much for your diligent testing over the last week! With your significant help, we have been able to submit the following changes just in time for Frostfell tomorrow:
    • Special Delivery - The immolated invaders within Maldura Steamworks Sublevel now scale as intended above level 100.
    • A Gigglegibber's work is never done... - The new level 105 versions now grant the Frostfell Tree upon first completion of quest. Additional completions grant other reward choices, including the Frostfell Wreath.
    • Frostfell Candy Grab - The Frostfell candy spawn points have been lowered, granting shorter races a much more fair playing field for this race.
    • Giggawat and Garsleblat Gigglegibber have been instructed to sell the following items:
      • Blue Frostfell Elf Cap
      • Blue and White Frostfell Gift Box
      • Green Frostfell Elf Cap
      • Green Frostfell Gift Box
      • Mended Red and Gold Frostfell Stocking
      • Mended Red Frostfell Stocking
      • Premixed Mama's Eggnog
    • Frostfell Trees in Qeynos Providence District and Freeport.
    • Merry Mischief - Pathing has been rebuilt within Cheriweth's Confectory, this should help keep the attackers from wandering off to other locations in the zone.
    ~ Kaitheel
  7. Kaitheel Developer

    You are correct that this content requires level 90 materials.

    ~ Kaitheel
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  8. Kaitheel Developer

    That was a great bug to have identified, Alenna! Yes, first time it should award the tree. Thank you!

    ~ Kaitheel
  9. Kaitheel Developer

    Another good one to have found!

    ~ Kaitheel
  10. Kaitheel Developer

    From what I am aware, yes. You should see the return of the Gifty Bag (and the spawned Santa' Glug's helper running through Freeport and Qeynos) this year. I am not sure when the holiday items are going to be offered on the Marketplace though.

    Glad to hear you're looking forward to it!

    ~ Kaitheel
  11. Kaitheel Developer

  12. Kaitheel Developer

    Done and done! Those who may be a smidge vertically challenged should now find the candies easier to nab. Thank you!

    ~ Kaitheel
  13. Kaitheel Developer

    For Frostfell, when I make recipes I look at the drop rate for the materials, too. I then adjust the material drop rate to help mitigate any issue.

    ~ Kaitheel
  14. Kaitheel Developer

    Yeah, whatever pathing change was made did affect this zone. It is due to my usage of the 'break out' region along the docks. That should be fixed with some pathing data made for that area of the zone.

    ~ Kaitheel
  15. Kaitheel Developer

    Yeah, I don't recall why the Frostfell tree was delivered late last year. It should be there at the start of the event this year, even on Fallen Gate. Thanks for the reminder though!

    ~ Kaitheel
  16. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Thank you Kaitheel. Again, you have outdone yourself and at this rate, the sky is the limit for Erollisi Day!!!


    *runs off to place campaign notices across all of Norrath*

    Thank you again

  17. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    I had to come back and re-read this, as my memory was playing tricks on me. I'm guessing that the Frostfell furniture stacking might not make it in until whenever this big change happens at some time in the future?
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  18. Lera Well-Known Member

    I thought they cancelled that so we could have six more weeks of Frostfell.
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  19. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Thanks!! :D

  20. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Nah, you also have to do in-game mail spam to everyone, and set up a magical communications network that will contact people almost in person, seemingly, with a pre-recorded message to bother them during dinner time. :D

    going through the 3rd or 4th Special Election this year in RL...they're all sort of blurring by now X-P
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