Frostfell Feedback and Bugs 2017

Discussion in 'In Testing & Test Server Updates' started by Kaitheel, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. Anamathae Member

    [BUG] In the quest Saving Frostfell not all the mobs are scaling properly to the players proper level.
  2. elflover Well-Known Member

    I still see it in the familiar page, with the new ones have to scroll down to see its slot.
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  3. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    Yes, it is still there, but with no stats, and there is no mention of him at all in Kaitheel's posts at the start of this thread. Thus, I'm asking if he got left by the wayside. /mourns the poor lost kitten.
  4. Anamathae Member

    Gh'lad Tydingz seems to only offer me a level 95 version of A Gigglegibber's work is never done (By a Gigglebibber), even though Im level 100. Do i need to be level 105 to see the correct version or is it a bug?
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  5. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    It was a level 105 quest that was added on him, so I'm going to guess you need 105+ for it. (I just picked it up at 110, but I'm betting it unlocks at 105 on the nose).
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  6. Febrith Well-Known Member

    Ooh this is sending me back to Beta - thank you as ever Denmum for your awesome work, I've just seen the pics on your website and I'm so happy there's so many fabulous new things... I'm like a dog with two tails at the moment!
  7. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    The things you wonder at 1 in the morning. Why on earth am I looking for leather stockings from volaserpents? Did the goblins hear about the whole "teaching snakes to kick" thing and decide that flying serpents must have socks for their invisible kicking feet? {tilts brain sideways and ties it in a knot} Hm, maybe I'm onto something there...

    Not all of the volaserpents had socks for the update, but the level 105 version of "A Gigglegibber's Work ..." did complete just fine. :)
  8. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    I was doing a House Item Preview video of all the new Frostfell 2017 items and found a few issues.

    • The "Hinged Frigid Snowmound" is invisible from bottom. Some might be upset they get stuck in a room below the mound since cannot see where to click but can walk through this item from all sides.
    • Several of the items cannot be targeted if slightly sunk into the ground and if go farther will go invisible
      • Deepice Gnomophone
      • Hinged Frosted Hedge
      • chocolaty ninjabread man
      • a midnight pekin
      • Molten Throne Snowglobe
      • Plane of Magic Snowglobe
      • Festive Tartan Cushion
      • Festive Tartan Pillow
      • Flat Envious Vine Wrapped Present
      • Flat Festive Tartan Wrapped Present
      • Halasian Holiday Fruit Basket
      • Holiday Fruit Basket
      • Purple Draconic Toy Block
      • Blue Draconic Toy Block
    • Warm Direbear Pelt can be targeted if flipped on side and sunk into ground but goes invisible if sunk more than 1/2 way
    The Cool mint furniture set sinks into ground without any issues. Same with Baked Gingerbread building blocks.
  9. redwoodtreesprite Well-Known Member

    So the only way I can help test Frostfell is to preorder the new expansion? :(
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  10. Kaitheel Developer

    Not forgotten or dropped, to my knowledge. I'll poke others about it.

    ~ Kaitheel
  11. Kaitheel Developer

    As I explained in my initial post, yes. This isn't ideal, but until the expansion is on Test, it is the best we can do.

    ~ Kaitheel
  12. Kaitheel Developer

    Hmmm... I was unable to reproduce this. The security bots scaled accurately (equal to player's level or one level below).
    McScroogle scaled accurately (equal to player's level).

    Maybe you were thinking of another quest? (All these Frostfell quest names can blur into one another!)

    ~ Kaitheel
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  13. Kaitheel Developer

    I've made a few more changes for Frostfell, but I am not sure when they are going to make it to Beta:
    • Deepice Dreams - The clockwork toys now scale to the player's level as intended.
    • Gerbi Frostfoot <Frostfoot Merchant> has been convinced to sell the level 100 armor to players level 101-110.
    • The Halasian Holiday Fruit Basket and Holiday Fruit Basket have had their appearances corrected.
    • Frostfell Outfits You Can Make X - Frostfell Fae Leather Gloves and Frostfell Fae Handguards have been added to the recipebook.
    ~ Kaitheel
  14. Kokorobosoi Active Member

    Just a few notes as I run the old quests at level 110....

    the heroic icy keep was one shotted.

    In Deepice Dreams, the clockwork toys are showing as level one. they were one shotted before I could see if they scaled once combat began.

    In Little Lost Goblin, the mobs scaled to 120....but did no damage when intentionally aggroed. Mobs were damageable. Leaving autoattack on and pet active, was able to get it down to 80percentish before I got bored and used a snowball to end combat. Pulled a group of five guards and trained them to the statues (you feel as though you are being watched). Took damage, but not enough to prevent me from snowballing them down one by one. The drakeen guardians were one shotable.
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  15. Alenna Well-Known Member

    so no level 110 frostfell armor? from Gerbi Frostfoot?
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  16. Tkia Active Member

    Armor visible at 110 wouldn't be equippable until 112 so not much point this expansion.
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  17. Alenna Well-Known Member

    so I figured out forgot it was like master crafted.
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  18. Kaitheel Developer

    That's great, Kokorobosoi! I've got the following corrections headed to Beta, (but just like the last list, I don't know when Beta will be updated next):
    • The Icy Keep: The Return (Heroic) - The Frozen Corrival scales in difficulty with the zone.
    • Little Lost Goblin – Mobs in Sleeper's Tomb: A Frostfell Visit are now much more formidable, but just as vulnerable to snowballs!
    ~ Kaitheel
  19. Kaitheel Developer

    We'll definitely be looking at some of the art issues you reported, Ocarinah. I am not sure when you might see them change, due to the art build schedule for the expansion though. I just didn't want you to think I was ignoring you!

    Thank you!

    ~ Kaitheel
  20. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    I just managed to break the Icy Keep (easy) instance on my copy (level 110 buffed, beta gear, no ascension). I accidentally oneshotted the Hatched Baby Dragon with a 732k flurry critical attack (I accidentally double-clicked the baby dragon). Not a biggy, but I had to escape back to the door as the goblin didn't show to port me back up.
    I thought the dragon was unkillable. Could he be made unkillable (or could the goblins spawn anyway)?
    Edit : did it in the hard version, and he broke fight at 0 hp so I think it's only in the easy version.

    I think she already did it during previous years (or maybe she was running on top), but Ice Maiden D'Ina has a pathing problem when she's on top of her glacial thingy in the courtyard. At times, she pathes through the wall and with her feet on the courtyard floor, arms and stuff poking through the wall, it's very weird. She really does it all the time now, I don't remember such consistency on her brokenness.

    For whatever reason, the "Frostfell Feats and Decorative Crafts X" are showing up greyed out on the merchant while the other 2 are white.
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