[Freeport] Ancient Conscripts

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    Ancient Conscripts is a casual mature (18+) guild that offers a comfortable home for new players, established veterans and those returning to enjoy the excitement of new content, new lands, new adventures. Whether your interests lie in questing, grouping, crafting, exploring, dungeons, or battlegrounds, AC is a place called home.

    Established in South Qeynos, our guild hall caters to the needs of our members in every way and we maintain an open door policy. Should you decide to travel forth to enjoy a raiding commitment elsewhere, we welcome your alts to remain with us and we always keep a candle burning in the window for the times you need a break from the hard rigors of battle.

    If you are looking for a casual place to hang your hat, enjoy some conversation, craft a few writs or level up a new alt, stop by and check us out or send a tell to any member of Ancient Conscripts.
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