Free Transfers for Merged Servers starts Thurs, Dec 3

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  1. Juraiya Well-Known Member

    Oh, I hope you don't have to delete those characters. :( Like Uwk says, keep petitioning them. Others lost houses and things in houses during the merger, but as far as I know, everyone got everything back eventually. Some of us it took days (or even over a week, in some cases), but it all got done.

    They DO have backups, and I can't imagine that they would assume all problems have been resolved and have deleted those backups. That would be foolish, because anyone who hadn't been actively playing at the time of the merger, like you, wouldn't have known to contact them right away.

    I used to work in IT, and there are some backups that you know to hold onto indefinitely. This would be one of those.
  2. Arrk Member

    What they did instead is place tradeskill apprentices on my characters, and gave me a few Deluxe Tradesman's Satchels. Not even close to getting back what I lost, let alone setting everything up again, but it's something. I don't understand why they couldn't restore from backup and copy over, but they don't explain stuff like that.
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  3. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    This won't help a bit for your situation (deeply sorry! And seriously, I'd re-petition the re-petition), but one advantage to being the Little Old Kerra Who Lived in the Shoe ("Had so many characters, had to keep them all written down in a spreadsheet" [okay, so it doesn't rhyme, but it's the truth]) is that I have to keep copious records, notes, etc. to keep everything straight. Had the Powers done that crud to me, I would have REAMS of material to wave in their faces (figuratively), indicating precisely what I'd had before and what they needed to at least look in their backup records for, if not restore to me tout suite. >:-/

    'Cause Juraiya's right; they have it still, somewhere, undoubtedly, and you shouldn't take "Duh-huh, sorry, oopsie, here, have some cheap crap we had lying around instead" for an answer. :-/

  4. Arrk Member

    I admire your ability to keep up with something changing constantly, such as the tens of thousands of items (hundreds?) in a harvest bin.

    This was already my second petition. They closed this one without asking if that would be satisfactory.

    Really a waste...a tradeskiller of each trade at level 90+, all with the Coldain shawl, and it is too discouraging to play them. Sure, I could rebuild my hoard of materials...but it wouldn't be as rich as what I had before. Too concentrated with normal materials.

    I bet it takes less than a terabyte to store everyone's character data for every house, every server, every everything. Yes, they must still have the records, as it is too cheap not to. If they don' is unforgivable customer service.
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  5. Labeleth Member

    From what Holly told us in the past, how data was stored was the exact reason for the server consolidations. Not that it helps you get your items back, but they were supposed to have an improved system which I had imagined would allow for better data usage.
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  6. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Ow ow ow ow ow...I must admit, I only have two toons that are at 100 tradeskill (and one in his 90s, if memory serves), and only Uwk himself is working on the Shawl, and we don't have our Depots anywhere near maxxed yet. Yeah, I'd /petition again, and basically keep throwing /petitions at Their heads until something sticks. :-/

  7. Arrk Member

    Only one character has level 100 tradeskill, because once you get to 100 you have to make the item for your tradeskill apprentice, instead of having them pre-made.

    This is an additional difficulty now, since my seven elaborate workstations are also gone. I keep finding things about the house to reconstruct, and it is a pain. I guess I will repetition, but I'm still missing thousands of rares.

    Everything can, of course, be replaced with time. Which is an awful lot of time Daybreak has wasted of mine, which I put in under SOE.
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