Free Transfers for Merged Servers starts Thurs, Dec 3

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  1. Gulaep Well-Known Member

    That's good to know so thanks for confirming this, though it does not help me now with my two missing homes with no layouts to offer. Three years of collecting, harvesting, dumpster diving, financial sacrifice, questing, hiding bodies, stealing candy from babies -- all gone to waste! The stuff in the moving crate, the majority of that cannot be gotten again since they were quested for. Then well, the whole reactants/spellshards/foundations thing on top of it not to mention all my beautiful rares.

    I need some /tissue, unused please. :(
  2. Rosyposy Well-Known Member

    Sorry, Gulaep, saving a layout does NOT save what's in each depot, although it DOES save the items in the moving crate.
  3. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    *passes Guleap a slightly crumpled tissue* If you moved to AB, I will help you sort this mess out, ya know ;)
  4. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I have never sold anything on the broker till I started to play on a TLS
    if prices are this outrages they will come down after a wile if nobody pays it

    but I feel for all of you who lost houses I am scared to even look if I still have my houses
    I just moved 3 characters to AB
  5. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    They are getting fixed, if slowly. Patience, my padawans! :D

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  6. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Heh! When I first started, Station Access was a special, separate thing; for (originally) a little less than the price of two separate game subs, you could sub to all of them and have a whole 12 character slots for each (if memory serves). So if there were at least two games you liked and wanted to play, it was great for RL economics (it eventually got more expensive than two game accounts, so there'd better be three games you liked...). :)

    Non-Station Access scu--er, $14.99 customers only got seven character slots, max (per region, as I found out later), so it forced us to group or belong to a guild or make a ton of gold->plat if we wanted to get all the equipment we needed (apparently, anyone wanting to play solo "wasn't playing correctly"). Even though I belonged to a good guild, I've always played at "off" hours, and not everyone was available all the time when I needed equipment. So, I definitely wanted nine slots--not seven, not 12, just freakin' NINE! Even making seven on Test and on Splitpaw, while it helped me see what all the specialties were like as I could try different ones in different regions, didn't solve the problem. :-/

    When the Powers started selling extra character slots, oh, trust me, I was one of the first ones in line for that! :D If memory serves, I finished off the roster on Crushbone first (my original server), then on Test, then Splitpaw...then it was like eating potato chips, so the Powers should be happy with me and my alt purchases. ;->

    For my Silvers, I had to look hard at what all would be absolutely needed for crafting, and I finally settled on Tailor and Woodworker, if I confined myself to leather/cloth wearing classes that could use wooden weapons. Originally I had two toons each (one Good, one Evil; started before the Housing and Leaderboards, and let's face it, there are some awesome places to this day that aren't Published!) on two servers for the four slots max per account, to maximize my house-visiting coverage, and three Silver accounts took care of all the other servers but Nagafen (PvP...ew). I got a fourth account when the Powers said they would be discontinuing such a wonderful idea...sigh. :(

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  7. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Don't you mean "paw-dawans?" ;)

    I do hope everyone's home(s) gets fixed! If you've moved to AB, give me a shout ;)
  8. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Ow...beware; lead to the Dark Side, do puns... ;->

    I haven't moved to AB, but I'm sure there're lots of folks here who have! :)

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  9. Graybeard New Member

    I would very muck like to move to AB... but moving all my characters would take more than week for me... So I guess I just have to remain in Skyfire ... I just wish they didn't time limit the tokens... :(
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  10. Ahlana Active Member

    How many do you have that it would take more than a week????? It takes about 5 minutes a character.
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  11. CharbrynEQ2 Well-Known Member

    Seriously! I moved 10 in the space of a couple hours and part of the slowness was because I actually had to pause the process to actually work. (Work from home) My tip: clear out one bag slot on each toon and grab a bag from your shared bank before you go. Saves a lot of time and hassle that way and then you can gradually merge the two server's shared banks together.
  12. Alenna Well-Known Member

    ok I feel lucky I"m not moving all my toons just a few to Have a full complement of crafters On AB now waiting for my petition about lost houses to make its way through the que. I feel for CS here it isn't their fault that they are doing something like this with fewer people then they used to have.
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  13. Merriel Well-Known Member

    As long as things are reasonably priced, I try and price no lower than the last person selling on the broker...simply because when you undercut, someone else undercuts you, and then it goes back and forth with people constantly undercutting each other until the price gets ridiculously low.

    I suppose part of this will reflect the supply and demand theory, that once it reaches the price where demand is greater than supply, the items will begin selling to where you can't even find them at that price on the broker anymore. If, however, people are like me and I suspect many of them are...they don't buy until they need the items for a current project, so while the items might sit on the broker at the price I set them at, eventually, they just may sell at that price, but only if people have not undercut my price at the point someone needs the items for a project. Sometimes I will simply stop selling an item, until the price goes back to what I consider a reasonable price for the item, if I see myself reaching a point of taking a loss rather than earning a profit.

    For me, however, I don't really sell to earn plat, but rather, to sell items that I am able to obtain and make available to others at what I consider a reasonable price. It's not, however, good business sense to operate at a loss. I will also raise prices if things sell too quickly, with one person buying out all or most of an item. Once I reach a price where the items sell at a reasonable pace, I will leave the items at that price, even if I am undercut. I do occasionally sell some high ticket items, if I'm running low on plat and know I will need the plat for a project I'll be working on. Rarely do I sell those high ticket items and will undercut simply to sell them quickly, but it's usually only one or two of said item and so rare that it hardly breaks the market, and with no guarantee said item will sell at all.

    I am not one of those people who feels the need to be rolling in the plat, which does on occasion create some temporary set backs for me, as new house deco items from raiding or heroics may come available that perhaps I would like to have, but simply do not have the plat to purchase them. This leaves me feeling a bit peeved at the gaming company for limiting those items to people who raid or run heroics, and not also making them available in advanced solo dungeons, as I am one of those people who see no reason why any furniture or house deco item should be so limited that they are only available to those who raid or do heroics. I do not complain about those who raid or run heroics being rewarded with better gear or even specialized mounts, but not all decorators run heroics or raid, and some even spend the majority of their in game time just decorating houses, and I see no reason for them to be deprived, simply because of their own personal play style.

    I feel the same about the special tradeskill collections, also...why should those collection items be No Trade and Lore. I have one tradeskiller high enough level to run advanced solo dungeons. Should that not be enough to allow my other tradeskillers be able to complete these special shiny collections? I don't care if they make the shinies Heirloom, but I DO resent them being No Trade, and somewhat resent them being Lore though I can at least live with that. Honestly, however, I was surprised that they even added tradeskill collections to dungeons in the first place. I am fine with them being only available in overland zones, because at least they are available to everyone there, and I know there are some tradeskillers who can't even touch the advanced solo dungeons due to lack of gear and adventure level. The play style of tradeskillers is and should be recognized as a completely separate thing than those who raid or run heroics, or are even simply casual adventurers.

    I guess I should at least appreciate that they let us collect those red shinies in the advanced solo dungeons, unlike the normal yellow shinies which can only be obtained in heroics. I also do not understand making the yellow shinies and/or plundered house items available in heroic dungeons only, since it seems we work that much harder by running solo in an advanced solo dungeon, instead of with a group...I guess as solo players we are not as deserving to be rewarded as those who run socially as a group. I cannot be convinced it's the work that is rewarded, but the social aspect that is being rewarded, which makes absolutely no sense to me at all. We are still required to perform as if we are running a heroic dungeon, as we still need to perform difficult strategies in these advanced solo dungeons, except we are doing it on our own as opposed to doing it with 'friends', so why should we be deprived of these yellow shinies and plundered house items? I guess I will never understand the concept behind these things and why they felt it necessary to limit these items in this way.
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  14. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    I do harvest runs, at times, specifically to earn plat. I enjoy harvesting and there are players which need those items, that don't have time, etc. I price competitively, aka undercut, but by just a bit, so as not to devalue the item.

    When you charge for items (like rares), it's not usually the crafters which buy's those that did not take the time to work on harvest skills, do the quests. They are paying you to get something they cannot. All they need to invest is time and they no longer need to purchase rares!

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  15. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    They waved the amount restriction...ya gotta read the whole thread, at least the edited first post. You can transfer up to 100 characters/24 hours. Jump on it while you have the chance! :D

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  16. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    That depends; cobalt and feysteel slither to mind. Thanks, o Powers, for making something merely difficult damn near impossible. >:-/

    I feel for the folks that have the bloody "Random" Number Generator go against them (I've felt their pain; been there), and I for one appreciate the ever-lovin' HELL out of folks who do put rares, etc. on the Broker for the rest of us poor slobs! :D Especially on Test! We need all the help we can get there! :)

    The main rule of thumb I use for prices is often like Merriel, just a bit lower than the lowest listed, depending (though I admit, sometimes I'm a jerk and will put it at exactly the same base price, depending on the Sales Crate; Veteran's Crates have the 10% charge vs. a 20% charge, and if you buy it from me on your same-aligned side, it'll be often be cheaper than buying it from "the other side," even at the same base price [though if the lowest one is at 10% in Qeynos, for instance, and I'm in New Halas, I'll scootch it just under that one. I'm not that big a jerk] ;->). But, I do draw the line at pricing something at under the vendor value; that's just plain silly. :-/

    I'll also refuse to sell like a level 10 item for 50 plat; if someone's likely to do that to a 50s value item, I'll charge maybe 5g and irritate the hell out of the high-levels in order to give the lower levels a chance at something cool, thus paying it forward. ;->

    who only buys rares, etc. off the Broker when my crafters need to use them...
  17. mouser Well-Known Member

    And by doing that you actually hurt those low level players.

    The market will set a price. Those level 10 items that sell for 50 plat are what enable new players to make some money and 'get in the game', so to speak (along with the 500 plat bags...). Fortunately, with enough people working the broker if someone does price something too low, they'll be bought up and listed at a more reasonable price.

    That's what makes the broker system superior to any auction house: prices can be adjusted in real time.
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  18. Merriel Well-Known Member

    I never sell harvests, simply because I usually don't have enough on hand for even my own personal use, especially rares. I suppose once all my TSer's have their pack ponies, that might change. Right now I only have three pack ponies, and one of those I just got, and I am not very habitual about sending them out, lol. I get busy and tend to forget, and end up too tired when I log out to bother logging the other characters in to send theirs out.

    As for buying rares off the broker, Uwk, I'll check the prices on them, but if they are more than 2p apiece, I'll just go out and harvest my own, even if it means spending a whole evening harvesting. I know that even if I only end up with a few of the needed rares, I'll end up with several other rares as well as a decent amount of regular harvests too. :D
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  19. Gulaep Well-Known Member

    Just an update on the status of my two lost homes:

    I woke up early in the morning again around 1 AM. The first thing I did was check my ticket status on the website and I saw the ticket was solved. I logged in to that character and I see that I got my Uncanny Estate back with all nine depots and what seems to be all of the contents within them and also my moving crate with it's contents!

    The house + moving crate and it's contents on my other character were not restored as of yet.

    I think they totally skipped over him since they closed the ticket and marked it as solved. They seemed to have overlooked my first ticket update where I told them about my other character. So I took the solved ticket and updated it again and reminded them of it.

    The first thing I did before I logged off my character who owned that Uncanny Estate? Yup! That's right! I hit that save layout button!

    Anyways, I am thrilled to have my prestige home back and all my depots and moving crate and everything within those. I see all my beautiful reactants, my hundreds of thousands of harvests, my beautiful sparkly rares and all my precious spellshards and foundations!!!

    I got my most important home of all my characters back, the one I used as a base of operations since I started the game in 2013. My second character should he happen to forever lose his basic Freeport apartment and it's moving crate and all of the items within the crate - well, he'll just have to suck it up because the prodigal home has returned! :p I still wish him luck on getting his stuff back though.

    Time to prepare a feast and throw a shovel party!

    Huh? Shovel party? Oh, that's where all of our friends come together to help each other bury the bodies laid down by our other friends. As you know, a good friend will bail you out of prison, but a true friend will help you hide the body! In my angst and worry about losing my prestige and all of my beautiful precious, I sent my guys out to investigate. They may have ummm ...been a bit overzealous in their efforts and maybe a few innocents had to be put down, but who can blame them right? It was done out of love, for me...Gulaep! :D

    EDIT AGAIN: In the time it took me to update my ticket to remind them, and the time it took to write this forum update - my second character just had his home and moving crate and items within restored as well. The case of the two missing homes is solved! :D

    For your curiosity here is what the last two GM CSR ticket responses were:

    Response 1 from this morning about the prestige home:

    I do apologize for the trouble, and not to worry, while the layouts can help speed up the process, we do not require them to manually restore lost housing in cases like this. The good news is it's done! You should have your Uncanny Estate + contents back now, including the moving crates and the depots.

    If you run into any other in-game issues we can assist you with in the future, please don't hesitate to contact us again!

    Response 2 from this morning after I reminded them of my second character:

    I'm sorry for the oversight on my part. I have restored xxx's housing as well, and I can confirm the moving crate with your items is in there. You should be good to go now. Please don't hesitate to let me know if you encounter any further issues.

    Awesome job Daybreak!

    Case filed December 3, case closed December 8. Five days of patience paid off!
  20. Gulaep Well-Known Member

    LOL, I just thought of something cruel. /shivers

    I hope this morning's upcoming server downtime doesn't do a rollback! Doh! :confused: