Free armor for low-end predators

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    I posted this in Predators but I thought I'd throw it up here, to keep the post count up. ;)

    Find Algan Tinmizer, he tells you to find a tower in the forest ruins. The tower is in the Castle of the Forgotten Guardians, at level 11 I used Sneak App2 to get in without any agro. Walk up the first set of stairs, then over the bridge (as if you're walking out of the Basalts butt). In front of you will be a waterfountan loaded with Mobs, on the left of the fountain are stairs. sneak to the base of the stairs and you will get credit for discovering the mages tower and completeing the quest. go back to Algan and he'll give you Sleeves that are good AC with a minor stat bonus -- free upgrade to your island quested sleeves.