Not A Bug Fragment of Luclin failed purchase

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Galthier, Jul 1, 2021.

  1. Galthier New Member

    I just bought a fragment, I got charged 150 shadowed ethereal coin and 250k status but the item didn't appear in any slot. If it's intended to directly upgrade the Heart of Luclin on purchase then it failed to upgrade. The only info I can think might be relevant is that the Heart of Luclin wasn't equipped when I purchased the Fragment. I've heard some chatter about it failing and that zoning helps, but no joy for me there. It's late, I'm tired and hoping I've missed something obvious :p

    edit: There's some chatter on Discord about this not working if the Heart of Luclin is not equipped.
  2. Bludd Well-Known Member

    put it on a belt or cloak, then zone some in ros, like going to fm and then using door to go to ech ocaverns
  3. Caith Developer

    The Fragment of Luclin is an account wide flag, when you purchase it, your account flag amount increases by 1. If you have the Heart of Luclin equipped at the time, it immediately increments it's level up. If you do not, the next time you are in a Reign of Shadows zone and you have an item (any item) added to your inventory, the Heart will re-calculate the level it should be.
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  4. Galthier New Member

    Cheers Caith for the speedy reply, got the message 'Heart of Luclin was below account level, increasing addon level to 2. Your Heart of Luclin has become more powerful'. Job done. :)
  5. Beee Well-Known Member

    Sadly not - mine is still level 1 after buying some upgrade stones (at least 3 pcs)

    It remains on lv 1 even after zoning and relogging. There is no difference if equipped, on an item in inventory or unequipped.
  6. Taled Well-Known Member

    Did you try adding a new item to your inventory? Equip the adornment and then harvest something or kill mobs until you get a drop and it should update.