Foul-Smelling Rune does not spawn after killing Rallius Rattican

Discussion in 'Quests and Seasonal Events' started by Quillyne, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Quillyne Member

    All names killed to this point and have collected both the mask and the extract. Killed Rallius, but no foul-smelling rune popped on the island...or anywhere else. Stuck on this step. Anyone else run into this problem?
  2. Noizette Member

    It's those little posts on the island before you even kill him, they just become clicky when he's dead. nothing new spawns.
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  3. Quillyne Member

    Right. The posts didn't become clicky. The problem was that looting/using the Damaged Rune of Symbiosis after killing the High Dragoon did not actually update the quest, so anything that came after didn't update. A couple other players had similar problems to mine and all reran the zone until that step actually updated. Happily, I got it on round 2.
  4. Creasote Well-Known Member

    Had the same issue. Did the zone again and I could click. Not sure what class you are but apparently pet classes may bug out certain updates if your pet gets the kill.
  5. Shadowscale Member

    cant skip the video of high dragoon walking out of the barrier. that's what messed me up anyway.

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