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    Hey everyone,

    I wanted to take a moment to talk to you about reporting forum posts that violate our forum guidelines. Let me start by saying that reporting posts isn't about "tattling" and it's not about trying to censor things you don't like. Reporting posts helps us keep the conversations on track, and helps to provide the entire community with a more positive and constructive forum experience. The more comfortable people feel posting, the better the discussions and the overall experience will be for everyone here.

    You can help us do this by bringing moderator attention to posts that violate the SOE Forum Guidelines. If you see a post that is in violation of our policies, you should report that post to the moderators.

    So, how do you report a post?

    Look at the footer of the post with the violation. You will see the poster’s name, the date of the post, and a small link that says “Report”:


    If you click on “Report,” this pop-up window will appear. Note – you may need to check your pop-up blocker settings if you do not see this window:


    Type in the reason you’re reporting the post. It is helpful if you clearly identify the part of the post you feel is a forum violation by including a quote or description. If the post is in violation for cross-posting, it is also helpful to include a link to where the duplicate post is located.

    Once you’ve finished the reason for the report, click the “Report Post” button. You will see a confirmation message on the top of the screen that reads “Thank You for Reporting This Post.”

    Thanks for helping make the EverQuest II forums a happy place to post! :)

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