<Forsaken> Newly Formed PST Raiding Guild.

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by QLDER, Jul 6, 2022.

  1. QLDER New Member

    We are <Forsaken> of Varsoon.

    Newly formed PST Raiding guild / Raiding Tues/Wed 9PM - 11PM/12AM.

    Recruiting a number or classes to fill our raid force / Guard/Zerk or Paladin
    + Rogues + Chanters + Dirge + Defiler + Warden + Templar + Fury + 1 Summoner / Wiz / Sin or Ranger.

    We have a fun team environment and want to build on that we welcome all play styles from raiders/casuals/crafters and back ups PST for more info IN Game Rocklee + Raticate + Rocko or Discord us @ Rocko#7436 & RockLee#6487 come grab your class you enjoy playing on now while it’s still open.
  2. Sevantal Member

    Currently on Skyfire but willing to transfer to right situation. Guard/Swash mains. Have tons of raid MT OT experience. Have tons of raid lead experience. I just downloaded and went all access today so I obviously have some work to get raid ready but will get there fast. Let me know if you have room. Thanks.