Forever Quest - Open Recruitment on AB Server

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Evangel, Sep 7, 2021.

  1. Evangel New Member

    Are you an OCD questing completionist, twitchy shiney collector, or do you think of Achievements like Pokemon and "gotta get them all"? Are you a veteran player looking to return to the game and start anew, reliving the classic content and throwbacks to EQ1? We may be the guild for you!

    We are a max level (350) guild that has a T3 Guild Hall at the Antonica Docks with all essential amenities (including those for Free2Play folks). We are a family friendly guild, with a casual playing style and players from any timezone are welcome. We have over 100 members and 50+ accounts, including a playerbase from North America, as well as Europe. We also have a Discord channel where we can post quest information, and utilize voice chat for grouping (if desired).

    Now that summer is behind us, we're restarting regularly scheduled activities. While quests are our main thing, we try to have something for everyone. Participation in these groups is of course totally optional.

    Sunday 8pm EST - Nostalgia Grouping.
    Join us in EQ1 on FV server as we fully embrace the nostalgia of where it all began!
    Monday 8pm EST - Heroics Grouping
    Come group up with our 120s and knock out some heroic missions and instances
    Friday 8pm EST - Lowbie Progression Grouping.
    Currently we are level locked at 25 and reliving classic EQ2 dungeons and early HQs together.

    We will always be open for recruitment as we can never turn away someone that loves to quest and is a nice person. Seriously, no other requirements! Any interested players can reach out to myself (Evangel), Howdan, Granitbrow or Cheddarmeister for membership.
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  2. ALRAZOR New Member

    Hello Evangel,
    Still recruiting ? I'm looking to join my first guild.
    Playing about 1 year on AB with 2 chars, both lvl 92 (necro & warrior). Before EQ1 on a private server with 8 chars.
    I'm love to quest ... to boldy go when no one have gone before :)
    On the other hand, I'm a european player and playing ftp.

    Hoping to hear from you soon....
  3. Evangel New Member

    Hey Alrazor,

    We're always recruiting, can never pass up the chance to hang with good people. Timezones and ftp are no problem, we've got our guild hall set up with a lot of amenities to help out FTP players (mailboxes, broker, transport hub, etc). Feel free to reach out to me in-game, or to any online recruiters.

  4. ALRAZOR New Member

    Hello Evangel,

    Thanks for your reply.
    In the meantime I've started a new toon on Thurgardian server (necro lvl 13).
    As I don't want this takes 2 years time to get tot lvl 90, can someone powerlevel me once I get into your guild ?
  5. Evangel New Member

    Hey Alrazor,

    As we're a questing guild we're not in a rush to get to level 90 (or 120),so we don't powerlevel folks. We do have lots of lower level members and alts that can group with you to do quests together, but if you're looking for a fast track to end-game we would think another guild would better suit your playing style and goals.