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    Here are a few solutions that helped me very much! If you had a different solution for your problem please post it here so we can help those who are constantly having trouble.
    You may want to delete the following files and folders:
    Cache folder
    Now you may be thinking how you get to these folders. Well.........the easiest way to do so is open up my computer. Then double click your drive (It's usually your "C:" drive) where your Sony folder is located. It may say that files are hidden. You will then have to click on show the contents of this folder. Double click your Program Files. Open up your Sony folder. Then move along and delete all of the files mentioned above. Once you complete this step........delete the following.
    Character specific files, these will appear as such:
    After completing this step you may open up your game and the patcher will automatically replace the files you have deleted.
    Now.......the other problem I had was a Belkin Router. I had to go to in the address bar. I had to go to firewall and click on disable. I made sure that my DMZ was disabled as well. I did have a verizon modem and you will find that you can go to but there is no reason for it so don't confuse yourself.
    Anyhow this is what helped me out big time. I put it on the back burner and took 8 months figure it out, but it is a rather simple solution.
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    My appologies if I sound a bit cross, but I'm really getting tired of seeing posts from people telling OTHER people to delete stuff they have no business even messing with.. What works for some may work for them but honestly it is more of sheer dumb luck.. please do NOT go into your EQ2 directory and start randomly deleting files people.. this will NOT fix the issue! The files the previous poster is telling you to delete (as I think I have pretty much thoroughly explained) WILL NOT FIX THE PROBLEM!
    ok.. I know this post is a little old, but chances are ppl are still trying to fix the VC issues.. First of all, the files listed above will NOT fix the issue by deleting them! Let's go through the list shall we? Cache folder... this is where EQ puts ITS temp files including but not limited to the video renders.. for those of you that don't understand tech talk.. every time you zone, it takes information about what you are supposed to see on your screen and puts a little of this information in the cache to make it FASTER to load the next time you zone in at that point (ie. if you take the bell from TS to Zek, it puts info into the cache so the NEXT time you take that same bell, you load faster into Zek.. get it??).. ok.. next are the EQ2_recent and EQ2_default.ini files.. neither of these files have ANYTHING to do with voice chat.. they are both files that house your personal settings like speaker volume, screen resolution, and whether or not you use full screen or windowed mode.. not ONE thing in EITHER of these files have anything to do with VC... Let's see... next mentioned is the GAME EXECUTABLE.. seriously?? you want to waste time deleting and re downloading the one file that it is almost certainly NOT?? If that file were corrupt in ANY way, the launcher would wipe it and patch it automaticly and if it WAS the problem, then gee.. since you have the same file that SOE released, and so does EVERYONE ELSE, then NOONE could use the voice chat and there would have atleast been a Dev announcement saying to go tamper with a bunch of files that over HALF of their userbase would have no clue how to do, or they would (Oh my gosh!!) HAVE THE LAUNCHER REPLACE IT WITHOUT MAKING YOU DO IT MANUALLY!! EQ2.ini.. ya, delete this file.. go ahead!! (can you smell the sarcasm?) This is another settings file that contains things like what skin you are using and where to find it, whether or not you want to be able to see a given TEXT chat channel in multiple tabs, anti-aliasing support, and screen width and height. Sounds like VC settings to me!! Think about this people.. not one of the things this file references has anything to do with voice chat.. That leads me to the last set of files the previous poster suggested deleting.. "Servername_CharacterName_EQ2_uisettings.ini and Stationname_characters.ini" (which are now .xml files by the way)... the first is your toon's personal settings.. where his/her bags are places, which TEXT chats he/she uses, your layout for your ui windows like your quest helper, health meter, minimap, group and raid windows.. you get the point.. it's simply your toon's LAYOUT.. again has nothing to do with VC.. NOTHING!! The second is quite simply a list of which toons are on YOUR account... it's a list!! It's JUST A LIST!! Here, I'll prove it.. I just opened mine and copied the ENTIRE contents of the file and honestly I don't care if I get spam tells in game from people about this post.. it's not designed to BASH anyone.. simply an explanation of each file you are being told to delete and why you don't NEED to.. Here is the UNEDITED file contents ..
    Character0=Takarra,Lucan DLere
    Character1=Thonna,Antonia Bayle
    Character2=Crittanie,Lucan DLere
    Character3=Clinkerbell,Lucan DLere
    Character4=Wibel,Lucan DLere
    Character5=Chen,Lucan DLere
    Character6=Rhyllan,Lucan DLere
    That's it.. that's the entire contents of the "Stationname_characters.ini" file.. Do YOU see anything in there about voice chat?
    There were a couple posts that I have seen here suggesting to update your router's firmware. Although I must warn you that this can be a very "tech" involved process and if you don't know what you are doing you CAN mess up your router!! However, this IS a possible fix for the issue.. another possible fix was posted here... about opening certain ports that the VC uses.. I would suggest trying this BEFORE trying to update your router's firmware. Look for posts from TSR-TrevorG.. the most USEFULL information can be obtained from his posts on this matter. I'm just a nobody, but he's a SOE tech support rep and I tend to lean towards THEIR fixes before trying to go out on my own DELETING files for no reason.
  3. ARCHIVED-Daysy Guest

    While the OP might have the best intentions in the world, it seems that amputating an arm might bring to an end the tennis elbow problem but might not be the best solution overall.
  4. ARCHIVED-Diamonds Guest

    Chouree wrote:
    Okay guys.........................this guy is a flipping idiot.
    I posted this here because Sony strictly emailed me those directions. I modified the wording a bit to be a bit more user friendly if you will. If you need proof Private Message me with your email address and I will forward their instructions.
    Anyhow I actually stumbled back upon my post again because I started having problems with my voice chat after reformatting my hard drive. For those of you who don't understand that, "I had to pretty much reinstall windows and lost all of my files and programs".
    Please don't listen to this guy. I wouldn't be surprised if he scared you away from trying this. I know I'm not a genius and I don't know why this functions, but if it would damage any files, I'm pretty sure someone in Sony would have wiped my post. Only makes sense right? I do encourage someone like Trevor G to correct me if I'm wrong.
    Just trying to help you guys,
  5. ARCHIVED-Princess Ariel Guest

    My problem with this hole thing is we shouldn't have to do any of that. This worked before the update and it should work after the update. If they had completely tested this before launch then we wouldn't be haveing problems. And I shouldn't have to disable my sony going to fix my computer after it gets a virus?
  6. ARCHIVED-woolcoxm Guest

    Chouree wrote:
    i advise everyone to ignore this post, OP fix worked perfect for me, this person clearly has no clue what they are talking about.

    any of the files you delete will be redownloaded by the patcher np.
  7. ARCHIVED-Moralpanic Guest

    Well, i tried the OP directions and it didn't fix my problem.
  8. ARCHIVED-noogabooga Guest

    This is a general fix for vchat but not for the current problem (GU52)
  9. ARCHIVED-SilkenKidden Guest

    Diamonds wrote:
    Thanks. Will this cause me to have to redo a lot of user interface set ups? Will my bags and hot keys still be as I have them now?
  10. ARCHIVED-Rothgar Guest

    Areil@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    You do not have to disable your firewall, you only have to create an exception for the voice application.
    This post was made in February so while its not quite a necro thread, it certainly has nothing to do with the issues in GU52. Dredging it up will only confuse people.
    Please do not delete any files or make any drastic changes. The issues that players are experiencing with voice will be fixed on our end, hopefully very soon.

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