Fixed Internally Food /drink consumption - bug ?

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Dasi, Nov 4, 2020.

  1. Dasi Member

    after logging into test today 11/4/2020
    When the food and drink item triggered to be eaten/drunk, the food and drink were consumed every second till the remaining food and drink items were gone.
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  2. Ichoris Active Member

    Yes. I reported it over a month ago on the LIVE servers. When it happened to me I had full stacks of very expensive food and drink and it used it all up in about 10 seconds. I have been playing without anything in the food and drink slots. No matter what quality of food/drink I use it will be used up very quickly.

    I bugged it awhile ago but I don't think it's being looked at. It also doesn't seem to be a problem for everyone. Not sure why. Hopefully they will look into it now that another person has bugged it.
  3. Docsyn New Member

    Lots of folks have this bug. The 'Work-around' is to disable auto-consumption of your food and drink. Hopefully the dev's will get to working on this one soon as, at least for me, my buff window doesn't show all my buffs and I lose track of if I have the food and drink buffs or not.
  4. Drakah Member

    I have been battling this Food/Drink issue now for several weeks making me insanely nuts that it is doing this, STILL.
    I petitioned about it, Guide said he would bug report it (shrug), but I figured I better post here.
    The petition ID is 925284

    The one common factor with this bug is I am only seeing this happen in Missions, completely random. It might do just Drink, might be just Food, might be both.

    I kept logs about it as well.

    I saw another thread back in August 2020 here -
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  5. Ratalthor Developer

    This should be fixed in the next live update.
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  6. Drakah Member

    Was this updated? I did not see any information about it in the patch notes today.
  7. Drakah Member

    Has anyone noticed if this was fixed yet
  8. Ratalthor Developer

    This should be fixed now. Is it still happening for anybody?
  9. Drakah Member

    I have not had it happen yet, but I will resurrect this thread if it does :)
    Thank you for fixing it! <fingers crossed>

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