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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Xelgad, Jan 11, 2013.

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  1. Leucippus Member

    Fusion fills the wizard with hatred and loathing; cursing the devs at every opportunity. This spell must hit if the wizard is WITHIN the mobs hit box! The range on this spell is 0.1 to 10 meters, NOT 0 meters to 10 meters. Only the original implementation of Rays-of-Disintegration filled players with more hatred and ill-will toward the game. Also, NO wizard ability should require the wizard to be in melee range, or close to it; this situation applies to thunderclap too.

    All wizard spells should do either heat or cold damage, not magic damage. Magic damage is for illusionists and coercers.

    My wizard has 5 drinal stweard armor pieces and 2 new heroic armor pieces (160 stamina). She all has all 160 or 162 stamina gear, and master spells. My monk is similar, but without the armor and expert spells; a few 160 stamina armor and the rest refined, twice expirmented master crafted. On a epic training dummy test: wizard 177K dps, monk in reckless with around 143K dps. Wizards need a huge DPS boost. This situation is even more apparent in groups and raids where the hard caps on casting speed, recovery speed, and reuse speed prevent group buff from having effect on mage and priest classes.

    Dumbfire pets need to immune from all AoEs. They are worthless at the moment.

    Mana Intromission does not restore nearly enough mana to be useful.

    Furnace of Ro needs to talk to me in the Words of Pure Magic again, like it did when it was released. My firey friend has been mute for a long time :(

    Protoflame needs to be a tank again. When it was, it made things more interesting sometimes.

    Converge (the hate transfer) needs to be stackable with multiple other wizards and warlocks

    Roots need to be not worthless on epic and boss mobs.

    Last I checked, Surge of Ro used the ministration mastery. How is Surge of Ro a heal.

    Incinerate does so little damage it is not worth casting. When the stifle proc was removed from it long ago, its damage was not increased to compensate. Double its damage, then increase it again to balance it.

    Solar Flare does so little damage it is not worth casting. Double its damage, then increate it again to balance it.

    Why is the debuff attached to Ice Spears so small compare to the scout debuff on their "primary" debuff?

    Ro's Blade needs to be castable raid wide. Ro's Blade need to trigger off ranged attacks. Ro's Blade needs to do enough damage that people ask for it.

    Fusion's missing when within the mob's hit box is so horrible that it deserves to be mentioned again.

    Aurora should not mez the wizard too.

    Immolation should last far longer, since it is a debuff with the AA in it.

    Cease should have a hate position reduced by one attached, assuming wizard DPS is universally raised to make it possible for a wizard to pull aggro off a tank that is trying to tank.

    Storming Tempest should not toggle on/off when its icon is pressed multiple times.

    Storm of Lightning does so little damage it usually is not worth casting. Tripple its damage then adjust it up again to balance this spell. This spell used to have a debuff attached. When that debuff was removed, its damage was not raised to compensate.

    Iceshield needs to trigger on avoided, blocked, ward, etc. damage. As it is, this spell never triggers because tanks rarely take damage.

    Summon Shadows needs to have upgrades that increase invisible movement speed.

    Bind Sight should let me cast it on my familar and let me scout around without getting aggro; i.e. The wizard would be playing her familar, which would not trigger aggro.

    Magi's Shielding's effectiveness should scale with both level and AA, so it retains it relative strength.

    Again, all AA should modify _base_ casting speed, recovery speed, and reuse speed; i.e. before the caps are calculated and before armor bonuses are calculated.

    Blast of Devastation should not require the wizard to be in melee range.

    If wizards are required to close to melee range, then one of the AA should let the wizard cast while moving.

    Fireshape is worthless.

    Manaburn is so worthless I almost forgot to mention it.

    Concussive takes far to long to cast for what it does. Also, it should reduce hate position by 1 in addtion to the numeric deaggro.

    Mystical Field would need to be up a lot (almost constantly) to be useful.

    Both the left and right sides of the wizard Prestige tree are FUBAR. The right side, the cold side, does _zero_ damage, even on paper, when starting a fight! The left side, the fire side, triggers off heat spells, of which the which has, what, ONE worth casting (Ball of Fire)!? Garbage spells can not be relied upon when making AA. If not fixing both Incinerate and Solar Flare, then just assume they don't exist when making other AA.

    Arcane Surge and Arcane Tyrant, the two in the middle, don't seem to be all that great either.

    A general comment at the end. Wizard peak damage, if everything is just right, is HUGE. However, wizard average damage sucks. Stop looking only at peak damage when balancing this class; doing so is making this class not fun. Wizards should be DPS. Fighter classes, even in reckless stance, should be far below wizard dps.
  2. Wigg Member

    If the Devs implemented only HALF of what you are suggesting, Warlocks would be topping every parse. Please do not over exaggerate like this and cause the Devs to ignore our post. For just for Flames of Velious to do what you suggested would make it 2x more effective than any spell in the game if the mob is below 25%. Below 75% it would be more efficient than Eci's or Ice comet. Let's keep the comments to clear and realistic changes to balance the game to where it needs to be.
  3. Dyynah New Member


    Don't change swarm pets. Just delete them all. We don't need any more spells to cast.What this class needs is increased damage to some spells. Dark pyre doesn't grow enough in efficicency compared to how much ability mod is avaliable now. Absolution needs to be reduced to a base 2 sec cast time, rift to maybe 3 sec.

    The lack of damage we get from procs is the most worrying though, and as some ppl have suggested: Letting e.g. TC and flames of velious proc more than one hit will help, but not on AE encounters, so the only way to balance it is to increase dam on spells, e.g half the variance between min and max hit of the spells. That sounds like a lot but in reality it isn't. E.g. distortion may now say 30-50k dam, average 40k. Halving the variance will make the average 45k, a slight increase.
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  4. Thothe New Member

    Bottom line:
    Listen to Daray, he's been saying all that stuff about wizards for months and it eloquently sums up the issues.
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  5. Chronus Active Member

    Really good point tbh, could do this on distortion, dark pyre, rift, absolution and maybe cataclysm if you want to make us an aoe class again.
  6. Wigg Member

    Tried to cut down on the quote of Daray a bit so I could add my thoughts to his in this post of what needs to be fixed with Wizards. Let me say that just about everything above I agree with completely.

    2 Things not mentioned by him:

    1. Fiery blast - We are way too dependent on this spell and lining this spell up with time warp. During a 4 min+ fight, those timers no longer add up unless the illusionist delays recasting time warp specifically for the wizard. Please reduce recast from 2m 30s to 2 minutes flat so with max reuse, it is at 1 minute like time warp. I would also like it if we can make this spell like bard VC, where the 10 seconds is a charge that we can then release. This will make it where in a situation where a trash mob dies before it triggers, you don't lose 15% of your dps.

    2. Fireshape/Surge of Ro - Like Daray said earlier with the "AAs that need to be looked at" this is one as is the ability surge of Ro. Surge needs to be changed to a proc off of all spell damage, not just fire, and also made a DD not a dot, so that it stacks with Frigid gift and is not constantly overwriting itself. Also, I would say after 5 AA points, like we suggest with the temp warlock ability, make it a maintained buff. Make Fireshape a base potency boost to the damage of surge of Ro.

    Ok, and now a couple small changes I would make to his suggestions.

    Thunderclap - Increase the range of the extra damage (his suggestion is 15m and 25m) and while I agree, I think this should take a step further. Make those range requirements affected by improved range! I can cast this spell in raid from almost 50m, but I have to be 10m for it to do max damage? If we improve the base and allow range improvements to affect those abilities, I can accept the "min range" requirement.


    Aurora - Agree and take it further.. WTH is this spell on a wizard for? We are a dps, not a utility. I would re purpose this spell to a nuke that restores mana. Not a large amount but make the efficiency something close to that of ball of fire.

    Finally, I will close out with giving a specific example (as I did in an earlier post) of an AA that needs changed. Brainstorm. Make this AA affect base damage before modifications. As it stands, we spend 10 points to get 4% potency. While this was good in the days that a choker was the only potency you could obtain, 4% when compared to the 350-500% potency you might have in a raid isn't even noticed.
  7. Luzionist Active Member

    Another thing that is frustrating for a chanter is the crit mod, change from 1.3 to 1.5
  8. Heleon New Member

    *make illuminate part of Flash of Brilliance or PoM (sense they basically same duration shouldnt be a problem)
    * add two more spendable points in Heroic tree
    *Add alittle more HP to illy pet or give some kind of stoneskin(s) or aoe prevent, being melee even jousting it dies alot(almost every AoE) and 7s recast is not fun almost not worth wasting the time to recast during an encounter as well as having to recast it after every zone takes up time gets irritating.
    * take away channeled focus from illys and give something else its a waste illys fail at power feed compared to coercers.
  9. Heleon New Member

    Illies power feed sucks, i think they should take it away in general and give us some other type of buff/dps proc type deal a coercer manages power feed just fine in raids
  10. Heleon New Member

    also giving somewhere around a 5-10% CB bonus for prismatic chaos would be very nice
  11. Wigg Member

    oh you just gave me an idea. Have the AA that affects manaflow (Hastened mana flow) on the shadows tree for illys not only affect the duration, but also increase mana gained by 2% per point, increase reuse speed by 2% BASE reuse each rank, and 5% base cast speed. This would make it where an illy could flow a single person in another group for more than a coercer and faster, but wouldn't break the balance.
  12. Mind New Member

    As a Coercer you use mez and stuns but when you get into group or raid most of this is pointless. Let coercer stay coercer no matter solo , grp or raid.

    Necro & Conj
    Give them the ability to equip gear and weaponds for their pets. Like in eq1. You could make it so they only use glass weaponds. At least it be someting.
  13. herem Member

    PLEASE make the coercer's Possessed Essence a very fast casting spell.
  14. Boodle New Member

    illy feedback - mainly, what I find irritating or not fun (raider perspective)

    had a wall of text but condensed down to the tldr version:

    too many temp buffs
    fix the pet to not be tissue paper (coercer PE pet too) and dropping while zoning (shameful this has been broken for so long)
    update buffs to not be mostly irrelevant in the current stat capped environment (TC, IA, Rapidity myth effect)
    some way to help our group with power in case of power drain that actually works other than /tell coercer power pls!
    micromanaging single target buffs on multiple targets in a raid = not fun (synx5, TC, AI, EV, IA if I bother)
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