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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Xelgad, Jan 11, 2013.

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  1. Chronus Active Member

    It's Ender too now, I sadly can't tell how much lifeburn does for him because I don't read Russian.
  2. Wigg Member

    It is no offense intended, but your necro is not up to par if the warlock is beating him consistently. If you go to a training dummy and cast every spell 1 time and determine the cast/recovery/reuse (maximum effective casting order) you will see the lock is WAY behind. Even if you give the lock UT, he only ='s the necro. Barely.
  3. keuw New Member

    For me as a wizard, the dependance on time warp being cast at the correct time has always been a frustrating point . Without the illy properly TWing infront of our fiery blast we have a huge potental dps loss.
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  4. Wigg Member

    You know.. I can't believe I didn't mention that in the previous post. PLEASE change fiery blast to a 2 minute base recast so it can match up with timewarp. No reason we should have to delay the illy or miss out on DPS because of that recast timer.
  5. Lempo Well-Known Member

    This is not a class issue though, at least not as much as it is a player issue.
    Optimal performance requires coordination. TW being cast at the optimal time will have a signifigant boost/loss for other classes.
    That is a good mechanic, it rewards timing and coordination of temp buffs and then getting things off optimally.
  6. Lempo Well-Known Member

    Warlock Acid Storm - This needs to be changed to a blue AOE, or a conal type spray, definately not a green style AOE.
    This is an absolutely terrible ability that we got at 90 primarily because dumbfire pets are broken.

    Someone said earlier to just give up on dumbfire pets, I think they should be fixed but if they are not going to be Acid Storm really needs looked into. It is nothing compared to rays of disentigration, even if it was a single target attack with a small chance to 'splash' nearby mobs that would be much better than it currently is.
  7. Parable New Member

    Every mage level 80 RoK spell, with the exception of Rays of Disintegration, is a garbage dumbfire pet and needs to be changed.
  8. keuw New Member

    I disagree...TW effects wizards MUCH more then any other class in the game. Classes with faster smaller hitting spells are not as dependant on timing spells with the tw. With a wizard its is absolutely crutal that you get it timed properly with your fiery rotation. Wizards are simply more dependant on the TW then other classes to maintain a competitive level of DPS. Even warlocks can create there own SDA with focus casting for a short period of time.
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  9. Mystere Member

    A few more things to fix Wizard DPS:

    1) Improve the recast of Fiery Blast to 1 minute from 1:15. This would also help sync FB better with TW, at least initially.
    2) Don't want to make big changes to Manaburn? Fine, at least boost our mana regen: massively increase the regen of Harvest Mana by at least five or even tenfold. Reduce the casting speed of Vital Transfer and Mana Intromission by half (to 0.5s and 1.0s, respectively) and increase their power regen (and health cost) by at least five or even tenfold, to make them worth casting. Increase the power regen of Sanguine Sacrifice to 2 or even 3% per second.
    3) Don't want to make Fusion and Blast targeted AOE's? Then for God's sake fix the ranging issues of these spells, especially for targets at slightly different elevations (e.g. carpet) or while in water. Widen Fusion's cone to 180 degrees like Blast.
  10. Vala New Member

    Just gotta agree with all said by Daray, NG23985, and Fendaria's last few posts. My wizzy used to top the zonewide raid parses, not anymore, sad to say. Beat by the Assassins, Rangers, Beastlords, tanks in reckless, Conj'ys, and even some Necro's and 'Locks. Focus ranged dps sucks in comparison to the melee class auto-attack dps - to see the Inquisitor out parse me on a single target fight when he is in a two heal group really is saying melee mechanics have gotten out of balance with spell cast dps.

    Prestige endline mechanics for the wizzy are VERY poorly thought out - a total fail IMHO. Manaburn - make it just use up 15-35% of our mana, and use Max mana as the calculation - too many mana drains to be useful and let the spell CRIT finally! Firey Blast - let us choose when to fire it off and which target it will hit. Increments - kill them or let them last 3 to 5 minutes, 1 minute is way too short of a timer; let the # per hit be higher and proc more often.

    Max dps of wizzy's on paper may look good but actual gameplay is a vastly inferior realitity. Give me back the ability to top the zonewide parse again. Tier 1 dps ?, no longer even with max and perfectly timed buffs from others, and all the fail conditions that can apply in real game play that affects dps output of a wizzy with the way the last two or three expansions have boosted other classes and not done so relative to wizzy abilities. Fix wizard dps output, fix the screwed-up Prestige abilities to make me a happier wizzy, please.

    Got way too many things to manage now, I can't watch the game window much to 'enjoy' the show - have to listen to call-outs to joust, etc., as too damm busy watching maintained window, buff timers, and cool-down timers on 11 - 16 spells, increment counter, range to mob; its just very difficult to play a 'good wizzy' these days and the result of your best possible game play - Tier 2 dps on almost all fights, even single target fights that are SUPPOSED to be the wizzy's No. 1 thing. Placing 4th to 7th on zonewide dps totally sucks when the wizzy's proper place is to be # 1 or 2 on the zonewide parse.

    'Glass Cannon' ? - more like a glass-popgun nowdays, as one poster already stated.... FIX us, please. I want to have fun playing my wizzy again, dishing out some very real pain on the mobs.
  11. Irramar New Member

    First, let me say I agree with almost everything suggested previously by my summoner/conjuror peers.
    That being said, there are a few minor things that bug me that I haven't seen mentioned previously.

    Dimensional Storage - My pet can survive my death, why can't my stored pet? Same with zoning.

    Stoneskin/Stoneskins/Runes of Geomancy - While it would probably be overpowered to ask that these all only trigger on some minimum threshold of damage, perhaps we could at least have Runes of Geomancy only trigger on something in the vicinity of 1-5% of max damage with maximum points spent on the ability? Stoneskins in general have gotten weaker and weaker as every fight seems to plink out random damage of hundreds of points at a time and eat up stoneskins of every sort. Planar dampening is the only stoneskin ability I get that isn't eaten up by such damage.

    Planar Wrack/Burst/Dampening - Can we somehow get the planar wrack stack counter # to appear someplace on screen that can be fixed in place? Currently it's attached to the maintained icon that pops up when it triggers, which on my UI at least moves all over my maintained window and mostly ends up pushed off screen. Would be nice if it incremented the fixed Planar wrack that sits in maintained when you cast the spell, so it stays in place with all my other up all the time buffs. As it stands right now, I really have no clue when planar dampening is up, or whether that burst I am about to hit is going to hit once or five times. I'm betting that some of this also applies to other classes who have similar stacking prestige abilities.

    Elemental Toxicity - This one should be really simple. Can we get narrative text in chat that indicates when ET is on and when it falls off, in the same way that other spells do? (magi shielding for example) In a group with multiple summoners, it would be nice if I had something available to parse for that would tell me that ET just fell off the group and prevent me from casting it and overwriting. Without this, I'm forced to have a damage window open to see if ET is running.
  12. Terron New Member

    I have been thinking about dumbfire pets.
    For those whose purpose is DPS increasing their damage enough to make them worth casting risks upsetting the DPS balance of the classes. Obviously that is not a problem for classes that are currently behind on DPS potential, but I don't think that currently applies to conjies. Still they need to be more affected by the casters stats, Perhaps a way to go would be get a %age of the casters potency to apply to each pet, starting with a fairly low number (50%) and adjusting it on a class/pet basis after seeing how it works.
    Assuming they were made worth casting I don't think AE immunity would be needed - timing the casting to avoid the AEs should be enough. Conjy dumbfire pets should get a bonus to resistance vs elemental damage if they don't already, perhaps elemental aspect should affect them.

    Illusionist dumbfire pets do not seem designed to do DPS, but they also do not seem very good at the job they do.
    Illusory Allies "confuse the enemies in target encounter into attacking them." I have found them useful less than once a year, only when soloing to buy a bit of time when an add appears. They memwipe the target and grab aggro, but when they die that aggro gets transferred to the illusionist. If we had an ability to choose a group friend for the allies to be copies of, and if the aggro gets transferred to that friend when they die then it would be useful on groups and raids for grabbing adds, or mobs that had memwiped themselves., absorbing a few hits and then transferring the aggro to someone who wants it. It would be even better if we could choose a raid friend, but perhaps too powerful, so I'd settle for just a group friend.
    Doppelganger "absorb some of the damage taken by your friend" so are a sort of third rate healing spell. When the main healers have been killed it might help keep the tank up. There may even be more normal situations when it is worth casting, but the description is too vague to know when that might be. So the first thing I would want is to know how many hits it can absorb, and how much damage it can absorb. Does it absorb every hit when up? (It would be better if it ignored very small hits.) It is possible that with good timing it could be used as a type of AE blocker - absorbing the damage to the target before dying itself. I wonder if I can find a volunteer for testing that? :)
  13. Blumfield Member


    1) Make the choice of pets meaningful at max level. Scout pet should in some cases do more damage, fire pet in others, and earth pet should hold aggro as well or better than either to make it useful as a tank.

    2) Fix the interaction between soulburn and plane shift. This could be achieved in a number of ways: increasing PS buff amounts, removing the restrictions associated with casting soulburn when PS is active, or simply having soul burn ignore the health bonus of PS so it will function as if PS isn't even up.
  14. Xuma Member

  15. Chronus Active Member

    Warlocks aren't posting because we know to properly balance vs summoners we're going to have to call for nerfs to pets proccing which would lower rw dps and annoy everybody who takes sol ro in the raid, so we don't want to see it.
    I mentioned a list things on page 1 and Buffrat made some good points as he did for all mages, simple fixes and adjustments to spells however I would add:
    Dark Pyre - Needs a serious damage boost or possibly increasing damage in dot ticks at 5 points spent in the aa at the bottom of the warlock tab in the same way acid is improved via corrosion.
  16. Dinwiz Active Member

    lawl locks topping parses thats why they not posting
  17. Xuma Member

    Odd that Dinwiz posts that - and he's a Wizard...
  18. Wigg Member

    What awful raid is your WARLOCK topping the parse? Right now I would say the parse by damage goes something like this:
    1. Beastlord
    2. Conjy
    3. Necro
    4. Wizzy/assassin (been a while since I have actually raided with an assassin)
    5. Ranger
    6. AFK beastlord with no buffs (ok, exaggeration)
    7. Warlock

    Before anyone argues that one, I want you to look at your raid parse that has the proper amounts of utility and tell me that is not true. Summoners get double the procs thanks to pets which usually puts them about 100K more than a wizzy/warlock. Don't get me wrong, Wizards need as much help as a warlock on single target mobs, because they SHOULD beat them on those. But I shouldn't be beating our lock on 3 mob encounters. Beastlords... just... wow. Beastlord offer's utility to the group and I am still consistently beat by ours by anywhere from up to 200k. Attached is a parse and this is the order. Beastlord, Necro, Wizzy, Ranger, Beastlord (still getting gear), Warlock. Crazy thing.. Difference between me and the necro in that parse, 20k dps. Difference in "Ice lash" (wizzy group proc) damage? 48k. Just that one proc completely reversed us on the parse by almost the exact amount.

    PS. Beastlord is so low because he still helps with loot. If he wasn't doing that, he would have smashed me and the necro.
  19. Fendaria Member

    I was hoping for a little more feedback from the Devs on these posts, even just knowing the scope of what is going on better. As it is I believe the posts will be closed down sometime tomorrow. I'm sure the posts are being read but seeing a little more give/take/understanding would be nice. Getting some kind of idea for what the devs are planning or their direction would be nice.

    I am hoping we get some feedback as well after this is all done. I know its hard with the worry to over promise or commit to something, but this is an area which is important to a lot of us and of great concern.

  20. Mystere Member

    That leads me to another question. Why in the hell are BL's still being allowed to parse so high with their insane potential for utility? Common sense should place them at T2 DPS in feral and T3 in spiritual, but currently it looks like for alot of raids they are 'T0' in feral and T2 in spiritual. I thought the massive DPS capability of BL's was a gimmick to attract people to play the class when it first came out, to be dialed down once the class was established, but this clearly has not been the case....
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