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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Xelgad, Jan 11, 2013.

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  1. Dooh Member

    Illusionist: Theres nothing wrong with Phase. Please don't touch it.
  2. Wigg Member

    No one was saying NERF lifeburn. All the Wizards were pointing out how much better lifeburn is than manaburn. Manaburn got left behind a LONG time ago in terms of comparability.

    I responded to your quote before bc you call lifeburn "dumb" and "outdated"... uh.. no. Lifeburn is right where it should be.

    Right now Wizards and warlocks are getting challenged and sometimes out parsed by "T2 dps" classes. I don't think you should nerf 3 classes, I think you should boost 3 or 4 to put them in the correct dps place (Assassin, ranger, wizard, and warlock need about a 10-15% boost [warlock might need about 20%]).
    Again, I will say that I have played every mage class and almost every scout class. As it currently stands, mages are lacking b/c of auto attack damage from scouts. If I would call for a nerf on anything it would be the auto attack damage. BUT, I would ask that they boost combat art damage so the classes do not lose dps.
  3. Sanguis New Member


    Awaken Grave, Blighted horde, undead horde.. completely useless.. shared stats are a possiblity to make em useful or have them explode when they reach their target or something useful or just remove it.

    Siphoning of souls, the spells you get are too random and not the current level last I checked.. just have it give you access to new list of spells that you can use on the target of the debuff.. doesn't have to be big just something useful

    Vampire Bats, change the name, up the damage and have it do dmg based on the class like nox or elemental

    Enhance Dumbfire Pet AA's Just remove em if there isn't gonna be any changes to the dumbfire pets

    Ooze Crawler - Useless pet probably even more so than the scout pet, Could either change it into a sweet pet buff, a decent pet that actually does damage, or something actually useful for the class, or just remove it all together

    Dark Heart - more power please

    Scout Pet - damage is pathetic, no real use on raids, hardly uses any of its attacks, needs major overhaul

    Change how the pet buffs work.. have them persist through death
  4. Terron New Member

    My mages area a 95 illu (my raid main) and a 85 conjy.

    The biggest problem I currently have with the illu is that I am being told I should spec for melee to maximize my DPS. For years I have been casting as fast as possible to maintain perpetuality, but now by slowing casting to allow autoattacks, and stopping to joust I will do more DPS (should I spec that way) just seems broken. It should be at least possible to equal maximum DPS by concentrating on casting. Fast casting used to be the illu's schtick but now just about everyone is maxed, and perpetuality seems a waste of AA points. Perpetuality needs to scale better. Possibly the rate at which excess casting speed is converted to doublecast chance could be increased whilst perpetuality is up.

    The second buggest problem for the illu is how little use CC is except when soloing. I understand that locking raid nameds down would be a problem, but allowing use to affect epics whilst making the effects too small to notice has not worked for chanters. Adding damage to ourr control spells is no real subsitute to making them useful but not too powerful.. I am sure that those who design encounters are happy with the abilities being too weak to need considering but that is not so good for players of enchanters. Kepp the immunity period certainly, but stop reducing the duration so much - perhaps try half normal, If needed give nameds an ability similar to freedom of mind potions to allow them to break out of control.

    Most of the other issues I see have already been discussed. I like the idea of a window to let us examine out pets.
    Dumbfire pets are fun and should be kept, but they need to be worth casting. Perhaps giving them the full effects of the casters crit chance, crit bonus, and potency would be too much, but giving them half the crit chance or potency might be a good start. Making them immune to all AEs seems likely to be too much - I would not like to face such pets cast by a NPC. But giving them immunity to some non-direct AEs would seem OK. Say necro's dumbfire pets could be immune to noxious AEs, conjy's to elemental AEs, illus to melee AEs, etc.
  5. Skwor Active Member

    With this expiring on Friday I suggest a current knowledgeable high end wiz and illy do wrap up summary of these issues to help the devs. I definitely do not qualify for the above but if no one does such a summary I will try review all the posts and post one for wizards and illys the two classes I have raided with mid tier in the past.
  6. Malusignis New Member

    This is just a general mage request. PLEASE let us cast while moving. I play a warlock, and the two spells we have that can be cast on the move are so nice to have. And then there's that new raid encounter (The huge gorilla that starts with a B?) that lets us all move while casting.

    Being that Warlocks (I can't speak for other classes) have a good amount of slow casting spells, or AoE's, having to move really can hinder our dps. But if we were given the ability to run up and AoE, then duck back out, or not break a long cast due to having to back out, it would benefit others grouped or raiding with us. The group/raid would not have to rez us because we got too close, and our DPS would be higher as a result.
  7. Parable New Member

    - Fix the zoning bug with Personae Reflection and give enchanters a pet-specific protection spell, aoe immunity or death save. Our pets have become a large portion of our dps, through their own dps and through triggered group procs. To have it die on pull puts us far behind.
    - Temp Buff consolidation. As it has been stated before, for example, merge Illuminate with Flash of Brilliance and Destructive Rampage with Peace of Mind.
    - I'd like to see Spell Double Attack be as desirable a stat on equipment to an enchanter as the other mages. Gaining an extra trigger on trigger-based spells like Hostage and Theorems would make Spell Double more desirable and not put us in the dps realm of the other mages.
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  8. Fendaria Member

    Spell Weapon Stats

    Spell Weapon status need a serious looking into and revamping...

    The only real purpose they serve right now is to be reforged.

    Why even have them as a separate stat and not just use the melee version for both?
  9. Chronus Active Member

    Well we have Thunderclap and Arcane Bewilderment that are castable while moving and on many fights we can stand at 9m anyways. The better sorcerers time those 2 to joust in and out of places.
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  10. Xuma Member

    Wigg said
    My Warlock experience is that since the last expansion adding 3 levels and The new prestige lines, I have tried both right side and left side and my dps has gone DOWN in both cases.

    Right side was OK on large AoE fights usually in the top 5 on the parse but absolutely sucked on single target fights - usually no better than 10th on a raid parse! I re-specced after two raids.

    Left side, I do better on single target fights but rarely above 5th-7th on the parse - behind the Ranger, Assassin, Wizard, Conjuror, Necro and maybe the Brigand. In AoE fights the only time I have been in the top 2-3 on parse is if Focused casting resets during the fight and the iIly doesn't cast Time Warp .... in AOE fights! Without focused casting reset and if the Illy casts Timewarp - and that may be 2 times for most AoE fights, I end up 3rd-8th behind the Ranger, Assassin, Wizard, Conjuror, Necro, and maybe the Swashbuckler. And this has changed from prior to the last 2 expansions/updates when I dominated the AoE parse in almost every encounter and was usually in the top 4 consistently in single target fights.

    For warlocks, the prestige line aa and changes for the last 2 updates have been a complete and total disaster.

    I agree with the suggestions made by Wigg, But, moreover I would suggest a complete review of all Warlock damage spells to address casting times, damage output and reuse (the current base reuse on RIFT is 3 MINUTES and the casting time is too long, Absolution same, etc. etc.). Warlocks, in effect, have been neglected severely and this needs to be addressed. There are probably a lot of ways that Warlock dps issues could be fixed so I don't really see the point of going into every possible solution. I would really like to enjoy playing my Warlock again.
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  11. Plavem Active Member

    They did the posts for call class forums I seriously doubt anything comes of it.
  12. Jokirr Member

    I can't believe i forgot about this lol
    Yes please make it so the coercer also gets the 10% potency along with the person they put it on.
  13. Thalador Active Member

    This. I played my lock as a raid main for over a year and swapped to Necro because warlocks are no longer T1 dps compared to other mages.
  14. Mae- Well-Known Member

    This... while I love being able to reforge this junk into useful stats, they're a waste and need to go away. its unnecessary cluttering of stats that you had already consolidated previously when we had separate ranged, beneficial and detrimental stats of the same types.
  15. Xuma Member

    This was taken from a post that Mogrim made in these forums. I hope he doesn't mind me re-posting them here:
    I think the only issue that has been, in any way, fixed is that now Dark Aggravation can be cast once it procs on the warlock now, making that less of an issue. But, I think what Mogrim has written expresses in more detail my view on thye current Warlock situation.
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  16. Tabri Well-Known Member


    Essence shift- causes the conjurer to go into combat and if you have something targeted you attack it and possibly kill the raid if not paying attention.
    Dumb fires- as stated many times already are useless, either get rid of them all together, replace them with something else, or fix them

    Would love to be able to use the appearances of the older pets we had(e.g. Mythical Golem, Mage pet t7 I believe, fire golem) instead of being stuck with this one ugly end game pet that we have to look at. BL's get what like 20 different types of pets or appearances while we are the original pet class in this game and get nothing special as usual unless its another nerf.

    Pet line of sight issues constantly, make call servant with no reuse on it.
    Power shards take too much mana to give out to raid I dont get the reason why anyway?

    Speaking of appearance(which Im a big fan of) make it to where cloth wearers(actually why not all classes) be able to put anything in the appearance slots. Its not really fair that a plate class can put everything in the appearance slot and us cloth wearers are stuck with just fugly robes. Signed SICK TO DEATH OF ROBES and BAREFOOT AND PREGNANT dresses.

    I just thought I would list these the idea of having a pet window for stats and fixing the hotkey pet problem etc I am soooo for also

    Petamorph wands Make them either 1 charge and unlimited each or just unlimited, make them last through death they are the most annoying thing ever recasting this stuff I dont get why? Also my bags and bank are full of this junk because of this, the pet appearance window was a fantastic idea I think and would be awesome. I have to deal with these why? Because the conjurer is stuck with the same ugly pet every day of our lives that was forced upon us.
  17. Dethdlr Active Member


    I agree with what seems to be the majority of other coercers here. PE takes too long to cast and dies too easily to AoEs. Would be way more fun if you could store a pet you got somewhere and then re-cast them.

    Recasting buffs after someone dies is kind of a pain but one I can deal with.
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  18. Davngr Well-Known Member

    what you're asking for is fine but from my experience the necro that i raid with does not get any huge amount of damage from lifeburn except that crazy lucky fight that it resets multiple times but experiences may vary i suppose. depends how much utility each is receiving. also the lock is never being outparsed by any summoner, again it's because of buffs and player ability as well.

    the changes i proposed in my first post would do tons for balance and fun for every mage class
  19. Chronus Active Member

    Lock is not worth taking in a mage group compared to a fury illy troub conj necro wiz mage group assuming all other things equal, of course the difference is warlocks are ridiculously easy to play at 90% of your possible capacity compared to the mages in that group.
    However in parse threads I see 1.4mill Amalgamon's and stuff from summoners compared to the max of 1.2s from warlocks. And never is utterly wrong because on melanie with 800-1.4mill VCs from previous mobs the pet alone from a summoner will ensure the warlock gets owned. Infact that's one of the main dps differences atm between a summoner and sorcerer.
    Also on that 1.4mill Amalgamon the necro's lifeburn was it's 2nd best spell bar soulrot and procs so this whole lifeburn is bad thing, I don't think so, maybe you didn't take into account mythical cloak?
  20. Davngr Well-Known Member

    yes well.. procs are hard to balance out and at some point you just need to accept that summoners/bl's will make better use of proc damage. there really is nothing you can do about it.

    tbh i have seen the russian necro's parses and they are impressive but no other necro is coming close to that and i'd like to see what the other t1 dps classes are doing in his raid and how much utility he has at his disposal at any given moment. i'm pretty sure that you will find that when he says "give me" every one says "how much". that's something that will boost any classes damage substantially.

    again.. there is room from improvements for every mage.
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