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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Xelgad, Jan 11, 2013.

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  1. Estred Well-Known Member

    Bit of cents from me in regards to Illusionists, for me they would be more "fun" to play if more Illusion type things actually mattered. Illusory Allies is garbage currently, Phase is risky as heck to use, Doppelganger is "meh" at best and even our Personae Reflection does not live past 1 AE unless we constantly call it back or move it around and if I wanted that hassle as a Mage I would play a Summoner.

    Just some suggestions.

    Illusory Allies: Creates 50% Strength copies of all group members that depending on Archetype do two things.

    Universal:These clones all dps whichever target they were cast on and tank 75% Reduced damage, they have the HP of thier respective copies.
    - PvP versions: Remove the DR on the copies and leave the HP.

    Fighter-Clone: 15% of the clones Hate upon dispelling/expiring transfers cumulative hate to the current Hated Fighter, if current target is not a fighter then this clone raises the threat position of all fighters in the encounter by 1.

    Scout-Cone: Primary role is to just dps the mob, if however it is a Bard-Copy then during the duration all group-members within 10m of the clone have a 2.5% Potency Buff provided they stay in range.

    Mage-Clone: Primrary role is to dps the mob, however if it is a Chanter-Copy it pulses minor Power-Regen say 186 power per second AE.

    Healer-Clone: Does minor damage but instead acts as a small buff to the Healer it is attached to, adding 2.5% to Outgoing Heal Amount.

    *By no means is that a perfect Idea but maybe get some ideas flowing about Illusory Allies. Yes it is still a Dumbfire but hopefully they live better.

    Personae Reflection: Simple issue still is this thing dies so easy. Illusionists need more to keep it alive in a more reliable setting aside form just Heroic, it almost isn't worth summoning for me if I raid this toon.

    Doppleganger: I would like to see this thing better absorb damage on the target, say the clone has a 500% HP pool over whoever it is targeted on and takes 30% less damage. This clone interecpets damage 50% of the time on the casted target until it runs out.

    Phase: The utility behind this spell is great, were it not for accidentally "wiping" back a mob only to have the Fighter's Rescue land first and you end up re-memwiping the mob. Tbh I don't have an idea for this one there are all "off the cuff" suggestions. I got nothing else though mage wise.
  2. CoLD MeTaL Well-Known Member

    Illusionist - Please fix the illy pet so I do not have to recast it EVERY TIME I ZONE because of the myth loss of concentration slots.

    "Unable to maintain pet because you do not meet requirements or something." The myth concentration loss gets suspended somewhere in the zoning process and reapplied. This is the most annoying thing there is.
  3. Foretold Well-Known Member

    Things that would improve my mood while playing my illusionist:

    1. Allow pets to zone with us. This is a no-brainer. Should have been fixed ages ago.
    2. I thought my warden had a lot of single target buffs to hand out. The illusionist tops that. I dread dying simply because it takes me *seemingly* forever to rebuff everyone. Is there no easier way to do this?
    3. The coercer group mana flow makes me so jealous I want to cry. Or betray...
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  4. Fendaria Member

    Please give us a bigger UI window/icon/display of the number of increments our Prestige have, especially if the increments are on your target, not a buff on yourself. The numbers are too darn small! Make it easier to read.

    Having to struggle to find the right buff and see if you have enough increments to cast a spell is not fun.

  5. Neon New Member

    Sorcerers - I always thought by now they would have given them some ability to double the proc damage, or double hit procs or something to keep up with the summoners.

    It also seems that you forget the roles of certain characters and try to add stuff to balance it effectively making everyone the same. So Wizards can do AE damage now, and Warlocks can do Single target damage now, and is everyone happy? no. Mages should be the king class of single target damage, and warlocks kings of AE damage, and Summoners in between, and right now that is not seem close to being the case (correct me if I am wrong of course).
  6. Dexella Associate Producer

    Hi everyone,

    Thank you for your feedback thus far. I hope you continue to provide responses!

    As was mentioned in Xelgad's initial post, these threads will be open this week only; they will be closed (locked & unstickied) on Friday, January 18th, 2013 in the late afternoon (likely around 5:00pm PST).

  7. Dooh Member

    Illusionist short and sweet.

    Please fix the zoning and having to recast pet thing.

    And either add some kind of pet AE immune. Or really give them some serious HP AA/prestige options. Or lose the 5 sec cap cast pet speed. Or let us cast while running. I can deal with the pet dieing all the time if I can at least cast it again on the run or not have to take 5 seconds to cast it.

    Thats about all I can think of that needs tending. Sure some of the spells mentioned are worthless. But I don't expect y'all to change them and make them worthwhile.

    Oh and some of the mana regen spells could use a little tweaking. But whatever really. Thats a coercers job.
  8. Kauko New Member

    Coercers: I agree with all of the comments here so far, particularly regarding PE; additionally, though, I would like to see an increased cast range on PE, something comparable to the range on Charm. It's irritating to have to wait until a fight starts to get a pet in raid when you can't get close enough to the mob to PE it without agroing it.
  9. Wigg Member

    I have played just about every class in game except Coercer/Swashy/Brig. My favorites have almost always been the casters.

    • Temp pets - Do something with them because conjys have about 5 useless spells right now. You actually lose DPS to cast communion.
    • Plane Shift - Let conjy's cast soulburn with plane shift. I understand it would give them yet another MASSIVE nuke, but Necro's already build towards HP (shared stats) for their lifeburn. As it stands you have to cancel plane shift because you get more benefit from getting off another soul burn.
      • 1) Fix it to let them cast soulburn with plane shift up or
      • 2) Make plane shift 30 second duration with about double the stats it has now. Also, half the cast time.
    • Blazing Energy (CoE Center Endline) - Who was smoking what crack when you thought of this? All the other classes get damage procs for the group or potency buff or crit bonus... Conjy's get AE spell auto attack? Really? Lay off the pipe dude.
    • Fix Teamwork to stop pulling agro on pull.
    • Fix Dumbfire pets.
    • Fix Teamwork to stop pulling agro on pull.
    • Fix the recast the pet every time you zone bug. Really old and annoying bug for anyone who has played this class.
    • Buff the damage the CoE line gives you for Dazzling assault.
    • Make Destructive rampage add a buff to peace of mind so you aren't casting 10 buffs to every 1 nuke.
    Sorcerer: Make Brainstorm either affect base damage before modification or increase the potency of it. I have over 400 potency in a raid but 1 AA to increase .4%?

    • Where is the single target damage? You have put so much damage behind auto attacks that a scout can hit their bow auto attack and do almost as much damage as us casting a Eci's or ice comet. Not cool.
    • Manaburn - Issues galore. So many mobs with hit power drains in raids now that you can only use it at 100% power on pull or if you get really lucky. Rest of the time you are busy using your power regens to counterbalance the drain from the mob. Drop mana burn to a 3 to 1 ratio and let that sucker crit.
    • Fiery blast - ALL kinds of issues with this spell. Was raiding and got ported right after casting and as I was running back to the raid, I got to see my biggest nuke hit for 8k. Another thing I have seen that sucks is the chance that it will not go off. Example: killing trash mob A and it dies in 13-15 seconds. Well, 2 seconds of the fight you were debuffing mob/buffing self/catching up to the tank, 1 second casting and now if you have a troub, you have to pray your raid doesn't go all out or you lose 40% of your dps on that mob. Make it a charge like bards VC. .5 second cast to Charge it for 10 seconds and then .5 second cast for the nuke. That way even if it doesn't get a chance to finish, you still have a chance to use it.
    • Thunderclap - Remove the 10m/20m range as someone suggested or at the very least, let those be affected by increased spell range.
    • Change incineration to 100% proc. Before the mob hits 75%, we only have 2 spells we can cast to trigger this without losing dps. All other caster classes just get the high proc chance off all their spells.
    • Make Surge of Ro maintained buff after 5 AAs and make it trigger off every spell cast (not just heat). Increase damage by 15-20% and make it a direct damage, not a dot.
      • Change Fireshape into a "Elemental Mastery" that increases the potency/crit bonus of elemental spells by 5%
    No offense to anyone out there right now, but warlocks suck. I mean they are awful. If there isn't a troub with UT with them, you might as well put an illy in the raid in their spot bc they will probably do more dps.
    • Increase damage of Absolution, Rift, . My wizard shouldn't do more dps than my warlock on group mobs.
    • Fix dumbfires and as everyone has suggested, don't make Dark infestation disappear when pets spawn.
    • Vacuum field needs either damage or increased duration.
    • Increase Dark Nebula by about 15% base.
    • Agree with earlier suggestion to make gift of bertoxx into maintained buff after 5 AAs.
    • Dark pyre needs improvement. Please.
    • Suggestion to fix Troub dependability: Double the amount of ticks of every dot with the same duration. Other words, if something ticks 5 times, make it tick 10.. Now do an across the board increase by 20% damage. Warlocks will not be AS dependent on a troub giving them UT but leaves it still beneficial.
  10. Leetch Member

    The dev asked for changes to make your class more fun to play not "my dps sucks therefore my class is under powered - please nerf class xxx".

    • Essence Shift still puts you into combat - this is annoying as it pulls a mob if you have it targeted when you cast it
    • Detrimental on pet that kills it will continue to kill reanimated pet if not cured... shouldn't it be cleared when the pet "died" the first time?
    • Make power shards useful - instead of restoring a tiny amount of power, make them percentage based.
    • Casting of raid shards - can only do this out of combat so do we really need to be power drained down to 30% or whatever it is each time we cast? Its not hard to get back to 100% just a PITA having to do it each time.
    • Pet line of sight. Can we just make it that if I have line of sight to target then so does the pet? At the very least I need feedback when it can't see target - I hate the pet standing there doing its casting animations and not actually casting anything. I need to change pet damage to a different colour and look for overhead damage to counter this - not fun!
    • Can you please add a command to the pet which says "stand next to me ALWAYS". Its very annoying when it runs off somewhere to DPS and is out of range of heals/cures. I assume this would fix line of sight issues too. Otherwise make the "summon pet" command instant cast with 0 reuse/recovery so I can macro it to something...
    • Would be nice to have an option to tell the pet to attack whatever I am attacking rather than having to constantly keep tapping my "/pet attack" macro during combat.
    • Recast of buffs after death - lots of buffs persist but some don't eg Conjuror's Pact & Bubble. Can these persist death also?
    • Soulburn - spell is consumed/goes into reuse timer even though soulburn doesnt land - eg when target dies before SB lands. Pretty sure I've seen elemental blast do this too.
    • Shadowstep - only viable time to cast this is on the pull since pet wont ever shadowstep again once you cast it in combat yet the shadowstep spell is still consumed/goes into reuse even though it was never actually cast/landed
    • Can we set the default combat mode for a summoned pet? Currently I cast pet then have to cast backoff command right after each time.
    • Pet Illusions. Can we make these persist through pet death? Also would be nice as conjuror to be able to choose a pet model to use like how beastlords choose warders for appearance too

    • Can we get an ability (possibly AA/prestige) that lets us cast and run? Some of the new CoE encounters like the gorilla (barrodas?) and drinal raids that let you cast and run are awesome. Mages in general lose lots of DPS trying to run up to a mob or chase it around as its being moved.
    • Would be nice to make heroic opportunities useful again and worth casting.
  11. GrouchyMouse Active Member

    PLEASE make Mana Flow for Coercers have a shorter timer than 30 secs to recycle between casts. Let it be affected by the reuse, spell reuse, ability reuse adorns/blue stats on gear! I'm the only Coercer in our raid (yes, we have been and are seeking a second Coercer, no go so far). I can do a fairly good job of keeping power but there are too many fights where I just don't have Mana Flow coming back up fast enough to feed the whole raid. Yes, we run with an Illy, 2 Troubs, 2 Necros, and hearts are passed out and the Illy does a wonderful job catching single feeds, and the Troubs feed when needed, but having Mana Flow recast faster would be such a good thing!
  12. Terein Active Member

    ^^ I would love my coercer so much more.

    Also 2 of my group buffs are completely useless (Power of Mind and Signet of Intellect), please remove the conc requirement or make them more useful. Or both.
  13. Amaru New Member


    Scout/Tank/Healer Pets: Please fix the pets. More than anything I've always enjoyed playing a conjuror/magician due to the variety of pets, but currently we are limited to one. I find this to be the biggest draw back of the class. I personally would love to use the scout pet, but doing so would make me obsolete. It would be great to have all 3, maybe even 4, pets be useful so that we can have variety, choice, and utility. Please please please fix the pets (starting with scout).

    Broken Spells: We have a variety of other broken and useless spells, the DoT ones stick out to me. I'd personally like to see our spell list drop down a bit, i feel that we have a ton of junk filling up our bars. I'd rather see a compact group of useful and working spells. Quality, not quantity here.
  14. Luzionist Active Member

    My thoughts


    1. Doppleganger- change to a temp spell that clones target for 30 seconds to minute course has to survive an ae

    2. Manasoul- make it do something preferably regen the power like lifeburn

    3. Myth proc- make it with each succesful spell it regens power by X amount, not percentage based

    4. Crowd Control- do something with it or remove it since it is not a feasible thing in a raid

    5. Time Compression- Castable on self

    6. Mana Cloak- Put triggers in spell window

    7. All classes, put in the hotkey examine window the modifications to spell (ie crit bonus or potency for specific spell)

    8. Pet- Give it some HP or make immune to ae and allow to zone with it

    9. Channeled focus needs something added to it
  15. Pifflestix New Member

    Coercer (niggling/annoying little things)
    • Minds Eye - Why do we have to us a button to refresh an ability that's up all the time anyway. Just make it a buff.
    • Why upon death do we have to refresh: Enrage Demeanor, Siren's stare, velocity, peaceful link, and coercive healing? Every time we die we have to cast all those abilities again, and if the healer goes down or dps we have to reapply to those toons.
  16. Luathas New Member


    • I could care less about recasting the pet when zoning, it's a minor inconvenience compared to the other issues.
    • We really need some kind of pet AOE immunity or significantly faster cast time, however! Even taking the enhancements to buff its HP and reduce incoming damage, it's absolutely destroyed on AoEs, particularly the synched ones in Sleeper's.
    • Our temp buffs are great, but it's irritating doing no damage at all while putting up so many temp buffs in a row. It'd be great if the ones with the same recasts (PoM, Rampage) were consolidated into fewer spells.
    • Our power management is still lackluster. Give us back the three procs we originally had on our Mythical! I don't care if I can't restore other groups' power like a Coercer can, but we need to be able to keep our group's power up.
    • If we die, we spend far too long reapplying multiple Synergisms, Arms of Imagination, Illusory Arm, Enchanted Vigor, Rapidity, Time Compression... let our maintained buffs persist through death.
    • Now that it's really easy to cap casting/reuse/recovery speeds, there's no reason we can't put Time Compression on ourselves. Sometimes we're the only one in the group who could really benefit from the Doublecast.
    • Doppelganger and Illusory Allies are almost useless. Spells that summon copies of our group members are an amazingly fun idea, but Doppelganger dies before absorbing useful damage and Allies... It repeatedly memwipes and gives aggro to the Illy. Overall a nearly useless spell. I'd love to see it summon copies of group members that act differently based on the player's archetype- priest copies heal and ward, mage copies nuke, scout copies melee and debuff and fighter copies generate hate for the player they copy.
  17. Wigg Member

    that quote in red is exactly what I was suggestion to do. Make Destructive rampage an additional buff on peaceful link. That way it is a 1 cast. Make Illuminate "buff" flash of brilliance. That knocks out two of the buffs that illys have to cast making them MUCH happier.
  18. Deveryn Well-Known Member

    Necromancer:. I agree with previous comments, especially those regarding dumbfires and the pets themselves.

    • The Scout pet: (This goes for Conjuror too.) Perhaps they're better off as rangers, since it can be hard to control what side of the mob they attack. I seldom use this in a group situation because it's too frail and manages to get killed by one AoE or another.
    • Undead Horde: Can we ditch the requirement to have corpses around to produce more minions? This sounds like something that may have worked out nicely in the early days of EQ2, but these days corpses don't hang around for very long. With AA invested, all I ever see is 5 pets. It's supposed to summon up to 12 without the AA boost.
    • Ooze Crawler: Can this be an extra pet or something? I've never had any reason to use it as a main pet.
    • Siphoning of Souls is currently broken, returning level 82 spells from the level 92 version of the spell. Even when they're at level, I haven't used them much. They could be a little better for one-shot abilities that randomly get refreshed. I'd like to see something that could give a significant amount of mana back to a fellow party member (or pet or merc).
    As for the Siphoning debuff itself, I can't tell if it does much of anything. I really only use it and Mortality Mark to heal my pet when Chains of Torment isn't available.
    • Hate Gain: Can the tank pet get some more? It would be nice to get it without having to dump anymore points than I already do. When I've grouped, I've seldom had trouble with managing my hate, but when I solo it gets to be troublesome and I don't find abilities like symbiosis helping out enough. I spend over 70 points in abilities to help with my hate and my tank pet's hate and it's still a struggle.
    • Elemental Toxicity: This is one of those skills I invest in which seems to have no effect in a solo situation. I still manage to do too much damage with each hit to see any real decrease in hate.

    Finally, I have a couple of cosmetic requests:

    • Lich: The illusion form on the Lich line should be a secondary spell we can cast on ourselves if we so choose. I think other classes would be happy with that kind of change as well.
    • Summoner Pets: Summoners in general should have a choice when it comes to their pet appearances and pick out what they want from previous ranks as a permanent form. Maybe they could all just scale up in levels once you have them.
  19. Strogonoffsaus New Member

    As I got told by a guildie of mine we were able to give feedback on the forums: here it comes!

    - Please fix the zoning/recasting the pet problem.
    - Please fix illusionary allies. ( as it's of no-use in ANY situation right now.)
    - please fix our power feeds. (the illuionist was intially a power feed/support class. Nowadays we can only feed power to our OWN group. (yes 1 mana flow to others, the coercers feeds are exactly 18x times as big as ours... as they can maintain it on 3 GROUPS.)

    - Illusory arm: I haven't got a single melee class in my guild that isn't capped on multi attack.
    - time compression: what's all the reuse casting and revory speed for? The only thing this spell is still usefull for is the 5% doublecast chance. It basically sucks compared to UT.
    - Doppelganger: doesn't have a use at all.

    AOE's: we have one aoe, which does not do much damage. I can barely keep up on dps with some of the guildies when it comes to big pulls or lots of mobs that aren't linked in an encounter.

    Oh and can you please fix our left prestige? warlocks feed the same amount of power we do with that 0.3 % power every second buff. And the damage it does is very low, also the endline ability there isn't worth casting it at all as we already have insane amounts of hp and the aggro is fine.
  20. Dinwiz Active Member

    x10 times the ticks why not

    also lol @ illys want group feed i dont think u really want it

    for coercers , can we get few more hate positions on coercive shout ? that new mem shuffle / whatever u call that stupid thing can ignore shout
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