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Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Xelgad, Jan 11, 2013.

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  1. Erszebeth Active Member

    nothing about a PvP server is lore based anymore, the PvE servers are still very heavily lore-based, even most of the SC stuff can be explained away in Lore somehow
  2. Netty Member

    Again. Im not sure why you are hinting that i want other tank classes to get those tools. Im not.... Calling them class specific things is wrong tho... Saying guards have 12 snap aggro is wrong since they have so many amazings tools for it. I dont think berserkers need more snap aggro. Pallys do and maybe SK:s but the design of these encounters are just meh imo. Tank classes are pretty balanced right now its when they put out to many mobs like this it gets unbalanced again. let the mobs memwipe all they want but when you get droped down to 0% on the hate list as often as you do its all about luck and some tank classes cant do a thing about it. Feels so frustrating to the mob oneshooting ppl with hes huge frontal aoe knowing you dont have the tools to get it back.

    Anyways the problem is with the encounters themself and that crusaders mostly pallys ar lacking so much in snap aggro. Thats the core of the problem and not the lack of snap aggro. Pallys can do well in building up hate fast with tools like sigil on mobs like Xebnok from tso. I know i have a problem with these new memshuffles or what to call them and as someone said berserks have 21 posisons when we cast them all at the same time and apllys have like 7... It would be a nightmare tanking mobs like that on a pally.
  3. Kalderon Well-Known Member

    2 things and i would be happy (ok, more happy)
    1. Set the reuse timer for snaps down, the push from AA doesnt fit in the new gameplay with agrowhipping now and then.
    2. Gave us the ability to use DW, if we want to (at least, was possible long time ago.... yeah not as paladin but mainclass ^^)
  4. Netty Member

    Crusaders DWing... No just no.
  5. Everdog Member

    Adding +hate gain or procs increasing threat on fighter gears will be helpful.
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  6. Boli Active Member

    Speaking of itemization for many items you simply cannot reforge.

    Helms, and shoulders main culprits where all you can reforge is block chance and mitigation... but as a fighter you do not want to reforge those In contrast mages and priests have the spell weapon stats which allows them to highly adjust their gear. Its a shame all items do not have a "free" stat which you can reforge e.g. Customisation 100 points. which you can "spend" on other stats via the reforger.

    People WANT the ability to reforge and adjust their gear/stats... .prefer flurry... reforge to it... prefer spell reuse speed; you've got it!
  7. Obano Well-Known Member

    On the fun side of things for Bruisers please talk to Covic and Gnobrin about item graphics when creating new items. Specifically I am talking about brawler Gis that are not attached to a Gi graphic. All the brawler BPs in CoE looked like scout tunics. It kind of takes the fun out of the game when the items are not given the proper graphic. This was discussed in another thread here and here. Gnobrin created a new Gi graphic but it was never given to any in game item. Please have a little pow-wow between the art team and the mechanics team when making items so the players can get items with the correct graphics set.

  8. Hert Member

    theres so much whining in this thread. myself included.

    in short, please fix:
    Mem shuffles!
    the abilities that dont do what they say they do.

    please dont:
    make every tank class the same.
    if you want more snaps, roll a guard or a brawler

    also, leave reckless alone
    if you want to do more reckless dps, dont roll a guardian!
    if you're using snaps in reckless accidentally and losing agro, you're bad at this game!
    if you need more hate in reckless to hold better agro, get out of reckless!
    if you die to aes too much in reckless, learn to play or get out of reckless!
    you dont need less hate! when a warlock spikes 4 million dps on a pull and dies, they need less hate too! welcome to dpsing! adorn for minus hate if you want to be a dps class full time!

    this stuff shouldnt be a pile of cookie cutter garbage that are all the same. its bad enough that we basicly have all the same gear and stats now. keep some differentiation!
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  9. Thegratefulhead New Member

    I understand why people want to be unique. I get it, it feels good to be needed. You should be needed because you are good not because you are one of the few classes with the abilities needed to deal with new mem shuffles. I am in a small guild, we almost never fill a full raid. I don't even want to raid, been there, done that and do not have anything left to prove but I can't log and know they need me and not join. I do not have the time to roll and gear another class. It is stupid that I can't help the way I would like and bunch of people have to suffer because I did not roll the right tank class. Either fix encounters that do not rely on those abilities or give us all equitable snaps and survivability. With our low populations 2 out of 25 classes is not enough. Don't be selfish, we don't want your spot, we just want to help our guilds.
  10. Jokirr Member

    Might as well put "remove all 6 tanks and just have 1 class" on that list of yours there.
    Not every tank should be able to fill the MT role, it adds variety and uniqueness to the 6 different classes, if your so frustrated from not having the snaps and defensive temps then either re-roll or just not be MT.
    But do not merge the tank classes anymore than they already are.
  11. Netty Member

    Not that i agree with all tanks having the same amount of snap ability and surviveability tools but ever tank should be able to tank... On these hate shuffle fights some tanks are just useless Like paladins. Sure he might get luck to get change to a better posison on the hate list but its so random... And maybe 5 secs after he get changed again... Its just dumb and luck based... since not even the guardians/brawlers have snaps up from time to time. Your statement is just stupid tho. Since fights like that have nothing to do with who is the main tank and who is not. The best way to do fights like that is with 2 brawlers and a guard. And thats just messed up. Its not a class fault its a poorly designed script...
  12. Regolas Well-Known Member

    Already been said but I'll add my agreement.


    Rock skin - pointless

    AE snap would be nice, like one of what zerkers get (one is through AA). Trying to hold aggro on multiple mobs with just an AE +taunt can be tricky when most classes at cap have 100% AE auto.


    Fun class to play imo. But all but Visionary Madness death saves don't seem to work for me (v annoying).

    Remove power drain on beserk.

    Should have a HP buff (group wide) to be on par with other fighters in HP.

    Aggro - too reliant on dirge/coercer buffs. A hate syphon or something would help.

    Whole warrior tree needs a look at, although this could be said for most classes archtype tree.

    Honestly, I think taunts for all fighters (especially those without hate transfer/syphon) should have taunt values raised MASSIVELY. Anyone who tries to gain aggro back by using a taunt (rather than a snap) is waiting their time.
  13. Hamorm Member

    Make Dragoon's Reflexes Reposite instead of Parry. Would help with the inability to cast a CA and increase dps slightly on the AE fights in raids.
  14. Thegratefulhead New Member

    EVERY tank should be able to fill the MT role. 8% of the classes in the game is not enough. There are 3 roles. DPS/Healing/Tanking Each class should provide unique abilities or utility but each should be equipped with the tools handle the current mechanics of encounters... Needing a limited number of classes to do a certain piece of content is bad design and crushing to a smaller guild. Guilds with people on back up could care less i get it. People playing these "mandatory" classes feel good because the show doesn't go on without them, if that person is a jerk that can put a guild in a bad spot.
  15. Jokirr Member

    Hate Shuffles are just plain stupid since yes alot of fights are just poorly designed, and it wasnt my point.
    It wasnt a statement but simply my opinion on the matter, in which you may agree or disagree with it.
  16. Genghes Active Member

    Bruiser here.....
    Rockskin needs to be tweaked. remove the root/stifle part of it and more brawlers would use the ability.
    2h weapons: there needs to be some sort of change to make them useful to use instead of duel wield all the time. Why not add some aa's or alter 2h weapons so that say bruiser/monk/zerker can effectively dps and or tank when using one. as it stands right now 2 hand weapons are pointless since tanking and dps is better with duel wield (brawlers and zerker).
    possible solution: add protection to 2h weapons (shield classes gain) and block chance( brawlers gain), the change would allow said classes to use when tanking. for a dps increase, add flurry or a double attack type function.
  17. Rhita Member

    Every tank CAN tank is the thing, there are some who survive easier while others dps easier. As for snaps, they need to design mem wipes better. I love tanking drinal 4 soulwell and being called to pick up the named, then when I get aggro it mem wipes then tells me I failed to get aggro. /win
  18. Daalilama Well-Known Member

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  19. Daalilama Well-Known Member

    Reckless stance is cookie cutter unless you think warriors need pot for dps than cb...some suggested correctly that for warriors their reckless should be changed to cb in lieu of the pot on everyones stance.
  20. Duele Active Member

    There are certain problems though in the game today that since DoV have alienated the AE/OT Fighters.

    First, ALL fighters have access to 100% AE auto attack easily now. Throw that in with some of the other abilities that supposed ST Fighters have gained (Monks Dragonfire) that are awesome AE tools along with being able to utilize these AEs and AE auto attack with hate position abilities (Reinforcement, Mantis Leap) means any Fighter can easily control AE content that is present in the game.

    Leads to the next problem. AE content is a joke in this game. On most raids if there does happen to be some type of AE component they die so fast that it is a joke for any tank to pick them up and hold them or they mem-wipe so much that the classes with the hate position increasers that seem to be up a ton win hands down.

    Third mem-shuffle is yet another mechanic that Brawlers/Guards have an obvious advantage on along with anything else that has any type of DT, hard hitting AE component.

    Any high end raid knows that all you really need in this game is 2 Brawlers and some other third tank to clear everything the easiest.
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