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  1. Xelgad Developer

    We're requesting focused feedback on the current state of each class. We're particularly interested in suggestions on how to make the classes more enjoyable, such as improving tedious abilities to be more user-friendly. Balance issues are always a concern, but numbers tend to spotlight those issues, while it's easy to overlook problems that simply make the classes less fun than they should be.

    We do read your normal forum feedback, but we have had the most success with feedback during betas and in the testing forum. However, it's difficult to address existing class issues when the focus is on new additions. The idea here is to put the focus on the classes as they exist on live, including everything from the new Prestige Abilities to the spells and combat arts granted at early levels. We're going to close this thread at the end of next week, but we'll do more focus feedback threads if they are successful. The goal is to get some improvements to live with the next game update.

  2. Liav Well-Known Member


    Rock Skin: Almost completely useless and 90% of Bruisers do not even have this ability on their hotbars. The daze (no auto attack) component needs to be removed from this ability entirely to make it viable. Either that, or the left side prestige AAs need to be changed entirely to reset something of more value.

    Battering Onslaught: Right side prestige endline. Still is not scaling up in damage correctly with the number of stacks of Pulverize.

    Deep Blows: Right first row of prestige AAs. Not affecting Battering Onslaught despite the fact that it is also an attack with "multiple hits", technically.

    That's about all I've got for the moment.
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  3. Gaarysal Active Member

    I play a shadowknight, there are a few small issues with the class I'd like to see addressed but overall there are general fighter issues that play a bigger impact. My post will be divided into two sections: fighter and shadowknight specifically. This post will be a whopper!


    Right now fighter gear is out of whack. When it is compared to scout gear which is also equipable by fighters the obvious choice is the scout piece. Fighter wrists, ears, and rings do not have multiattack or flurry. With the exception of rings none of these pieces have a stat in significant quantity to reforge. Recently I have been transitioning my multiattack, flurry items to the tank equivalents from the Drinal Steward merchant since the pieces are locked to archetype. I have lost a significant amount of flurry which I cannot get back and have lost a lot of multiattack which is requiring some serious sacrificing to maintain 600 whereas I used to have so much MA I was reforging it away. In exchange for this large loss in multiattack and flurry I got things such as +5 block or a few % more mit which are both insignificant due to diminished returns of both stats.
    As it stands now fighters need flurry, multiattack, and other offensive stats to generate the vast majority of their aggro. I do enjoy doing dps but if I had the option to choose more survivability without jeopardizing my aggro I would gladly switch gear to a tank set. As a result recklessness stance actually ends up being a better stance to hold aggro in even with the penalties to threat generation and hate gain on everything but memwiping mobs.

    My suggestion is to change mechanics of fighters while tanking by making aggro less dependent on dps and increase the effectiveness of defensive stats to be much more desirable over dps. Exactly on how to do this is really out of my field since I do not have usable data showing the effects of avoid and mit vs higher level mobs as well as when mob strikethrough comes into play and other mechanics. So I really could not speculate on at what point certain stats may become overpowered. As for the threat; more taunt procs, +threat potency, +hate gain, +threat on blocks/parry/dodge on items/buffs would go a long way. Additionally I'd like to see recklessness work to cancel all threat effects making it a true dps stance where tanking anything but green/blue mobs or soloing/duoing is impossible (I always found it very frustrating back when I used to raid trying to DPS on my SK when I kept ripping aggro off the main tank who was trying to stay alive and thus having to sacrifice dps while gaining no additional means of threat generation, recklessness has made it even easier to rip aggro off the MT). When I go reckless in groups I can still stay alive just fine, I still hold aggro just as well if not better, and I am able to keep up with or beat the dps classes (usually warlock, illy, and brig none of which are bad players or under geared).


    SK in general is one of the best classes I have played. All but one of their abilities (pledge of armament) is viable and hotbar worthy while some are less useful than others, they still find their way into rotation. AA abilities are mostly all viable but as time goes on and gear gets better certain things are becoming obsolete and choices are becoming more limited.

    I cannot in words express my desire to cast on the run. It is ABSOLUTELY necessary for all fighters to cast 100% on the run. While attempting to position mobs it is absolutely crucial to be able to be DPSing the mob fully while it gets into position which can often be a great task on some stubborn mobs that like to stop and cast or run in weird paths. Not to mention chasing down mobs that have memwiped, having to stop to cast only to have the mob get out of range at the last second is infinitely frustrating.

    Issues with Pledge of armament. Putting the spell on a mage, priest, or scout really does not boost their chances of surviving a frontal attack or memwipe these days while it takes a big chunk of mit from the SK, even if this is just a fraction of one percent mit it just really isn't worth the trade off. You can place the spell on a main tank fighter in a raid setting but it really doesn't do much due to diminished returns of mit at such high levels that a raid main tank would have so you end up taking away much more survivability from yourself than you give to the main tank. You can put AAs into the alternative siphon but you can only siphon from a fighter, which in a raid creates the exact opposite as the above result and in a group it is never used. Paladins however get an alternative version via AAs to permanently boost the mit of all non fighters in the raid by ~1000 with no negative effect to themselves. I'd like to see something similar to what Paladins get for this spell but with an SK uniqueness.

    As for AAs, I still believe the Crusader tree is one of the best Subclass trees in the game. Every line is a viable option but it ends up coming down to a few choices. Wisdom line is pretty much a staple due to the group utility it adds plus immunity to fear is a very nice perk. Agility line is also somewhat of a staple due to trample and lance does a fair amount of dps however this line becomes obsolete as gear improves since you can reforge tons of AE autoattack. Strength line has been a staple for quite some time but I am seeing (and am considering myself) raid geared SKs spec out of it since cast speed can easily be reforged and reuse speed in group is easily capped (with jcap or alacrity being less effective on mages/priests due to their passive 100% reuse from gear these days it's even easier). Additionally the multiattack and hate gain added is a very small amount that can be made up quite easily. Stamina line is becoming more popular these days due to mobs having smaller hits but a larger quantity making divine aura block almost all auto attacks for the duration greatly aiding survivability and % health is always a very nice thing to take. Intelligence line is probably the least desirable but Legionaire's Conviction still has some utility as well as the strength to damage conversion and healing received.

    The shadowknight and shadows trees are fine as is imo. The heroic tree could use a bit of adjusting. The only box I pickup in the 3rd row is for Crusader's Faith, reuse on furor or aura is wasted due to high reuse speeds detailed a bit more above, and the heals received is negligible especially since it does not work for wards. Some suggestions might be to add some additional effects to furor or boost the spell damage and taunt effects or to make aura of crusader do damage, threat, or heal for each effect dispelled or make it groupwide at rank 10 or make it add immunity to interrupts.

    On to the prestige tree. Currently I am dual specced (right side up to deathmarch reset for Chaos Cloud) and left side maxed Chaotic Blade and Chaotic Hatred. The 25% damage reduction from Crusader's Faith is really the only reason I chose this dual spec. After much testing, Reaping Mist and Reap do about equal damage zonewide as Chaotic Blade and Chaotic Hatred so that is well balanced. I am tempted to switch entirely to the left side due to the appeal of the damage reduction to Chaotic Blade which can be cast while casting and the additional duration on furor is very nice, heck even the group cure could have its uses. The right side really lacks a good end box that can compete with this, the instant cast of AEs is nice but it is just too random to make a difference, I really like the Paladin tree where you build the increments and then bust off a large single or AE nuke. Chaos Cloud and more importantly the reset on Chaos Cloud is very hard to get rid of though. The SK middle endbox is complete junk, I expressed my distaste for this ability in beta but it was never addressed. I can now speak from experience and say that it is worthless even more so in current content. All the major power drains I have experienced were continual drains (Caerina The Lost, Melanie Everling, trash in Sleeper's Contested, etc) so the box may proc and give you power but it would be instantly sapped away and would not trigger unless you manged to first get above that threshold. I'd like to see it changed to be more in line with other fighter choices or be a built in power tap like Paladins get).

    Thank you very much for taking the time to ask for our feedback and I hope my suggestions and points will be of use to you. Thanks for reading!
  4. Darkerwarrior New Member

    A lot of our force target abilities do not work on current raid encounters. Example the mythical click from Shadowknights "Touch of Death" it claims to make the target forced to face you but more than likely fails when used. This needs to be addressed asap.

    Touch of Death needs to be 100% effective when used or it makes the mythical use obsolete.

    Death March - The only real Utility it has now is the added STR, DPS and INT to group as well 10% dmg reduction. Most players are capped with casting speed and the stats are too small to merit as an offensive ability, I believe there should be an additional offensive stat for both casters and melee. Such as giving an extra x% weapon bonus damage for melee, and x% base increase to hostile spells.

    Enhance Death March: Shadowknight - KOS AA
    Max 5 points enable running to cast as long as on the march is active

    Enhance Devouring Mist: Shadowknight - KOS AA
    Max 5 points enable Devouring Mist to also be an AoE encounter inflicting xDisease damage in encounter and inflicts xDisease damage in encounter for every 10s.

    Unholy Voracity: Shadowknight - Shadows AA
    Again since casting speed and recast is easily attainable for this offensive group buff I believe that per each point in Unholy Voracity should increase CB and Pot by 1%

    This will bring some decent utility for Shadowknights making them more ideal for group and raid situations and as well breathe life into old abilities that needed some new flavor to still be current for now and future content.
  5. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    Guardians need more dps or more defense to be inline with monks.

    There are countless ways to increase damage or defense; I'm not going to write an essay. The easiest solutions might be to buff guardian crit bonus, or hit points/block.

    Group/raid utility is another way to go, but more complex and delicate to implement.
  6. Estred Well-Known Member

    Actually Xelgad there have been 3 threads regarding the Fighter Archetypes already. Though they are only regarding the KoS AA Lines the information there I feel is well balanced. I believe I sent you a PM with links to all 3 threads, though sorry for the mammoth tracking posts, I had to do those because I couldn't Edit the original post.

    As per additional feedback I have a few points about Warriors, mostly Guardian as I main one but a few for Zerkers too.

    Zerkers: This only a call because I hear from zerks that they are still somewhat dissatisfied with the change that was made to Adrenaline. I would maybe suggest removing or reducing the power-drain component as many (if not all) Raid-Encounters have power-drains as does Sleepers Contested.


    Guardian Tree.

    Enhance Battle Cry: The resists overall buffed at 95 increase by an additonal 436 Physical Mitigation. Given the incoming damage of bosses currently this is feeling outdated to me as a tank. If this AA were made to work like Battle Hardening but for the group I feel it would be specced more often.

    Enhance Intercept: Intercept is rarely used from my experience though this AA if it just blocked 10% damage at rank 5 from hitting both the Guardian and the Target perhaps it would show more. As it stands Intercept is only cast when I have a stoneskin on because I usually kill myself otherwise.

    Shadows Tree.

    Ripost Mastery: Riposting is a non-easially tracked damage source. For lack of tracking I would rather 1% Ripost Chance (like the old Avoidence Adorns) per rank.

    Hateful Assault: Needs casting speed increase. This skill takes so long to cast it is not even near my usual casted skills.


    Sphere of Defense: No Guardian I know runs this skill. Same as not many use the two Rescue cast-reductions because with Reuse Speed we cap out the recast on Rescue. Sphere of Defense would be worthy of an end-tree ability if it increased the proc-rate of Guardian Sphere by 5-10% for both the Guardian and the Group.

    I have not talked the Warrior tree here because there are threads on that.

    The Warrior thread is here.

    The Crusader thread is here.

    The Brawler thread is here.

    By no means perfect they have good thoughts from many players. I actually ran all 3 threads somewhat as a tracker for ideas.
  7. Typos Member

    IF you do anything... anything at all... and i mean anything.... give us an ability or a stat to chase that lets us land auto attacks in the mobs front quadrant RELIABLY and it has to work. 100% acc should mean 0 misses 100% strikethrough should be 0 blocks/parries.

    927 slash pierce crush 30 acc and 56% strikethrough solo.. and i still can't farging hit mobs. I have everyone but my overhead damage turned offf. An average pull is parry parry parry resist 2500 immune parry (An average hit rate parse in HEROIC content is 84%.for auto attacks)

    I understand why you have a high frontal block rate, but it is an irratating irratating mechanic. At the bare minimum... please at least give us a stat to chase to allow us to hit mobs. You can leave strikethrough and acc alone if you wish.

    If you fix strikethrough and acc... PLEASEEEEEEE we know the mobs have these abilities.. do not change it in a way that sets plate tanks back below brawlers. I am a brawler, and i want every tank to be able to tank content without reaching for advil.

    Ty for considering my post.

    p.s. please consider increasing the number of targets auto attack can hit. Currently it is 4 targets.
  8. Estred Well-Known Member

    I find it hard to believe you are missing that much. I have 575 Crush/Slash/Pierce and 24% Acc and 47% Strike yet my hit-rate vs a CoE-Raid boss is in the 95+ range. The way most 100% Mechanics work in EQ2 is actually deceiving. Spell Reuse at 100% only cuts the recast in half... but 100% means I should be able to instantly cast the spell again does it not?

    Keep in mind also Solo Mobs are built so your solo stats hit them. In a Group Setting the mobs Avoidance stats are debuffed by your allies. Strikethrough and Accuracy to me work fine, Fighters are actually decently balanced currently with some small AA gaps and skill-lapses such as Recapture if there is no Fighter Present except the Guardian it seems to enjoy giving a Scout hate... which it shouldn't by the tooltip.

    "Recapture increases the hate position of all your fighter allies and reduced the hate positions of all non-fighter group members against your enemies"

    By the tooltip in a group or raid setting. I should expect this ability to reorganize the hate list raisng all fighters in the Raid while dropping all non-fighters in my group. It would be much simpler if it just effected all of both.

    - Raise all Fighter Hate positions by 1-2 (Including the Guardian)
    - Lower all Non-Fighter Hate positions by 1-2 currently hated by the Encounter.

    This would make Recapture more reliable. As it stands though Recapture + Rescue is one of the strongest Snap-Taunts in the game. Perhaps only the tooltip needs rewording but really is annoying to throw Recapture on Baelon of Thule and have him run towards the Scout on Borrodas.
  9. Typos Member

    I find it hard to believe you are missing that much.

    Yeap.. me too. If your somehow suggesting i'm auto attacking wrong enlighten me.
  10. Estred Well-Known Member

    Wrong thread for that, I merely stated my experience. If you wish to carry on this discussion further please send me a PM. This thread is for Fighter AA/Skill Feedback. We each gave our thoughts on ST/Accuracy and it should be left as such.
  11. olleran Active Member

    Monk ; Will of Heavens not curing trauma detriments v raid level mobs
  12. Rhita Member

    Some of the AA tree's need a serious revamp.

    Warrior AA Tree:

    Str line:
    Executioner's Wrath- When cast, it adds 60 crit chance to your next CA at lvl 1 so that is 90 crit at lvl 10. Since crit is easy to cap I would suggest changing this to either increasing your next CA damage by a certain % or adding CB to your next CA.

    Weapon Expertise- adds crit, this one is fine.

    Executioner's Anger- Increases hate gain by 10% and increases taunt amount by 30% at lvl 10. This isnt bad for those who need the extra hate gain.

    Executioner's Fury- This endline is total junk. Increases crit by 25% and increases CA damage by 15% while under 50% hp. This would be better if it actually stayed up for a duration, but I still dislike having to go below 50% hp to get it to proc to begin with. Can change it into a proc chance that last 5-10 seconds and can proc 1-2 times per minute. (This might be considered overpowered and if thats the case, i'd suggest changing it to something completely different.)

    Agi line:
    The agi line is completely fine with the exception of the AoE auto attack. I think it's finally time to lift the cap. 100% allows you to AoE auto 4 targets, 200% allows you to AoE auto attack 6 targets, and 300% would be 8 targets. Either that or at 200% you can AoE auto double attack for 2 hits but still just 4 targets.

    Sta line:
    Reversal- The damage on this needs to be scaled and the proc chance needs to be increased above once every 30 seconds. Remove the shield requirement, make it proc every 10seconds, and increase the damage. Right now it parses 300dps if you are lucky.

    Gladiator's Finesse- Gives MA, This is fine.

    Gladiator's Revenge- Adds block chance. This is fine.

    Arena Endurance- 20% of power consumed is added to heals. Total garbage, this heals for like 10hp per CA used. It should heal for 2% of max hp per CA used. Which doesn't compare to reaver that sks have, but isnt totally underpowered.

    Wis line:
    Belly Smash- remove the knockdown component and this ability wouldnt be bad.

    Seasoned Veteran- Adds dps mod. This is fine.

    Unshakeable- adds mitigation, right now you can get quite a bit of mitigation so this is not needed. This should be changed to max hp. Crusaders and brawlers both gain 5% max hp in their respective trees. So change this one to .5% max hp per point for a total of 5% like the rest of the tanks.

    Stance Mastery- This end line is garbage. Should be changed to stifle immunity or at least something worth speccing into.

    Int line:
    This line is perfect the way it is.

    Since the rest of my trees are pretty much guardian only, I'll leave zerker abilities to them.

    Sustain, is still garbage and no one casts it because it can get the guardian killed. It currently grants the group member at 48% chance for the guardian to intercept damage on said group member, which can kill the guardian. This buff should be changed to when target of buff takes any damage it has a 15% chance to grant them a 1 trigger stoneskin that last 10 seconds. A respective AA for this ability in the guardian tree to add 5-10% pot to this ability to give guardians a little bit of utility. To make room for this AA, remove the intercept one.

    Plant- This ability is garbage. A simple fix would make this worth casting. Right now the force target doesn't work for 99% of content. Add 3 hate positions to this ability, then with the AA choice it becomes a worthy ability. To compensate for it becoming OP, increase the reuse to either 1 minute or 1min 30sec.

    Taunting Assault- The only issue with this ability is it takes 2 seconds to cast, most guardians do not cast or its the very last thing they cast. There is an AA in the shadows tree which increases damage and taunt amount. Make this also reduce the cast time by .2/sec per rank. So at max it would decrease the cast time to 1second.

    Sphere of Defense- Taking 15 seconds off the recast of guardian sphere isnt bad, but not worthy of an endline. Change this ability to add 1 stoneskin trigger to Tower of Stone and Perfect Counter. With all the death touches and such, an extra trigger would be nice and not considered OP.
  13. Estred Well-Known Member

    You pretty much summed up the Warrior AA thread there. I added my own thoughts to your ideas in Cyan. I also realize some of these are comprehensive changes and are more of an "in the future" idea since some are not just value changes in Code. Still it is nice to know these are documented well.
  14. Tekadeo Active Member

    Either A) Less reliance on utility classes for aggro, or B) Same reliance, but spread across more classes. I run a lot of PUGs, and aggro can be an issue with a random set of classes with weak synergy. I do appreciate the melee/mage DPS synergy to a point, but aggro is pass/fail and shouldn't be left to what classes you can recruit. There are 19 non-tank classes in this game, I shouldn't have to search high and low for the magical two that allow me to do my job right.
  15. Deathmagus Member

    Warrior Tree:

    Evecutioner's Wrath - The crit chance granted by this ability is nigh worthless. It should be changed to CB or something else of actual benefit at this point in the game.

    Executioner's Fury and Executioner's Fortification - Either revamp EFury so that it works more like Perseverance or change the ability entirely. Personally I'd rather it be a static increase to taunts/combat arts with a CB component rather than CC component. Even if it was only 7.5% increase to taunts/CAs and 5 CB it'd be better than it is. Also, perhaps change the mit increase from EFortification to be weapon damage bonus with a restriction to only applying when the Warrior is DW sort of like the bonus Crusaders can spec for when they are wearing a shield.

    Dragoon's Cyclone - This ability does nothing for zerkers outside of PvP combat where they need 200% AE auto to AE auto 100% of the time. Either change the AE auto mechanic to where there is a bonus for being over cap or this ability will continue to only benefit one of the two classes post mythicals. I don't care if you let AE auto increase in targets hit, increase in the number of hits, or even simply begin gaining weapon damage bonus for the extra hits.. but something would be nice.

    Dragoon's Reflexes - Please remove the "Any combat arts used will drop the effect" component of this ability to make it more viable. Not being able to continue to generate hate beyond auto attack and temps is rather bothersome and at times non-viable.

    Reversal and Reversal of Fortune - This ability needs the cool down either removed or extremely lowered. The ability has been trash for several expansions. Also, removing the shield req. entirely would be appreciated.

    Arena Endurance - The power spent reduction is underwhelming and the heal is nigh worthless. Either change it to be a noticeable % based heal on CA cast or something along those lines.

    Belly Smash - This ability is nigh worthless on raids since your target has to be knocked down to cast it.

    Unshakeable - The mit doesn't really cut it anymore. And with Guardians and Zerkers both being rather far behind on % based health modification options a 5% increase to max Health at rank 10 would likely be better.

    Stance Mastery - This end line doesn't do much, but it still isn't our worst. If it would remove the penalties from Reckless it would be OP. However, as is it doesn't do much for Warriors.

    The Int line - Please don't change it... I don't think anyone is going to complain about how it is currently unless they are trolling and want it to be ruined.

    Tactical Wisdom - 4% Mit and Accuracy don't go far anymore. It would be nice if the values were increased or something else done to this option.

    Shadows Tree:

    Adrenaline Rush - The devs or someone made a mistake when DoV launched and Adrenaline was converted from 50% dmg reduction to a reactive heal for 50% of dmg received that cannot crit. When this was done the taunt effect from this AA option was changed to not crit either. It would be nice if this would be addressed.

    Berserker Prestige:

    Saga of Bloodshed and Saga - It would be appreciated if saga would trigger off of Combat arts as well as auto attack.

    Empowering Rage - This ability is trash. Removing the cast time of already fast casting abilities doesn't do much of anything. It is simply not worth taking. SKs have a similar ability that actually gives them benefit due to current game mechanics so it's not terrible for them. However, for a Berserker the same mechanics do not apply. Please change it to be something of more value. A base recast time reduction to Juggernaut would be nice. A new large radius hard hitting Blue (I'm thinking Cleave 2.0) would also be welcome. Making Rampage apply to the entire group with each person getting their own triggers would likely be overpowered... despite likely being well received by people that get a Berserker in their group. An ability that functions like the Guardian right side end line either granting CB or weapon damage bonus is probably more practical though.

    Things that have been taken away from Berserkers since DoV launched:

    Miragul Charm - Not removed from game, but nerfed into oblivion. It would be nice to see something granting 100% melee range again. The range increased threat radius and was good for dpsing.

    Adrenaline - Again... not removed from game but nerfed badly. At this point it seems like dmg reductions are just being handed out freely.. so... can Berserkers get their primary dmg reduction back? I mean Guardians essentially have an adrenaline style ability for everyone else in their group. If the issue is that the pwr drain from it isn't bad enough.. fine.. ramp that baby up to 20% of my max power every 3 seconds after termination... I'm fine with that.

    Things that I would like to talk to a dev about one on one when I have the time:

    Berserker Myth Cloak - I've got one... and I'd like to give some one on one feedback.
  16. Demondante New Member

    Primary fix/change for the Monk.

    Will of the Heaven's - It is having curing issues in the new content. Running the solo instances and some group instances and it is not curing trauma detriments off. Several times while going through Wormbone's End it would not cure the root effect that the trash give. This needs to be looked at, as well as the ability itself.

    Brawler's Tenacity- Since the changes to heals Brawler's Tenacity has felt like a lackluster version of its former self. It was supposed to be a save ability for Brawler's but lacks the durability it used to have. Primarily in its duration and recast. Before the fighter heal revamp 2.0 it lasted for 1.5 min and used up a reasonable amount of its recast time. It would be nice to see Tenacity get its duration back. 1 min is less time than most DT come in on the target. With 1.5 min that gives time for a monk to possibly survive 2 DT with out much issue, since we lack the passive Stoneskins that the bruisers have this was an added bonus.

    Combination- This ability has been long underwhelmed. Although, when it works it is a decent ability that does good amount of damage, however that is when it can hit. Since, it was changed a while back from no longer being a castable CA to just a passive ability it has increased in its useability. However, the requirement for one to cast certain CA's in order to get it to proc makes it underpowered. I good change for this ability is to make it very similar to the Ranger/Assassin's Exploit Weakness. This does kinda change it back to its previous form, however remove the requirement for it be a Jab, a Kick, and a Punch ability. What would make this more equal to content is to give it a like 30% chance to proc the CA after a CA is used. Keep the damage spread the same and put it on a 10sec reuse timer. That way, if you are fighting a CM or Raid mob your combination wont get messed up by your Jab being parried.

    As for the Monk's prestige line, the right side is pretty nice however with one change.

    Fluid Combination- needs to be fixed on how the damage works. With higher increments of Waveform on the mob the damage should be adjusted for number of increments on the mob.

    Aside from that due to my lack of raiding I can't think of anything useful to change for raiding purposes.
  17. Netty Member

    I can only speak for myself and what i feel for playing every tank class. I have one of every -monk as i betrayed my monk to bruiser.

    Crusaders should be able to run and cast imo. It really destroys the fun factor when they cant imo. Bards can so why not them. Also would say give crusaders a encounter snap aggro tool. As they lack very much with them. And with raid mobs being as it is with hate shuffle mobs i just dont want to think about the problems they might have on fights like that.

    Guardians need a dps boost of some sort... The utility they have is nice but brawlers still have better utility that are more needed on all content.And maybe another aoe or so they can hold aoe aggro but compared to a monk that are a singel target tank aswell they lack alot.

    Berserks. Adrenaline power drain have to go or lowred by ALOT. %ish health buff for both warriors. End line of the offensiv side (prestige) when you build up to cast your aoe instant is trash sadly... It might be better for SK:s but i bet its just as bad for them.

    Bruisers. Rock Skin should have the daze removed... Im not sure why we have some many abilitys spread out that makes ppl suffer as much as this. Same goes for Dragonreflexes in the warrior tree that cancel by ca...

    That and a clean up in the subclass tree:s i would say.

    Also i dont agree with removing the shield req on Reversal. It should proc every 10secs but i think the shield need should stick aswell... As when wearing a shield is when warriors suffer the most...
  18. AustinB Member

    The KoS AA lines for each archetype already have feedback threads, but here is some general feedback for Monks.

    • Will of the Heavens with the enhance AA is not reliably curing trauma detriments from raid and heroic level mobs.
    • Fluid Combination is very lackluster. It either needs a major secondary effect added to it, or a major boost in damage. It might be interesting to allow this skill to automatically finish Combination.
    • Charging Tiger has very low damage, high reuse, doesn't contribute to Combination, and it's primary effect (stun) doesn't work on raid mobs. This skill is currently really only useful in PvP to knock people around. It would be nice to see this skill buffed without just upping its damage. Perhaps adding a short duration potency debuff (5-10% for 5s sounds fair). This way we could time it around a mobs AoE to help out the raid.
    • The target lock on Peel isn't working on raid mobs. This is a huge issue considering the mechanic-du-expac is a ridiculous "memshuffle". Without the ability to control the memshuffle you essentially reduce fights that use the mechanic to a state of "kill the mob before you get unlucky and have all your tanks dropped to the bottom of the mobs hate list".
    • Feign Death and Fall of the Phoenix should really have a 100% success rate. I also wouldn't mind seeing Fall of the Phoenix have an AoE prevent attached to it. It can only be used every 15 mins (base reuse) so I don't think allowing it to function as an reliable mechanic to allow a group to survive a wipe is going to hurt anything.
    • It would be nice if combat arts didn't dispel Superior Guard.
    • The Consummate Defender and Offensive Prowess AAs are outdated. 1%/rank CB on Offensive Prowess would work nicely. Adding 1%/rank Hate Gain and a small hate proc on any combat hit (base value could be equal to character level, perhaps lower) on Consummate Defender would allow for better hate generation in Defensive Stance without having to focus solely on DPS and buffs from other classes to hold aggro.
    • Riposte Mastery is completely useless. Please add 5%/rank Additional Riposte Chance (Parries become Ripostes) and 0.5%/rank Extra Riposte Chance (uncontested avoidance) to this AA.
    • The hate value added by Tranquil Forewarning is too small to be of any use. It would be nice if this AA had 10%/rank (perhaps lower) chance of applying the affects of any taunt twice (Silent Threat, Challenge, Reprimand, Peel, Rescue, as well as the Bruiser class specific taunts).
    • Peaceful Deception should lower the Base reuse speed of Peel by 5s/rank.
    • Mending Spirit is redundant considering Focus: Mend lowers the reuse speed of Mend, adds a Block Chance buff, and improves the heal amount by 10s. I would suggest changing Mending Spirit to a single rank worth 5 points. It would add a Elemental, Arcane, and Trauma cure to Mend, increase the range of Mend to 20m, and increase the heal amount by 10%.
    • Monks lack an actual blue AoE. It's not really needed, but it would be nice and would help us when pulling large groups of mobs.
    • Please bring back Black Widow Stance. I loved using this stance for soloing and PvP. If you do bring it back, make sure it benefits from skill like Consummate Defender and Offensive Prowess as well (probably receiving 50% of the effect from each).
    • Does Everburning Flame really need to drain HP? It's only 46.5% Attack Speed at it's final rank, so it's hardly the huge buff it used to be.
    One final thing, not strictly related to Monks. Please remove Reckless Stance and improve the Offensive Stances of each fighter class. It would be nice if each class had a bonuses added which are designed around their class. For example, Monks could get a small amount of Flurry and Multi Attack to play into the theme of Monks being fast. Adding a large chunk of Double Cast would also be nice considering Dragonfire is apparently supposed to be a huge part of our class.
  19. Erszebeth Active Member

    Speaking on berserkers, tho on a skim it seems most has been touched on already:
    Warrior Tree
    ~Reversal-30 second cooldown makes it a complete waste, needs changed around 10 seconds IMHO.
    ~Belly Smash-remove knockdown component, really no reason for it at this point.
    ~Unshakeable-garbage, 530 mitigation was great in KoS, not bad in TSO, but complete crap in DoV and a waste, change to a HP buff like other fighter class trees.
    ~Stance it is, we can overcap all the abilities that our stances respectively detract and use those stances effectively without penalty, please change, to what I can't say, but...something that isn't a complete waste, this end line has been a running joke since KoS.
    ~Executioner's Fury-anything requiring us to be under 50% hp to work will kill at the first sign of spike damage.
    ~Dragoon's Cyclone-40% AE auto at rank 10, great at low lvl, and probably useful to guards, post myth/enervated is complete waste for zerks; my idea, make it 20% AE, 10% flurry at rank 10, then its still useful and desirable for zerk.
    ~Dragoon's Reflexes-12 seconds of 100% parry+ST immunity...unless we cast a CA....why can't we use CAs?

    Berserker Tree
    ~Enhance: Destructive Rage-5% more MA for it....really? Turn into a 5% hp buff, finally zerks get a HP buff like all the other tanks, and the AA is far more worthwhile.

    ~Jeering Onslaught-blue aoe taunt, requires a target to cast...make it a self targetting ability.
    ~Wall of Force-for an endline, this really sucks, absorbs ONLY physical damage if its more then 30% of your max health, 2 min recast at 50% reuse, absorbs 2 attacks. Make it absorb ALL attacks (frankly I'm of the mindset more of the "stoneskins" need to actually absorb all effects, and not just trauma, across ALL fighters, not just zerk)

    ~Enhance:Cry of the Warrior-more hate? its already a force target, and have never used it and NOT jumped to the top of the hate list when I have needed to use it. Add positions and a damage component instead of more hate.
    ~Robust Bulwark-5% max health boost...for thanks, make it a damage reduction, temporary max health and only 5% at that isn't worth much IMO.
    ~Unshakable Grip-for what reason would ANYONE take this over Partisan Cleave for DPS, or Perfect Counter for tanking? 18 seconds of immunity to disarm/interupt/force target+detarget and 20% riposte with a 2 min recast at 50% reuse....everything about this ability is just crap by comparison to everything else.

    ~Unstoppable-1 minute cooldown between effects seems a bit much, maybe lower to 45s, would make it more useful without overpowering.

    ~Adrenaline-50% heal from all damage recieved and then it drains your power....swap it back to flat 50% damage reduction, with no other changes, won't be game breaking or nearly as OP as it was cried about being when it originally released.
  20. Netty Member

    Agree with most. But tbh 50% damage reduction on adrenaline again would be OP... Remove the power drain and change Adrenaline rush into adding 2% damage reduction per point would be nice... As the heal does kinda much nothing for you other than solo...
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