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Discussion in 'PvP & Battlegrounds' started by Caith, Nov 17, 2014.

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  1. Caith Developer


    Now that Altar of Malice has launched we are starting a round of focused feedback changes. We're looking for feedback on anything you find frustrating, annoying or think could be better.

    These are intend to focus mostly on Quality of Life adjustments and things that make the game more fun to play. We also welcome specific instances of balance concerns.

    We'll be keeping these threads opened for a bit while we gather your feedback and then look into making adjustments.

    Update: We will be keeping all focused feedback thread open until January 5th, 2015 at which point we will be locking the threads to move onto the next phase.

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  2. Trasor Active Member

    From my understanding of your above statement, we are looking to provide ideas that make the game more fun to play from a general pvp perspective, a general class perspective, or a class specific perspective, or all 3?

    For example, a general pvp perspective I would like to see overland writ givers and potentially a warzone warfield that tracks kill totals every hour/other hour, as well as making lower level zones not carnage flagged for entering. A general class perspective I would like to see no immunities from stifle/stun for priests/mage all the time, granted I think some classes aren't properly triggering immunities and I think that the immunities may need to last longer. A class specific perspective is like giving Deadly Dance PvP Taunt Immune or something.

    Just trying to clarify. Any way to utilize the battlegrounds warzone to tap into a larger population for an open-world pvp feel is greatly appreicated.

    Thanks Caith.
  3. Creasote Well-Known Member

    Open world pvp incentives on Nagafen, some ideas would be:

    • More leveling experience in the new contested zones (Brokenskull and ossuary).
    • Pvp rewards in the new contested zones. Similar to the New Tunaria Warzone: chests with tokens, adornment drops from named mobs.
    • Add a roaming writ giver with a reward similar to the Warzone to the Tranquil Sea. Remove pvp writ givers from guild halls.
    • More no fly zones in the Tranquil Sea and Kylong plains around the WF towers.
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  4. Tippysaurus Active Member

    Remove the Warfield towers. Make rewards based off of PVP instead of PVE. Make a HOT AREA in a zone where token rewards for kills are exponential. Add auto-refreshing PVP writs only in Warfield zones.

    Also many mechanics changes are needed to curb major lag during large scale PVP fights. Remove Green Adornment XP from PVP combat and remove XP from PVP combat for starters.
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  5. Thetmes Active Member

    Off the top of my head without being able to log in and look

    Channeler pet ability Backlash ( or something like that ) increases toughness of group by xxxx when target of interception dies for xx sec needs to be adjusted since toughness is no longer a viable stat would like to see a group stone skin or mit/resist increase for the group for it. It was pretty worthless even when toughness was a viable stat but the diss cost was not worth it so that may need to be looked at also. Will look when I can log in and give more info unless someone else can put it up here before I can.
  6. Darksanity Member

    Pls do not screw up the pvp we have atm, now I understand there are a few adjustments that need to be made.. But atm pvp is sooo exciting, I haven't had my adrenaline pumping this good in a long time in pvp.. Right now with DPS and new prestige end lines, anyone is killable. Mages can die to scouts and scouts can easily die to mages.. Tanks and Healers arent the big dogs anymore and unkillable.. LOVE the fact any fight I enter could be a win or loss..

    That being said there are a couple things that need looked at, right now the 100% immunity to stun and stifle Adorns are completely crazy OP.. The 50% isn't to bad cause there is a 50% chance to lose or to win cause of it, which is how the game should be, NO ONE should go into any fight knowing the outcome. Blasting Adorns do need to be toned down a little but lets not make them worthless again. Double Cast on mages and Double Up on Brigand needs adjusting cause the 2nd hits in those abilities aren't following the 40% rule, the first hits are.. Warriors and Brawlers need a little love, the prestige line for Warriors is a joke for pvp, Brawlers DMG prevent and Heal need a little love but pls don't over do it..
  7. Trasor Active Member

    I like all of these suggestions, and can guarantee if a lot of them are made that a lot of players will come back!

    I will also repost my suggestions from my general fixes thread as indicated to do so.
  8. Thetmes Active Member

    List from another post lost in the forums adjust as needed though just some food for thought

    Remove the wanted posters as we have them now.

    Remove the writ givers from the guild halls and the cities

    Remove BG's from Naggy ( then from EQ completely as I am pretty sure if Naggy players were not allowed up there the 90-95 BG's would end up like the 30-89 )

    Bring back class sets of gear ( TSO sets ) and use that rule set for gear so that PvE gear is viable as well as PvP gear in PvP and you need both to be effective look at what was going on then it was the best mix of PvP gear and PvE gear working together.

    Put the tokens back on the writs and only 1 writ for 6 kills at a time have to hail writ giver to turn in and get new writ

    Put the writ giver back in the open world as it was during TSO

    Put merchant back in open world at a diff location in the same zone as the writ giver

    Put mount speeds back to pre 130%+ speeds

    Remove leapers, gliders and flying mounts

    Remove fast travel bells and click able druid rings/spire ( revert these back to ROK/TSO settings )

    Revert flight paths back to ROK/TSO settings also set back to the need to discover the post to be able to fly to it.

    Do these things and open world PvP will pick up it may never get back to what it was prior to the release of SF and the lv cap raise to 90 but doing these things would help

    I know allot of this would take allot of time to implement and what not but even if just a few of these were implemented ( some have to an extent as far as the armor goes still wish it was class sets but getting closer ) Things would pick up even more on Naggy than they have since the exp launch.
  9. Biotic Member

    - Move Warfields to the Nagafen Warzone, or Tranquil Sea and make it not about burning pve towers, also every hour would be a lot better. Something focusing around kills would be great.
    - Blasting's need to be reduced in PvP by around 50%, as long as they aren't doing 10% of someones parse i couldn't care less.
    - Brigands being able to double up Daggerstorm and having it hit for 700k+ on a single target is pretty ridiculous, this needs to be toned down.
    - The CC immune adorns need to be removed.
    - The mage prestige Unda Arcanus Spiritus needs to be looked at, a slight damage reduction would be very reasonable, as its instant cast and I've had it hit for 400k+.
    - Increase the amount of tokens per kill on Nagafen. 100 per kill, and having it not split between 6 people in a group would be nice, a minimum of 25 tokens per kill in a group is fine.
    - Make writs give the new tokens. Add a few writ givers in the new zones.
    - For a long time the Beastlord's Prestige ability Ralissk's Perception has accounted for around 20-30% of a beastlord's parse. This needs to be toned down. Why do they still have a 10 second stoneskin I have no idea......
    - Cleric's Heroic endline Perservance of the Divine is broken in PvP as it absorbs all damage for its duration and cannot be dispelled.
    - Warroirs Heroic endline Perfect Counter is also broken in PvP, same problem as the clerics, if we could just dispel them there's no need for anything else to be done.
    - Dirges could use some love, perhaps an increase to damage?

    All I can think of right now, but thank you for finally trying to address the PvP issues :).
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  10. Stylish Active Member

    Yes your blasting adorn hit us for 248K last night lol
  11. Biotic Member

    Which is why I asked for the damage to be reduced.
  12. Darksanity Member

    I agree with Biotic, move WFs to a smaller zone to force more pvp fights or move it to the new zones for lvl 95+.. But the only thing dmg wise that needs a nerf is Blasting Adorns just a little, Brig double up and Mages double cast by passing the 40% rule on 2nd+ hits.. As far as the CC stuff, the only one needs nerf is the 100% immunity items, the 50% immunity to CC creates a fun fight, if you remove it then we are back to Mezzers killing people with no challenge, just like this entire last Xpac..
  13. Talathionwins Active Member

    How about making Blast and Mending Runes only work on melee? Honestly, Assassins (also a T1 DPS class.) kind of suck in pvp because most melee sucks.

    Ranged Classes have a seriously used advantage atm compared to melee.

    Opt-in PvP system:
    Flags you for PvP.
    Earn Tokens from chests that drop from bodies.
    Makes you unable to fly, leap with mounts.
    Mount Speed reduced by 60% in PvP.

    I really miss SF PvP, was a lot more balanced.
  14. Deadlyfocus Active Member

    Hello Caith,

    Something to consider - Dagger Storm NEEDs to be melee instead of range, because every scout now is a Ranger and it defeats ranger class what so ever.

    1 Dagger Storm - Melee ( reduce damage ) ( also should no be working with Double up ) or instead of hitting for 500-600k it hits for 1.2 mil
    2 Blasting adorn - nerf ( it hits for 350k at times in pvp )
    3 Unda Spritus - hit my tank for 740k in 1 hit ( reduce damage )
    4 Beastlord - immunity to all damage seem like lasting for 10 sec( should not be working in pvp ) and they got 50% damage reduction for 20 sec ( should be reduced to 20% like ranger have for 8 sec )
    5 Rangers should have impenetrable ability work with CA
  15. Agares Member

    1. Brawler's Tenacity needs a change. It heals only 18.5% and can only proc once every 15 seconds. This ability rarely ever procs a second time due to its minimalistic heal...rendering the ability almost useless.
    2. Lighting Fist/Thunder Palm both need damage increases, they currently only hit for 2-3k points of magic damage in PVP.
    3. Tag team needs to heal more, and the dodge component needs to be displayed in the "maintained effects" window.
    1. Outward Calm needs a ward improvement. This ability warded for 66k in CoE and now wards for nearly 80k. In CoE the average person had about 60k HP, in AoM the average person have 800k HP.
    2. Mend needs to heal more in PVP
    3. Everburning Flame needs to do something worthwhile in pvp; perhaps an increase to strikethrough or accuracy
    1. Inner Focus is not proccing in PVP
    2. Increased damage to Vicious Combination in PVP
    3. Increased duration of drag in PVP (to the original 4 second duration as it is in PVE)
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  16. Agares Member

    1. Offensive Stance needs to have a greater effect in PVP; currently there is no real value to switching between defensive and offensive stance in PVP.
    2. Recklessness needs to be banned from PVP use.
  17. Agares Member

    1. Double-Up needs to have restrictions. I suggest changing the ability to a degree where a "double-up'd" combat art cannot exceed 40% of a foe's life. Currently a Brigand can double-up "Dagger Storm" and take 80% of another players life(this happens nearly every cast of the spell.)
    2. Safehouse should work in PVP as Brigands have no "legitimate" defensive temps.
    3. Beg for Mercy seems to not be reducing damage properly.
  18. Liav Active Member

    We need toughness to be on gear again. Right now, damage is out of control in PvP and it is absolutely not fun. Every single mage and scout has the ability to two shot another player, and it's kind of tiresome having matches determined solely by spike dps.

    Also, by nerfing toughness and lethality AND allowing blue adorns on PvE gear, you have now done the OPPOSITE of eliminating gear separation by allowing PvE gear to reign supreme in PvP. It's like SF all over again.

    Please actually think before you decide to radically change itemization again, because it's outright ******** right now.
  19. Agares Member

    Dirges: Where is the love????
    1. Need a MAJOR damage increase, possibly a 50% damage increase.
    2. Chime of Blades needs an increase in damage in PVP, or an interrupt proc.
    3. The lethality and toughness buffs that were given to Dirges are now useless, hence an increase in DPS would be greatly appreciated.
    4. Melee buffs need to be STRONGER in PVP to be on par with troubadours.
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  20. Raacs New Member

    Lots of CA's are being able to cast through Assassins aa Impenetrable this has been broken for some time, would be cook to see it working as intended. Give us some love
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