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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Xelgad, Nov 14, 2014.

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  1. Cleaner Active Member

    Coercers are awesome and VERY needed with this xpac, you learn who to used your new rotations and get the stats you need. you will see the difference. like i said in a post Mimicry is OP if used correctly. i parsed 9MiL on my coercer the other night.
  2. Cleaner Active Member

    if you spec right you would never need the warlocks buffs and should NEVER get the warlocks buffs, secondly you should be parse chasing the warlock. your spec and spell rotation must be ancient if your still casting Lifeburn that is outdated. i use it for a filler spell now. sounds like you need to do some research on your class and forget the "OLD" ways. _u must unlearn what you have learned_ -Yoda
  3. Cleaner Active Member

    im curious to see what your next phase is :) i know everyone is confused with the stat changes / reforging system with the new gear its all over the place. and not one of the set bonus's from the purple adorns benifit the casters that REALLY needs to be revamped. Doublecast should be in with CB and Potency adorns. Not just DPS. or at least include them in different set options to the one slot adorn (doublecast)
  4. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    No melee business for coercers anymore I beg you. I love my Unda and I want every casting perk given to us an any other damage mages have. Double cast of dots, increase damage of initial ticks, ranged autoattack to 2.0 and etc.
    If I need to melee i can get in but i rather get my Unda going every time it's up.

    And I don't want run in and out like an idiot when all other classes have their static positions they chose.
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  5. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    Mimicry is awesome if you know who to cast it on and when as Cleaner said. But we corcers need additional love, not just illys. They constantly outparse coercers. It shouldn't be a case. These two subclasses should have equal output on damage. Think about it, devs!
  6. Vexrm Member

    Copying from another thread.

    Item procs can still hit mezzed targets. Asking the whole group to remove encounter procs is annoying, time wasting, and near impossible.

    Procs shouldn't hit mezzed targets.

    Also mez shouldn't trigger procs.
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  7. Iseous Active Member

    Warlock's Dark Infestation: The dot portion cancels if the pets are triggered.
  8. ChanterX New Member

    The end game illusionist needs attention...
    1. Channeled Focus is not used for many reasons
    2. Time Warp and Time Compression are becoming more and more irrelevant with current Raid gear and reforging, most casters can hit 100 % recovery/reuse with little effort.
    3. Time warp/ Time compression should also add additional crit chance and/or spell WDB similar to the bards Requiem
    4. The new AoE's are nice but considering every other caster gets new AoE's as well we are still in the same boat as far as overall DPS.
  9. Astrolabe New Member

    I feel like this may be beyond the scope of what you're looking for, but take a serious look at the role of enchanters. This is especially true of coercers. Their buffs aren't powerful enough to be desirable in a group over other utility classes, dps is terrible, charm almost never is allowed where it would be useful, crowd control is generally not even desirable in the current game. Also, hate management is not necessary, our mana regen has been weakened significantly. Coercer safe just really in a sad state. They're just no fun. That's why there's almost no feedback here on them. There's almost no one left playing them.
  10. Kalika Well-Known Member

    You really need to work much on necro and on conjurers too.

    Currently on necro almost everything is broken :

    Lifeburn => I'm considering giving up with that, ticking for around 2million when soulburn may land for 12 m and with my wand firing for 1,6m. On top the hp drain is so heavy that i can barely heal myself, even if my hord is up.

    Spirit stones => lol ... 3 charges and when trying to refill i get a soul for a filled stone that i never use ...

    Swarms : they should stay as long as some opponent is up, currently on trash they are almost useless.
    They do may be 10% of my dps, and I wonder probably if I was using just my fast reload nuke, soulburn , my big dot
    and some drain to fill + my green aoe my dps would be higher. Possibly casting those dudes is a dps loss.

    Prestige : We all double specced, the right prestige is ridiculous, tested on dummy many times used the final with max increments => pathetic.

    New prestige : the pet immunity is indeed nice but make it last 5 seconds, the final AOE is nice but all mages get it.

    Currently I could use like 5-6 spells : dot, nuke, left prestige dot/nuke, et lifeburn, green closed aoe
    and stuff to fill in (drains, bats, theurgist detonation)...
  11. Olli New Member

    can you let me know your name of coercer in game see where my stats are in comparison please xx
  12. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    Coercers are good if played right. But you are correct about our dps. Too weak. We need it up at least on par with illusionists. We need something like TW for our Unda which we all get as mages. Double cast increases its damage. As I said initial ticks of our dots need increase. And all dots should dc.

    Blinding shock is good aoe but with too short range it needs at least 20 meters. It says 10 meters but actually you have to be within 9 meters from target. Not good at all.
    Soercers have range of their spells up to what 35 meters? Correct me plz soercers.
  13. arturos Active Member

    I would totally agree with the statement of our buffs are not as needed as they once where. Hate management for coercers is not as needed, the casting stuff that illies bring to a group can be marginalized as well by gear. As a utility class we should be doing less dps i get that, but give us a bit of a bump to what makes our utility actually needed. As for our dps in raids im happy with what im doing. I can pull numbers and i can do some of the little things and on power drain fights sure i have a need but thats about it.
  14. ruthless619 Member

    The only one who has no idea of what they are talking about is you. Clearly the game you are looking for is SoloQuest.
  15. Ranga Active Member

    My coercer does too but it is not consistent and somewhat situational. Not helped by the fact that any crit can be L, F or M. If you are lucky you will get a myth doublecast but not often of course.
  16. Wreakinn Member

    How about you grow up and try to add something useful to the thread?

    Here is a fact for you: the devs know that a large percentage of the playerbase solos. I know that this might be a difficult concept for you to grasp, but that is why they created *gasp* the solo/advanced solo zones. Wake up, cupcake. It's not 2006 anymore, there aren't that many people to group with on some servers, and some of us just like soloing anyway.

    Or let's try facts from your end:
    • What evidence do you have that the earth pet is useful in any circumstance, save in a group without a tank with a full compliment of buffs to keep it alive (to run ToV zones, maybe)? I have provided several examples.
    • What evidence can you provide to show that a pet buff would make us op? I didn't ask for a x4 raid pet to solo group zones with; I asked for a functional earth and air pet. There is NO reason to use either right now.
    • Level and class of your conjuror, please. I would be astonished if you've played one at all. No one in their right mind who knows the class would say anything other than "the earth and air pet are useless".
    The earth pet and scout pet in this game are useless, broken, and no one has used them for a long time. To make matters worse, supposedly the damage reduction doesn't even work on the new pet. I have 4-5 people backing me up about that fact in this thread alone.

    Go play Project 1999 if you want lame, useless and underpowered pets. I get it, you're still in love with spending a week just grinding out one level and having to complete heal a pet then regen for mana for 5 minutes after every kill. If you really want a challenge, stop trolling/acting like a stubborn 70 year old, quit this game and go read a book. Those of us who would like to see actual improvements (hopefully this includes the devs) will ignore your comments, as I'm going to do from now on.
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  17. Cleaner Active Member

    for me consistency seems to be group based if i group with my favorite wizzy all the time its pretty darn consistent. so far im staying in the 4-8mil range.usually 3rd or 4th on parse depending on group makeup , but the numbers are not very spread out we all tend to be a 300-500k apart.
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  18. Cleaner Active Member

    I think ALL mages would agree with me on this.

    Focused Range attacks, are magic attacks and should be based off "Spell double attack" NOT "Flurry" this is as backwards and dysfunctional mechanic as you can have in the game.

    basically if you want mages doing melee wand attacks.
    Dps stat - reasonable
    Haste / spell casting should be effected by incombat movement speed.
    MA- works fine as is.
    Spell double cast should effect the ranged spell weapons double attack Not flurry.
    Accuracy- should boosted off of % of focus abilities say for every 100 focus converts to 5 accuracy. (this compensates for Mage build Melee skill losses)
    Adornments with Spell Weapon Damage on them to make up for the potency tradeoff on gear itemizations.
    Melee Primary weapon attacks should work as all melee does. This helps Mages that Benifit from up close melee.
    There are probably more things that need to be looked at but reforging will compensate for alot of stat movements, but some of the options we need are not available.
    the AOM master-crafted gear not being Reforgable is a HUGE and ridiculous disaster. i would be band for life for posting how i really feel about this issue. It enrages me just thinking bout how poorly planed and executed this was, 8 rares to boot LMAO what punch in the lowers this was.
    2 options per class-No one needs 2-300 reuses speed and going with casting speed cuts you way out of ability modifier. there are worse issues with scouts versions but still Master Crafted outfitters got the shaft bigtime.
  19. Oculus New Member

    As has been said by a few others, Coercers need some help. DPS numbers continue to slide to near the bottom of the parse.

    Doublecast does not benefit the Coercer as it does other mages. I have several suggestions that may help the class be more enjoyable/fun to raid on.

    - Coercer self buff that Doublecasts reactives for 5 secs, reusable every 45 sec.
    - Coercer Singular focus enhancement that adds substantial amount of Flurry.
    - Add an extra reactive tick into Dirge buffs similar to the Troubs extra DoT tick.
  20. Daray Well-Known Member

    Oh a wizard addendum I forgot about on page 1.

    Fiery Blast - Any chance we can have this made instance cast/recovery, so that it is more friendly to our dps chain. As it is now, we are stuck with a choice of either wasting time on FB or wasting time on temps such as spellbind. Focused Casting doesn't suffer from this problem.
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