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Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Xelgad, Nov 14, 2014.

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  1. Raistlyn Active Member

    That's the etyma merchant right? Guess I overlooked it cause I didn't see anything particularly useful when I checked what I could get with my 300 etyma. Also what would the point of using the 96 version be then? or do they stack?
  2. Silzin Active Member

    I am pretty sure they do not stack, and the 96 version "Should" have something additional to it.
  3. Silzin Active Member

    Edit: just looked it is not on the merchant, guess it is dropped in ToV group or Solo zones.
  4. Raistlyn Active Member

    okay, Ive done a couple of the solo zones but theyre still fairly slow at my gear level (mostly crafted with a few SLR 100 pieces)
  5. Shanoi Member

    I have been hearing a number of tanks complaining about agro in AoM, and have certainly noticed this on my paly. It seems as though maintaining agro has become much more difficult now. Worse yet is trying to snap a mob off of a caster that 'accidentally' pulls an add into a fight. While single-target is and always has been a non-issue on the paly, with all of the encounters and AE-crazy set-ups I am rolling across it is making tanking much less fun.

    Since I have bothered to log in to post, please also give paly DPS some love.

    Thanks again.
  6. Komenuka New Member

    Most of Fighter's CAs (expect Taunt CA ) have too low damage .
    Now Fighter loves only critical bonus ,and hate potency.
    Fighter's damage CAs are Useless !!
    I'm sad !!
  7. Estred Well-Known Member

    Yeah that's why I said I would like to see CB/Potency values reduced across the board and instead more power be put to CA's as they scale through the game. Put the power in the players, not their armor.
  8. Dauvien Member

    Agree with this. It would be one less item to look at so I can enjoy the game more vs staring at a wall of meters & hotbars all the time worrying about the timing. Started playing a caster recently and I rather like their spell weapon casting. While I enjoy this game (been my boomerang game for 10 years), I've noticed playing other MMOs with out the timing requirement its been more enjoyable from a combat perspective (more focus on selecting the proper combat arts based on the situation and enjoying the overall art/graphics of the experience).
  9. Arclite Well-Known Member

    I have said this many times before and it is only fitting that i voice my concern again...The game has become so dps orientated that once classic "take a beating and hold the target in place while others kill it" role is still applicable in its premise but has lost all its essence.

    I really miss the days when the only way to dps on guardian was to spec STA line and go all buckler but at the expense of defense or spec for double attack (now known as multi-attack) etc. Then the epic weapon was introduced to give you the advantage to be in dps while rocking a tower shield. This all made sense. But now, the incredible stat inflation and i think SOE will soon need to add a second page to item description since blue stats keep on hogging the space.

    I would like to see aggression/potency to affect our taunts more and be a key stat again. It saddens me to see weapon damage bonus and crit bonus are important for tanks, especially cb. They should be factored in such a way that it is not critical to any tank class but something of an additional benefit like crit chance was way back in the day.

    In way of "focused feedback" -- Any chances of looking at sentinel (guardian) ability and updating to match the current content level demand? May be an AA ability to replace something as redundant as 3% flurry in the guard tree?

    Like not making it a mage/healer only effect with range increased to 15 meters and raidwide.
    adding a damage reduction component to it. Like 1% per rank increment.

    or making the damage type all damage type and not just physical type with a % chance to proc on incoming damage based on ally's health (if the damage is more than 50% of ally's current hp)

    I can suggest a few more but really would help if there is a comment or two on what will be looked at during this time around.
  10. duckster Active Member

    Please look at giving bruisers a viable spot in raid !
  11. Genghes Active Member

    Bruisers have a spot in raid. The class can effectively mt or ot
  12. Lews New Member

    Not sure if I read you right, but do you want these to trigger on lower damage? That doesn't sound good to me, as that would make it harder to use them as a counter to one-shots / damage spikes.
  13. Lews New Member

    My two main issues would be:

    1. Plate tanks need higher mitigation numbers or mitigation increase % on the armour pieces in AoM
    2. We need an innate way to improve melee hitrates (besides running around in scout gear). I would suggest revamping the virtually useless offensive stance, and/or adding weapon skills to the defensive jewelery
    This from the perspective of a Shadowknight and raid off-tank.
  14. Clevemo Active Member

    Guards - Battle Cry change buff from mitigates physical damage to mitigate all types of damage.
  15. Legionair Member

    I agree with most of your post... Except 1 thing. Hateful respite being a 1 tick damage i really dont think the 25% being reduced is beneficial because since its a 1 tick damage blocker I personally would find it more useful stopping a harder hit vs a smaller one. Especially in tough fights with 1 shots. Lowering further raises the chance of wasting the ability too soon if a hard hit aka 1 shot is imminent.

    However i would like to see that aoe damage/taunt activated instantly instead of upon termination.

    But i fully agree with Touch of Death being reduced in % so its more useful since that ability is based on a duration not a tick.
  16. Estred Well-Known Member

    To add to this could we maybe get something like this done to Call of Shielding? Right now the "Defense" stat is very weak and only benefits Shield-Fighters. Like I would like Resistances added to Call of Shielding.
  17. Clevemo Active Member

    Increase bonuses of Call to Arms in terms of the current weapon skills or future weapon skills requirements.
  18. Estred Well-Known Member

    I think a lot of Fighter buffs are out-dated. Call to Arms having Accuracy or Strikethrough would be nice. Given how abysmal hit-rates in AoM seem.
  19. Mahgnus Member

    Yes, Touch of Deaths at 60% is way to high; It should be reduced to at least 25%. If a reduction in the % does occur, it will increase in its effectiveness. A 25% threshold in no way would reduce its current effectiveness, only increase it.

    I wasn't able to edit the post afterwords due to me mistakenly posting the original post before it was finished >.<

    However, I do agree after the fact that 10% would indeed be too low after some testing I've done in the new x-pac. 25% is roughly around 750Kish give or take buffs.
  20. xkrisx Well-Known Member

    I wonder whats going on behind the curtains currently. Lots of good feedback and huge posts that havnt been disputed or argued about. Curiouse to know what they plan to implement and so forth.
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