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Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Xelgad, Nov 14, 2014.

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  1. Clevemo Active Member

    I liked many of Karnoz's suggestions. The most frustrating thing for me this expansion has been the lack of DPS. I've survived well enough at this point, but my hit rates are absolutely junk 50%-60% from the front. The NERF to Focused Offensive was a disappointment.

    I realize that the hit rate can be increased through the gain of weapon skills and/or accuracy then I'm forced to weakened myself defensively because I'm adorning weapon skills all over the place instead of resists or reforging for accuracy instead of hate gain, strikethrough or DPS mod. Hate/DPS have been a real issue to start the expansion. I'm sitting at 100% hate gain in raid, but anything lower and the DPS classes get dangerously close to ripping aggro. I don't see myself being effective when there are classes doing 30 million DPS and I'm less than 2 million.

    Not sure if this idea has been shared but Battle Hardening and the purple rune that gives 3500 reduction to damage are worthless and unused. These ought to be damage reduction (%) values instead of static numbers. Perhaps .5% per AA point ... the purple rune no more than 5% all damage.
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  2. Clevemo Active Member

    Adding additional triggers to Stoneskin abilities from master -> grandmaster would be helpful and the idea about allowing the chat to parse what ability created the stoneskin on the tank is a very good idea because right now we rely on the spell timer window to watch for when the ability ends instead of preventive casting / overlapping.
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  3. Talathionwins Active Member

    Offensive Stance could give the same hitrates from the front as it does the back.
  4. Malleria Well-Known Member

    Can Bruiser/Monk ability Tag Team be given immunity to strikethrough too? Or immunity to whatever-stat-lets-you-hit-through-it. Running across some mobs hitting hard enough to one shot and managed to melee me even with Tag Team going.
  5. Corydonn Well-Known Member

    Dodge Chance used to ignore Strikethrough, Odd if that was changed.
  6. Malleria Well-Known Member

    That's what I thought, and it's worked well until tonight. I went into Ssraeshza Temple [Heroic] and the earthen behemoth was hitting me (crush) through Tag Team :(

    His incremental buff was giving him 100% strikethrough, so that's the only thing I can figure unless it has some hidden effect.
  7. Genghes Active Member

    You're right though, I've noticed getting hit through tag team due to strikethrough. It should eliminate st when active.
  8. Mahgnus Member

    Thats a typo in red, I didn't notice it in time before I lost edit rights. Divine Favor in red, is meant to be Divine Aura like in the sub title. To many damgum divine names!
  9. Talathionwins Active Member

    I think "all" 50% thresh hold fighter abilities need changed. Honestly.

    Executioner's Wrath, and Executioner's Fury needs to be the new Criticals, not the old ones we are far-capped on though.
  10. Kalika Well-Known Member

    I agree with your comment on the paladin, i asked similar changes.

    For Divins Aura I wanted inc damage to be equal to Max(0, 3/2( Damage - MaxHP/2)) making the incoming damage continous and DA usefull for hits above HP pool over 2.

    I would turn Lay on hand into a 4 second "hibernation" that would trigger at 5-10% or on expiration.

    It seems to me that allied prayer is like bloodletter it increase by 2% of 30% .... it should be a flat 2% (10% with 5/5).

    AA affecting our heal are outdated, they affect the casting (to the base casting)...
  11. Ansom Active Member

    Some feedback..

    Most AA point are... trash. Are just old, very very old. Typical AA setup is "i need to place 40random point for use this nice ability".

    But the big problem is the (i really hope..) lack of communication from the class balance responsable, and the Mob damage type/stats responsable. To me seems like two divorced! Is very frustrating.. For exemple monk have many ability working only again physical dps.. And the ability for the magic stuff is broken/old dated.
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  12. Sure Active Member

    My main is an SK, from an SK pov the main stuff I want seems to revolve around wanting more innate abilities that can break out of control effects rather than have to rely on war rune procs or other hard scripted effects to pass. Personally I just find being not able to do anything annoying rather than a challenge, my only option is to wait.

    From a more fighter general thing, I think it is high time, stuff like rescue/sneering assault and any class specific snaps actually had their range changed to much more realistic distances, like 35-60m, because running after idiots or pets that are a mile away never gets old, while the name or what ever face shreds the grp or raid. Most class deaggros seem to have an OK range like 15m to 35m so why not the basic fighter snaps. I think pretty much every class but fighters over the years has had ever increasing ranges/sizes of aoes, but fighter snaps have remained almost smack it in the face distance.

    Put in some real fighter bows in game, I want something I can hit with from 50-100m ranges to pick apart the zones more efficiently, give us cross-bolt bows that require herculean strength to use on a 15 second to 20 second base reuse or something like it. I don't want to be hearing offers from people with pets, 'want me to pet pull that'... cos that often ends up with zone pull inc.
  13. Mahgnus Member

    Do you not spec for Aura of the Crusader?
  14. Clevemo Active Member

    Make sure that EVERY ability that has a master level also has a grandmaster level that makes it better.
  15. Vapur Member

    Currently the lv52 spell 'Stone Deaf' is not researchable using the (K)nowledge book. The ability description does not even list that it can be upgraded, but 'lo and behold there is a recipe for it. I managed to snag the only Master copy listed on my server's broker to make (and disco) the Grandmaster. I don't know what everyone else is going to do, because you can't upgrade it any other way. This is the only class where I've seen this discrepancy.
  16. Sure Active Member

    Yes... I was talking specifically about things that can not be broken out of, like incurable status effects/curses, relying on proc immunities isn't a good mechanic, or wearing two items of gear to get 100% immunity isn't a gear choice its mandatory, if its mandatory it should be a skill, it should be passive or active on demand, either would fix the issue.
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  17. Kalika Well-Known Member

    I'm alway terribly upset when scripts prevent me to use it
  18. Mahgnus Member

    Ah, ty for the clarification; I agree with what you stated above.
  19. Raistlyn Active Member

    I also agree with the status effect problem. I almost stopped playing my berserker because I liked aura of the crusader... then I did the same content on my pally that I was doing on the berserker and... everything was incurable. The berserker can at least survive while stunned even if he cant do anything. But these loss of control mechanics are incredibly prevalent in melee and seem to be too often to me.

    It is incredibly frustrating and unfun to not be able to consistently break out of them in some way with how commonly they appear. I was told there is some 1600p purple adorn with a 50% chance to resist these effects, I guess that's my best bet? (which still sucks imo)
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  20. Silzin Active Member

    You can also get last years model of Astral Dominion from the drake adorn merchant in Vesper Isle. But it will take a currency that only from in that xpac and in DF.
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