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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Penta, Sep 5, 2015.

  1. Veta Well-Known Member

    reKt, poor face >.<
  2. Veta Well-Known Member

    Eni... you know who that is and hes just trolling :p
  3. Laserbeak Member

    Idk.. My thoughts exactly... I got close to mogirm a few times in raid last night, then I realized what was happening, friend darkon.... THIS STUPID THREAD IS MAKING HIM SANDBAG... I move for immediately deletion of this thread in the name of saving us RAID TIME!
  4. Belton Member

    I'd also like to point out. He has such a bloody ****** right now. 1. He's made the officers slob on his knob and dislike me. That's not even an issue until darkon logs in and tells me the slanderous stuff what's said about me:p
    2. As home said he's so scared about his class getting nerfed he's sandbagging (slowing down his dps).

    Tl;Dr mogrims a crying *****. He's bad and I got demoted because everyone ganged up on him in this thread. Gg son. Please respond mogrim we want to see your next logical response fuckboi!
  5. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    I'm surprised this thread hasn't been closed.

    Belton is trolling mogrim so hard I can barely stand reading it any more. Last I checked there was forum rules against this and I'm surprised if you haven't gotten urself a warning by now.

    Homex if you would have the 3 scout eths as Mogrim has his mage eths you wouldn't be sweating keeping up with him, I expect. The bow itself is uber!
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  6. Mogrim Well-Known Member

    Kaaria streamed raids last night. If anyone has any doubts as to how bad and toxic Belton is, just watch the first 2 hours.
    I don't even need to retort. Just watch Belton and that is all you need to see.

    Also, lol @ me turning everyone against you, when it was a friend of yours in guild who called Darkon (unbeknownst to me) mid-raid to essentially demand you be removed.

    So yeah.

    TLDR - Belton claims that I have stacked the game against him. That it is my fault he cannot do what other Conjurers can do, that it is my fault the rest of Fatality hates him, and that it is my fault he was demoted and no longer allowed to raid with us. He probably also thinks it is my fault he cannot execute scripts/red texts.


    Belton wiped us to Grimlings more than all other mage failures combined.
    Belton was benched multiple times for wing 3 in ToV due to his inability to execute scripts.
    Belton has devoted more time to trash talking those ahead of him in the game than self improvement.
    Belton's performance has continued to worsen, to the point where he is no longer allowed to raid in Fatality - Darkon's decision supported unanimously by the entire officer team.
  7. Genghes Active Member

    How boring would this thread be if none of that happened....
  8. Mrmacky Active Member

    It'd be a thread about sour grapes that's what it would be.
  9. Laserbeak Member

    Shrug I dont know about all that.. mattx has bow.. dont see him spanking the parse either.. but both of our gear cant hold a candle to mogrims thats for sure.
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  11. Genghes Active Member

    Hrm feeling left out.... I wanna go sour grape mode.... I can only do 20mil dps, nerf warlocks!
  12. Anunnaki Active Member

    No one reads these threads. They don't care about a bunch of whiney mages or Fatalitys dirty laundry.
  13. Belton Member

    I'm gonna save the colors for Vetas sake. <3 you friend

    Yeah? Watch the first two hours. Watch Kaaria Lose agro to our Brig on Protector of Bones. Watch Mogrim try to raid lead us through Oss. A usual 15-20 minute zone for us took us TWO hours. Please be my guest=) And yeah you'll see me jumping around on POB Myth auto attacks too good i guess =/(no troub also is a factor.)

    Yo. Please stop. Like i said before I don't play to make friends nor do i care enough. I come in Blow **** up and raid to progress not boost my own ego. Who was the friend? I'd love to know since you want to be the bearer of bad news. or another empty fact from you again?

    BTW Tldr doesn't apply if you're summary is longer than your original points. JFC learn to use acronyms

    Er...... My numbers are on par with the rest of the top end conjies around the world so again. what you said makes no sense. GG doe.

    Mogrim likes to cry.(That's a given=) )
    Mogrim likes to make things up. (I've failed Grems 2-4 times? in an 8 month span. Least i'm man enough to admit to my faults {{We'll get into that in a couple lines}}. Vualk I failed multiple times while i was learning the script. (I took an 8 months hiatus so yeah i was rusty from raiding Try again though) I wish i got the dream group like you and got cheatah and was able to run through my portal and kill the mob in 10 seconds. Remember when i did it with no power Rez sick? Oh yeah. Forgot.. Remember when you tried to play the Piano on Maestro? You kept ******* up? what did you blame it on? ******* Earthquake. That's right ladies and gents. Mogrim couldn't hit the keys because "his screen was shaking and it was caused by earthquake" Not even going to comment on your 3rd line because it's bogus LOL I'll start a new line for this next one.

    Mogrim has cried so hard, to the point where he has given Darkon the biggest headache of his life.(Yes i was demoted. Why? Because Darkon was out last night. Because Anastaise accused me of clicking the DPS buff? So i set her straight? Because your PMS ****** has gotten out of hand and Darkon rather not have to listen to you ***** and cry any longer?)

    Mogrim you are a class A jack ***. How many people have you chased out of fatality? 5? 6? and that's in the last year that i have been there. Guess what buddy. I'm not the one. You can round up all the officers you want and convince them of wrong doing. BUT who has rage quit out of guild more times than anyone? Yep that's you buddy. Remember when you raged out because Holgo and Darkon switched roles for one fight? You sit here and claim that it was unanimous but last i checked Reesie ******* hates you. Remember what you did there? Ana dislikes me because i continually put her on blast and you know what that's fine =p it's funny because i've seen the tells you send to people about her. Anyway. Last and Final point.

    First off Sorry Veta.

    Remember When you said this? Well... I guess what you say is 100% truth right.

    Untill next time fukboi!
  14. Mogrim Well-Known Member

    Kaaria was ripping aggro, not losing it. However, your ripping aggro was the biggest problem we were having on that fight. To the point where we told you to stay dead because you couldn't figure out how to handle the mechanics of the game. One **** up we'd forgive. Two, we'd roll your eyes. But when you **** up as much as Belton, you get told to either stay dead or not attack anything. Yeah. It's hard to clear zones when someone is performing so bad you can't tell if it is just a lack of skill or if they're actually intentionally sabotaging the raid. I sat there and said nothing as every other member of officer chat asked if you were actively TRYING to wipe us.

    1) If what you do is raiding to progress, you're doing it wrong. When you're parsing lower than the rest of our T1s and sometimes some of our utility, is it your desire to progress that causes you to continue to wear T1 gear and contribute no utility while also not spec'ing for self-UT? So that is a desire to progress, right? Not your ego.

    2) Think hard and you can probably figure out who called Dark. If you really can't figure it out I'll have him tell you himself. The words he used were "I know I defended this guy, but this is just too much. He needs to go, he's cancer."

    In context, the first statement was shortly after I created a new macro to try to consolidate the 1st TW call of a mob. This was largely by request of the utility, too. I noticed that none of the buffs were used in a particular cycle, so I asked. Notice I'm not raging or anything.

    The second statement was directed at you. Why? Because as I've said before, and I'll say it again. If you're not going to parse like a T1, then you better as hell contribute utility. Especially when you're more likely to be beat by our chanters on any given named parse than finish in the top 4. You're bad. I just don't know how else to say it. Everywhere we've been in the same guild, you've been bad. I honestly believe that I've only raided with one player, in all my days of raiding, that was worse at handling scripts than you. I have called you out here. Not because of my ego, but because YOU are the stick in the mud that makes it harder for a top guild to progress.

    I know you say it is your goal to progress. But it is also Fatality's goal to progress. And because your skills do not fit our needs, that is why you're not allowed to raid here anymore.

    So all your text above, and yet it still comes down to one thing. I'm sitting where I'm sitting, and you're the one who isn't allowed to raid here anymore. I'm the one who is bad and causes problems, but somehow I was so skillful at making you the scapegoat to the point where I am an officer and you're the one not allowed to raid. But remember, Belton. When we're about to start a difficult progression pull, what were those famous last words of Darkon? "Belton, I swear to god if you **** this up I'll ******* kick you from raid". I remember you being dropped from raids after countless times of ******* up right after statements like.

    I mean, it's a tradition, Belton. We nicknamed someone ******* up and killing the raid after you. We even nicknamed a person who constantly ***** up and kills the raid after you as well. I don't know what else to say, buddy. You say you're not here to make friends, but you also completely suck at this game, and your inability to execute scripts haven't helped us progress. So why WERE you here?
  15. Belton Member

    Nobody told me to stay dead. And guess what on the kill pull? I was alive. You ******* idiot. Still crying to make up facts which aren't true. Yep. Your logic is amazing bro. Because i logged in BECAUSE darkon asked me too. See picture below. Please if that's the case bring your crew of officer ******* in here to defend you mogrim. because right now. you are blindly talking out of your ***.

    lol. Everyone knows you raid to further your own selfish ambition which ever that might be. Gratz on posting the highest parses with 6 other players left. Must make you feel real good. On the Self-UT issue: See other attached picture.(haha both specs. ZING)

    I don't have to "think" hard because everything you say is ********. I don't really get how people still trust you lol.

    Bro. that picture was less than three months ago. You started your whole mimic ******** 6+ easily.

    Oh mogrim. Please. Here some fun facts and PROOF for you.(Parses from 8/6)
    (08:43) Ritual Keeper V'derin: 364832630 Liight-Temporal Mimicry-191879400
    Mogri | 44811010
    Belto | 38901902
    Ranja| 35665874
    Brig | 30341336
    Lock | 27321111
    Necro | 26311074

    (01:57) Inquisitor Soronigus: 452237241 Jokirr-Unda Arcanus Spiritus-372318737
    Mogri | 52131077
    Belto | 49425364
    Ranja | 44175300
    Brig | 40627275
    Lock | 34613706
    Necro | 33211634

    (01:43) Sacrificer Aevila D'Serin: 456844905 Mogrim-Unda Arcanus Spiritus-170748820
    Mogri | 57877483
    Ranja | 43926532
    Belto | 43598078
    Brig | 42744471
    Lock | 38239845
    Necro | 36093598

    (on a side note FC aint broke ^ Just look at these numbers)

    Must suck when everyone who rages out of guild is deemed a "mogrim" LOL. I rather me ******* up deemed a Belton than raging out of guild every sub 3 months being called a mogrim.I seem to remember last time you left you were demoted no? and all of a sudden more slobbing of the knob to become officer again. GG. As i've said before find someone better. And they can gladly app against me=)

    Hmm.. Every progression kill in AOM i was on. Remember when I was depended on to do the curse on the first name in AOM??

    LOL you are where you are sitting because you sit here and cry and whine to Darkon about me on a consistent nightly basis. He's fed up and i chose to take the road less traveled. I'd love for you to try the **** you pull here in Fatality in Rev or Sovin. Keep sucking Dick mogrim =)

  16. Alphonsus Well-Known Member

    So how long have you two been dating?
    Such a cute couple.

    Now get a room.
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  17. Mrmacky Active Member

    Mogrim can only join us if we rename the guild <Globo Gym>We're better than you, and we know it!

  18. Genghes Active Member

    I wanna be laser
  19. Aragost New Member

    Why do you guys have to be so mean to Mogrim hes just trying to make eq2 great again
  20. Belton Member

    He's like trump! lololol spewing idiocy! He has a small following but the rest know he's a raging clown! lel. #Mogrim2016