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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Penta, Sep 5, 2015.

  1. Anunnaki Active Member

    No... just no. They aren't moving away from CB, stop it. You can always tell the people who don't actually read threads.
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  2. Anunnaki Active Member

    I don't get beat by our Warlock on anything but massive AE trash burns (does anyone really care about those?), but I still recognize that FC is OP as all hell. Every T1 in the game cried for ETox to be nerfed, and they got their way, so I'm going to do my part in reciprocating the favor.

    If you don't think FC is OP, then it is *you* that doesn't know what they are talking about.
  3. Yards Well-Known Member

    How can you say in one sentence that you don't get beat by your warlock on anything and than on the next sentence say how that class is op. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't op mean that anyone can just go and smash buttons and win? I'd delete your post before too many people read it.
  4. Veta Well-Known Member

    Anunn, I hate to say this but it was kinda primarily your fault that ET got nerfed :p. This is why you do not make threads about changes on test, so people do not go looking into it. This is only true, if and only if, the feedback from other people saying to nerf actually made an impact.
  5. Anunnaki Active Member

    No, OP means that they have a buff that is multiple orders of magnitude better than anything else any other class gets. It's still a game, and its still people playing it, results may vary.
  6. Anunnaki Active Member

    I know, I know. Not a mistake I will make again, that's for sure.
  7. Belton Member

    We as a summoner core should beat you. <3 Annun
  8. Kham Active Member

    I still dont get beat by our locks, who are both very good. face raids with us on an alt at times, its geared well, as well as my ranger. he doesnt get the coordination or group support that hes prolly use to and most of the time im beating him. but this is only cuz combat mastery and final ability damage op plus ability reset and the double cast from the cloak gem all = op. i get combat mastery with group wide hempen halters on demand and the bard records for this, but thats just good coordination. now i will say that my ceiling is much lower and when we get avatar gear and such, i wont be able to compete with focus casting.
  9. Yards Well-Known Member

    illy casting first tw 45 seconds into the fight and every 1.5 to 2 min thereafter really does wonders for my parse kham...
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  10. Naga New Member

    Funny, i have read the whole thread, man you are so typical, broad arguments whit no facts.

    I can do that to, lets see.... Ok i think you like to wear broad rime purple hats whit a feather on the side. because i say so.
  11. Lare Active Member

    meaning you get all the buffs and group set up to maximise your dps!.

    Funny does that mean loc's are flawed and what shock horror buff dependent and suffer when your illy decides to watch a movie while raiding. Because if FC was OP then Kham would not be topping the parse even now.

    You cannot base the class on the absolute perfect situation when you have everything including skill and try and compare it to others in completely different situations. Balance is looking at how every class is played via totally different situations and play styles. Its like saying the summoners pets in time locked servers are OP nerfing them without looking at the consequences of what that would do to the normal servers kinda could break them.
  12. Kham Active Member

    Im not saying that loc dps is overpowerd. simply that multiplicitive gains based on the number and its infinate ceiling is going to be an issue going forward. Im pretty sure i can compete with almost any tier 1 lock in same gear / situations untill there is a certain number reached in base crit bonus and how its effected by the buff. i dont think it needs a nerf bat, but maybee a small change to have a ceiling or lowering the % and reusxe to lower the ceiling of its potential
  13. Lare Active Member

    So you are saying it needs changing because it scales? Even though you feel you are competing now,

    You kinda confirming my argument rather nicely thanks!
  14. Kioske Well-Known Member

    If you are not being beat by your warlock on anything but big AE fights, your Warlock isn't maximizing their class this expac. It's a fact that warlocks are top of the parse in every way shape or form. Just because your warlock isn't doing it, doesn't mean better warlocks are not.
  15. Lare Active Member

    Kioske, you making me laugh

    Khams talking about faceroller from rev. You know the one in Deray;s guild. Go figure :)

    and I know for a fact Face is one of the better ones.........................................
  16. Anunnaki Active Member

    If you read the whole thread, you would realize that the post regarding doing away from CB was a joke.
  17. Darkon Well-Known Member


    Never heard of them. Probably bad. If they're not beating all of your dps easily, then they're definitely bad.
  18. Enigma Active Member

    The only warlock that i know is bad is mogrim.
  19. Enigma Active Member

    There is no such THING as a OP summoner in the game.
  20. Lare Active Member

    Just because you dont know who they are is meaningless