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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Penta, Sep 5, 2015.

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    I love how mogrim is giving a speech about people barely being in guild due to them failing scripts when he fails to stay in the guild to even perform the scripts
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    For fun, a list of heroic named encounters I frequently visit where Fiery Blast yields a shorter encounter duration than Focus Casting through the "Burst ST target during AE encounter with a ST as the time-limiting factor" mechanic
    Dinos: 1*, 2, 3*, 4*
    Caldera: 1, 2*, 3*, 5*
    RoM: 3, 5
    High Hold: 1*, 2*, 3*
    Thresh Den: 1*, 3*, 4*
    RC Event: 1*, 3

    *indicates that the named encounter depends on "pull strategy"
    If the encounter is pulled alongside the trash preceding it, Fiery Blast will be "teh best skill eva"
    If the trash is cleared... not so much
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    I see what you did there.
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    Well for me personally, I'm tired of people trying to push us back into the pigeon hole of "summoners aren't t1 dps". We no longer have the utility, so instead of trying to force utility aspects back onto the class, why don't we reign in the runaway sorc classes and let skill determine who is on top of the parse for a change depending on the aspects of the fight itself.

    Summoners were the red headed stepchildren for years and have only recently had "some" of their needs met in dealing with pets. When the new eth's came out it made things even worse disparity wise unless you call having our pets Yell off an encounter as being a "bonus" perk for summoners and let's not even mention how bad the eth's are for chanters. Moving forward I can only hope when the Dev's make a new item effect they make them for chanters as well as summoners and not just sorcs.
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    This thread is proof that no one who makes decisions on these things actually reads these threads.
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    my 2 copper;

    yes , very hard to read for english peeps. sorry.

    i am a good wizard ? i cannot say. but i am in a top 10 guild raid. and in this guild : 1 good warlock, 1 good conju (stoped) , etc...
    - before tov : 50% i am first , but all T1 very close with me, and 40% i was second or tree. with conju or ranger.
    - tov : I was first or second. very close with warlock.
    -aom : warlock first, and far far away :assassin , wizard..., and after summoners. For summoners, it's crazy : with mimic, chanty dps more . we need rename mimic, fc....

    our best warlock stoped, but an apply warlock replace it. and nothing change. warlock 1 again.

    next release : warlock will doing 90% dmg and all other 10% ?

    all buff for warlock, warlock decide when we burst, and if fc reset, the group burst.....

    in reality, i cannot say why i play.
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    You play to make the warlock look good no different to that of the bard or the illy. Any good wizard knows that.

    Seriously though its not that bad. You have coercers and brigands to beat so all is not lost!

    Sorry I could not help myself.

    I have no issues seeing summoners top the parse and or be the dominate class for a while, was great back in POW when they could compete.

    Swings and roundabouts............ Issue is Warlocks are reliant on FC to compete and when raiding and put in the right environment do well. But put them in a heroic grp with nothing and a change FC and they will be parsing less than mimicing illies and coercers.

    Trying to balance one without looking at the whole of the game is kinda hard why the devs tend not to change this that often and wait till new expansions come out.

    Such as adding more stats to gear but reducing the maximum reforge numbers to ability mod on the mage cloth has given the summoners a much needed dps boost. Which happened with the new fable zones.

    my 2 cents
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    Shrug veta, I wasn't coming at you in anyway.. just had heard things... But that doesn't matter... Here's where I am at. Mogrim is a buddy of mine. we've been in multiple guilds together. He's an excellent warlock, prolly the best i've seen, haters say nay if you will.. But My true thoughts on this, is that Mogrim's ridiculous parses that literally double all our scouts and summs (and jokirrs for that matter) are not solely because of said players skill. I don't think that gap is purely made because of Mogrim's/other talented locks skillset.. But more because FC has scaled (like a base increase % does as stats go up with xpacs), to epic proportions that are not in line with what the other dps "ceilings" bring as a class.. And I know darkon agrees with me here.. because i'm slightly stealing what he said when we all discussed it in vent, maybe not verbatim.. But close..

    Anyways, FC definitely needs a nerf. Not of beastlord proportion, but a healthy one.. You know I firmly believe even at 50% he would still have no problems topping all the parses.. I know Mogrim doesn't agree with me here. But that's my person opinion.. Shoot.. he'd prolly almost win all at 40%. But I don't want to see them nerfed into the ground either like beastlord got nerfed... I just want fair..that's all.. warlock should not be beating predators/necros/wizards by double on single target fight.. that's not how it was in the past and not how it should be now. To me warlocks got their blood flowing when a nice grp encounter raid name showed up. but still being able to parse top 5 on a single target with wizard having the slight advantage there. Anyways, just my two cents.
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    Again you are talking about the end gear lock at the end of the expansion when everything is just burn burn burn.

    Loc's are extremely buff and group dependent. Just saying that the top end is the B all and end all of what each class is about is flawed!

    Especially as there is far far more players playing heroic and solo group content theses days, Removing or nerfing it will screw any thing else but the perfect raid geared top end player. screw the heroic or causal raid guild Loc to oblivion. I say get over it and wait to the next expansion.
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    That major of a nerf will hopefully never happen again. Beastlords were destroyed because of mechanic changes and a versatility loss. They lost pet procing and a primal slot all in one patch and were never compensated for it. Swarm pets were fixed in the meantime which helped sorcerors and summoners. Its not like a warlock will be getting a drastic change as the beastlord did.
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    Warlocks aren't getting any nerfs that I've heard about, although I'm glad the T1 and T1.5 DPS from the top 5 raid guilds all got together on this thread and worked out an acceptable nerf that would please you all. Why don't you just ask Mogrim to take off his three ethereal weapons (a nice self nerf) and leave the rest of us alone? Thanks.
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    This thread was entertaining but really pointless.

    The devs are not going to implement major changes to a class weeks before an expansion is due to come out.

    But for sake of argument, focus casting isn't the issue here. Its 1 mage ethereal that was ill conceived.
    And the crit bonus inflation.

    both of those things will be fazed out next expansion. By this time next year no one will be using that wand again.
    Has for the CB inflation issue, anyone can see the signs, daybreak is moving away from CB.

    Look at the recent gear, every piece has a lower CB to pot ratio, The new merchant doesn't have the salvo charm. And even Kander mentions moving away from CB.

    Focus casting is being corrected, without having to nerf it, and effecting the whole class.
    5 or 6 high end warlock are smoking the parse right now, good for them. They do not represent the warlock player base at all.
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    Every expansion has it's favored class, it just happens to be warlock. The same thing happens with tanks, healers, and utility....
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    1. I think people were more putting this together with thoughts towards the upcoming campansion, knowing its going to scale even more crazy with the almost guaranteed stat inflation associated with xpacs.

    2. Mogrim Doubled people before he had all three ethereals.

    3. Agreed. Genghes.. but.. its really been more than one xpac right? :)

    4. Veta, That's all I was trying to say.. no reason to nerf them by drastic means, the beastlord really took it no lube style. :p

    5. Its all just talk and tossing around ideas.. relax people.

    Can't we all just be friends? :)
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    Should see a good rangers parses if he knows his **** is going to reset and gets combat mastery during the final ability damage increase and that period, is all im saying.
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    also why hasn't faceroller chimed in on this conversation..... oh cuz hes not a whiney self promoting ***** who has to get his way or quit once a week mogrim style fagboi
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    So Khan by your standards your dammed if you comment and you can't talk for face or why he hasn't commented. Completely his call not yours.

    You still topping the parse in Rawr
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    I am sorry you are oblivious to the fact that good warlocks were still crushing people on parses before ethereals were a thing in AoM go look at flames. I have all 3 ethereals too and the only thing ethereals did was just increase the gap, only because they favor specific classes. Its not just a one person thing, the class has the highest ceiling in the game. Its not like warlocks only became the strongest class recently with the release of ethereals.
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    faceroller has posted a few comments the rest of the time was spent eating popcorn, and watching this troll thread attract every T1 who gets beat by a warlock and make some false statement claiming warlocks are so op as if they know what they are talking about.

    And Vetaxz is op don't let his posts fool you.