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  1. Belton Member

    Perfectly said.

    Also yes about Barrier. I dread everytime darkon asks me to change into that spec. 100% agree it should be a given ability.

    P.s Them colors just for you Veta Boo<3
  2. Mrmacky Active Member

    I don't enjoy reading beltons posts at all.... he keeps putting **** in the middle and i have to sit down and figure out what 4 letter words i could fill in.
  3. Anunnaki Active Member

    The point is classes shouldn't be balanced based on an item period. My desire for the item is irrelevant. I'm not going to get into how bad this item is for summoners, there are already threads on that. I understand that these effects are going to skew the class balance, but it shouldn't widen an already massive gap.
  4. Mogrim Well-Known Member

    A few things then.

    1) Sac, come back and raid with us. I'm sure in a month or two I could app you against the 1 sloppy afk red text failing guy we've got left in our T1s and that spot would be yours.

    2) Daray - I could definitely live with tweaks to FC. Hypothetically, I'd say something like cut 20% of it's effectiveness off, and remove 20% of it's base reuse. 60% to base CB on a 2 minute timer, instead of 75% on a 2.5minute timer. Doing so will simultaneously bring the class down slightly by making our FC reset ability a little less meaningful. However, the drop would be minor and I think it wouldn't break things.

    3) I also agree that Conj Barrier should be a level 90 or level 100 ability, provided that Necro Rot Flesh is as well, and that both classes get that Prestige completely re-tooled. That gives both summoners some much needed and deserved utility. However, if we're going to feed them some really solid sticks of definitive utility, we should also hope they accept being a T1.5 or perhaps nudged up to a T1.25 sort of dps. Perhaps the re-tooled Prestige's for both Summoners could be even MORE utility. For example:

    Beating Heart: Hearts are now insta cast, and now give the caster's group +5% to base potency for 30 seconds while applying a minor heal over time.
    Pulsing Shard: Shards are now insta cast, and now refill the user's mana to 100% and causes all abilities to consume 0 mana for the next 15 seconds.
  5. Veta Well-Known Member

    I am not surprised you suggested items that would further inflate parses considerin I had already stated it. I understand my class has utility and so does a sorceror. You guys have damage procs, damage reduction, etc just as we do/did. Difference being you are forced to take yours does. Does that mean you should be forced to be a T1.25-T1.5 dps also? My left side shouldnt be more utility based if I was given one of the better utilities already. I think the opposite side should have a viable dps option that would otherwise make my right side less significant or only better in some situations, but not all.

    Also, I am not sure where the necro would get a solid defensive stick of utility. Rot flesh is primarily offensive and increases everyone else dps. Just much more meeded dps inflation. Only difference is that rot fleh requires aas so it cannot just be taken away that easily, its not the initial portion of the prestige line.
  6. Mrmacky Active Member

    I understand the concern about Warlocks being too strong
    I just hold the highest parse on every fight since focused casting was changed.
    I would often visit your twitch page to see secrets about how to play since you have claimed ever since the change to focused casting and transformed into super mega ******
    [COLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.74902)]Why are you here? To see EQ2 raiding at its finest? SureBut more specifically, to see how the best dps in the best guild in the world throws down.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.74902)][/COLOR]
    Stacking temps is a playstyle strategy. It is high-risk, high-reward, and requires a high degree of group coordination to pull off
    Yeah because FC is broken and you get stupid gains from it and any buff given to you (which you specifically call for and will yell at people if they dont lol)
    Which is the reason you've been giving options for every other class to improve to "come up to your level"
  7. Mrmacky Active Member

    I could've kept going but i lost interest and fell asleep
  8. Mogrim Well-Known Member

    Dude your grapes are so sour they've already turned into w(h)ine.

    I yell at people when they don't buff me? Shoot I must do that subconsciously because I don't even actively monitor if I'm //really// getting Requiem, or Bolster, or EV, or whatever. I don't even monitor to see if people are using charms. I mean yeah, I call for that stuff but half the time people are making excuses for being tired/etc, and I'm telling them its nbd. Ask the other T1s or Utility in this guild and you'll definitely find that I'm not sitting around whining about mistakes others make when it comes to buffing me.

    I think this is just a case where personal attacks are inevitable out of jealousy. And I guess if that is your route, feel free.
  9. Belton Member

    1. I'm sure he could app against the biggest ego manic in the guild and we'd see his final departure after so many "I'm leaving I'm done never coming back i'm transferring" threats =). What happened to not responding to personal attacks. I'll bring a case of Midol tomorrow just for you big-girl.

    The rest i'll leave in regular colors so we don't hurt Vetas head<3

    Rot Flesh is probably one of the necros highest parsing abilities(other than the given Solrot) You give them that and then basically they can spec into Planar Wreck(Necro form) and GG.

    <3 Macky. Well said on all points.

    He wanted Kaizar over me in his group because he thinks T1s will click Hampen Halter for him LOL. So i mean that's not an assumption that's the truth! because i'm sure he'll come back crying saying he doesn't but let's just wait for his response. Shard anyone?
  10. Mogrim Well-Known Member

    Quick little addendum to the above. There is ONE T1 in this guild I harp on but he isn't a significant member of our raid force.
  11. Mogrim Well-Known Member

    I mean Belton, your membership in Fatality has been hanging on a thread ever since we started benching you for Vulak due to you not being able to execute the script with any sort of reliability.

    The reason I demand utility out of you if you're going to be in my group is because you're so bad at this game that if you're not at list providing utility, I'd rather have a botted alt in the group.
  12. Belton Member

    LOL this ***** is so mad. How do you feel mogrim for getting exposed like the Little Child Red headed ginger of Fatality that you truly are?

    And it's the same thing that i told you when i **** on you in officer chat? Does the guild tag say <Mogrim> <Mogrims group 4> Ect? Last i checked... I didn't think it did? Must be real mad when you have to go and slob on darkons knob to get your way? i sure as **** don't have to do that =)

    Pic Related.

  13. Mogrim Well-Known Member

    Exposed? You're the one with the sour grapes against me in Fatality. No one else.
  14. Mogrim Well-Known Member

    At the end of the day, you hate me for topping parses, and I dislike you for failing at everything. I'm comfortable with who is sitting at what end of the table in this discussion. Go on?
  15. Veta Well-Known Member

    Belton, fyi. Im colorblind. Thats why it gives me a headache :/.
  16. Belton Member

    Do i? I dislike you for bolstering your own selfish desire while ******* everyone else. Damn... Still the only thing you can say. Must feel bad. I'm not here to make friends and suck dick like you. I dont have to talk **** behind peoples back and two face to make friends. And i sure as hell don't have to Suck my guildleaders dick to stay in the guild.

    I'm sorry friend=( <3 Don't hate me.
  17. Veta Well-Known Member

    Well I did say before "cuz reasons." I dont talk about it openly lol.
  18. Mrmacky Active Member

    i just want to mention i love sour grapes
  19. Mrmacky Active Member

    jealously is not the issue, i am merely Frankenstein sad at what has become of his monster :(
  20. Yards Well-Known Member

    I just can't seem to hit my refresh button fast enough.