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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Penta, Sep 5, 2015.

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    Actually that really is a good additional point. I have to hold my 2nd FC so that it lines up with TW, meaning our ability is effectively treated as a 3 minute reuse on any fight that is lasting more than 5 min.
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    Hey wait... is this a thread where the T1 DPS in Fatality who aren't Mogrim get all ******** because they don't parse like Mogrim and therefore want ALL warlocks nerfed because Mogrim? I see Belton is Fatality... is Penta as well? Because if so, you can all just stop the nerf crap right here.

    All warlocks are not = Mogrim. If you don't like taking number #2 on the parse to Mogrim, find another raid guild, FFS. Leave the rest of us warlocks out of your bullsh.
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    I'm not going to spend more time in here debating, but I'd like to leave with one little remark.

    After 7-8 years in this game, I have become accustomed to seeing the mediocre and unremarkable clamor for what they do not have. To them, what they lack are the tools. They think they should be achieving the same results as me, and when they don't, they assume it is out of a lack of fairness. But it is their skills that need to be improved, not their tools. When others with the same tools can achieve results that are in the ballpark of what I do, it is clear that the tools themselves are fine.

    I have 700 days of logged-in playtime on my account. And while I accept that some people may make jealousy a full time job, I encourage anyone reading this to reconsider that option. Self-improvement is a far better use of your efforts.
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  4. Belton Member

    1. We aren't talking about Matt or Home atm are we? We know the Sins are Spike sensitive and always have been and probably always will be. and so have locks afaik. So bringing that up is irrelevant
    2. I could care less. 75% BASE increase of CB? And the only reason i brang up resets is because you claimed on longer fights you don't stand a chance. Which isn't true...
    3. I don't show up because i'm bored as **** of the same content and watching you boast your big ******* ego all over the place. but Then i say something to you and immediately you run and cry to darkon like the bitchboy you are. It's funny when, Akaeri gets close when she has the group i'll give you that. Matt we know what's going on with him(Don't forget about #ReportGate) Kaaria is... will leave that there. and your best buddy Kaizar. LOL. Funny. So please continue to make a fool of yourself.
    1a. Yeah im sure it would. LOL you make up EVERY excuse to make sure your class doesn't get nerfed. it's ******* comedic!
    2a. I love how you can always say that. "Player error this player error that" Remember when you tried to blame your piano **** ups on me casting Earthquake? Last i checked aren't i always behind you on the parse? So you can continue to talk all that **** with nothing to back it up with.
    This is no way shape or form what's happening. I couldn't care less about topping the parse. I play conj because i like the Utility side of my class. BUT as of lately we keep getting weaker, while Sorcs(mainly locks) keep getting stronger. Either strip us of any utility to want to try to shove down our throats OR up our DPS and let us compete with the stronger T1s.
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    Out of curiosity ... lets compare apple with apples and oranges with oranges ... As I do understand Morgim is top in terms of what warlock can parse (or close to theoretical limit) ... Why don't someone compare in equal (ideal and none ideal) condition different T1 classes ... and oh yeah before hell broke loose about "fixing" class balance it would be nice if anyone actually speak about coercers ......
  6. Belton Member

    After 7-8 years in this game you were not in a top end guild until you joined fatality. So please. Get a ******* grip on your massive *** Ego. I'd love to see you pull the **** you try to pull in Old-Time strike/Rev/Onyx/Tyranny the list could go on.

    Leadership is not a popularity contest; it's about leaving your ego at the door. The name of the game is to lead without a title.
  7. Foretold Well-Known Member

    Yeah, starting to sound more like a personal/guild issue than a warlock issue. Take it to vent...
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    He wants to call out people under the radar I'm not the one. with comments like :

    I don't mind making him look like the Jack-*** he is. Well everyone knows that already LOL just nobody will say it.

    And with that i will take my leave back to my Broken Summoner Bubble.
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    Albeit focus casting and its unlimited scaling my humble opinion needs a nerf (maybe slash it by 25% or 30%), I agree with mogrim if you took it out of the game you'd be castrating warlocks severely.. Right now its a bit OP..but lets not go overboard and say lets remove it.. when stupid things like Poisons exist as band aides to raise scout damage... Either FC needs a small nerf..or.. sins/rangers/wiz's need a small increase (maybe a base CB increase of PFT.. and some firey blast changes.. which has been discussed in detail before).. Now the t2s, that's another story ill leave to the summoners/swashes/brigs to discuss.. but I do believe brigs are in a great spot currently tho... being the best utility/debuffer in game and dealing massive damage. Shrug Id support a small nerf to FC... but to completely remove it would make locks... Meh. and not usable, and im saying this being a former raiding lock myself, and NOW a predator.
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    Utility? Umm what utility would that be?

    The is a summoner a T1 or T2 argument is a bad one. Summoner is a t1, just with less DPS than a T1 and less utility than a T2. Or T1.5 as some have called it.
  11. Veta Well-Known Member

    Can we stick to 1 color please? As much as I enjoy reading this thread, it gives me a massive headache at the same time cuz reasons.

    The only thing that aggravates me about this thread are the "do not yell nerfs at me, but try to get your class impoved" comments when I have seen some of the very few, same people in this thread shouting "nerf" at other class aspects/abilities/passives that seemed overpowering to them. I am more than happy to quote from other threads.
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    If that statement is in regards to my hemotoxin concerns, I'm not even sure what to say.

    The primary complaint about Assassin Hemotoxin damage was based on numbers that were being widely produced by a small group of Assassins that were abusing a few bugs to make their Hemos artificially a lot higher than intended. As a result, for a short period of time, the best 2-3 Assassins in the game could outdamage anyone else in the game with only their autoattack and hemotoxin, no abilities needed. That has since been a closed and resolved situation.

    I would love to see Summoners given more in the way of utility, as the class always seemed to be intended to be the mage equivalent to Rogues, in as much as that Sorcerers and Predators were intended to be T1 w/ minimal utility, and Rogues/Summoners were intended to be T2 with pretty solid utility, where Bards and Enchanters slotted in after.

    In the end, I'm not going to respond to personal attacks. But I will say this as my overall impression of the other T1/T2 classes as relates to how they stack up vs Warlocks.


    Wizard: Fixing FB would essentially even the scales. Bumping the base reuse to 1min (with 100 reuse) and perhaps allowing the Wizard to "store" the damage and then "use it" (like a VC record) would probably fix the class instantly, if not perhaps make it slightly better than Warlocks. Would need to be tested, but these two little changes would probably prove to be massively effective on sustained parse fights.

    Summoners (Both): If you want them to be purely T1, letting 2-3 of their abilities be reset by Essence of Duality's proc would be about all they need to compete.Otherwise, if they're intended to be T1.5/T2, they need more utility, definitely. The world has long since moved on from Hearts and Shards. Either allow Hearts and Shards to provide a strong self-buff when used, or replace them with a passive groupwide or raidwide buff that is strong enough to be noticed, but not strong enough to be absolutely required. (Idea would be that a Conj could add a decent boost to RW survivability and Necro a decent boost to RW damage, or vice versa, or a blend of a little of both)

    Assassins: They're mostly doing fine. A lot would like to see ability damage boosted, even at the cost of passive damage, and that is pretty much a fair request. If the PFT chain was made to be a little stronger, that would be cool too. Side note: The fact that multiple assassins can use Max Health debuffs to significantly reduce the length of a fight is perhaps the greatest utility offered by any T1 class.

    Rangers: Mostly the same as Assassins, minus they're not quite as good at the Max Health debuff game.

    Brigands: This class is incredibly powerful, arguably contributing more to a mob kill than any other class in the game. Great passive and active damage, max health debuffs, and the most potent debuff package in the game.

    Swashies: In dire straights. They can put out some pretty good damage in the right situations, but their entire debuff package offers nothing that a raid needs in order to kill any mob in the game. Just can't justify using this class in raids at this point.

    Beastlords: Too many broken mechanics. I have seen a few still put out good damage in ideal situations, but ideal situations are practically a must for this class to even be usable. Sadly, that means this class is also mostly left out of the mix.
  13. Anunnaki Active Member

    You can't balance a class around an item that most don't have, nor have wanted because of how bad it is for that class.
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  15. Veta Well-Known Member

    Mogrim, it was not. It was more into regards of Elemental Toxicity. Devs made a thread for mage feedback which was claimed by most "summoners are good single target, lack ae" by classes outside summoner. Elemental Toxicity, once changed, was actually doing a decent amount of dps where our other blues lack. It was then nerfed to barely do more than original Elemental Toxicity damage output for a single person, ultimately lowering raid wide. It is sad that people jumped on the nerf Elemental Toxicity, and even poison, train fairly quickly but only now focused casting is being brought up.

    I think its funny that there are people here who played locks at one point homex (alcoholock), that defended the ability. Now they see the true potential of the ability and even calls for the nerf.

    I do not care anymore if the ability is nerfed or not. I just cant wait for beastlords to be fixed so I can play that instead.
  16. Daray Well-Known Member

    This thread... not surprised to see it, other than perhaps that it took this long.

    And if one class is drastically out of line, then you fix whatever issue is causing that. I don't buy into the whole "bringing every other class up to match the new flavor of the month/year/expansion", because this game sees more than enough dps inflation as it is (and fixing one issue on one or two classes is much easier than trying to adjust 7-8 classes).

    I do still remember the debate surrounding these FC changes (ToV beta was it?) where pretty much every warlock stated that a 75% multiplier to CB was irrelevant and would have a minimal impact on output. To this day I still stand by what I said back then - for a multiplier that modifies (relatively) almost all damage sources, 50% was a more than sufficient value.
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    All kinda pointless now as they appear to be phasing out Crit bonus. But I'm sure there will be something else to complain about soon.
  18. Lare Active Member

    I remember the thread well and that was not stated by warlocks. It was something that was needed at the time I don't wish that on any class to be completely obsolete when chanters could out parse them.

    Having one class beat another is swings and roundabouts, people whined and whined back in POW to nerf summoners pets as they where OP due to double procing. Because they where on top of the parse.

    There is nothing wrong with one class beating the parse just as long is it's yours. Kinda mentality is great for 5 years old's arguing in a school yard.
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    lol that was *clearly* a joke.
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    I know id like to see all classes parse equal, so that as long as you had 24 players in a 24 man raid. No class would ever be left out.
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