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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Penta, Sep 5, 2015.

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    I wasn't kidding, I'll explain it for you.

    Microsoft Excel is really good at math, if you're wanting to compare adornments, gear, AA choices, generalized casting queue, Excel is your one-stop-shop for succeeding in EQII.

    However Excel is not very good at doing a lot of intensive calculations in real time applications. Excel doesn't know what to do if something "changes" (e.g. charms didn't go off, lag ate part of a chain, untimely death, ethereal proc went off, XYZ something happened). If the goal is to update an ability queue, mid encounter, based on events that transpired during that encounter, you're going to need a lot of help.

    Real time log editors, such as sed/gawk, are that help. Basically think Excel but real-time-updated to the EQII logfile.
    Wow that troll was amazing, got me even after it was highlighted.
  2. Jokirr Member

    Koko, its a fairly inside type joke, it went over your head cause you probably don't know matt like many of us in the thread do
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    I see history repeats itself again ehh Belton
  4. Belton Member

    THE VC CONJ HIMSELF! How are you friend? Still getting rolled by Brigs?

    But no seriously are you still playing? <3
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    Ha ha.

    Well, at least I was incendiary to this warlock nonsense. I hope a positive equalizing change is made beyond the self-serving, pedantic, panjandrumatic (look it up) responses of certain characters-look at me, and all my fancy words....What a freaking idiot.

    I think its interesting there were many replies along the vein of "yes, i am a warlock, and they are craz OP."

    You bore me, assassin, and you bore me (to death).
    I guess I'm just bored overall. Perhaps that's why I strive against a system so unbalanced?

    Time for sleepy sleep, because self importance has made my eyes roll to the point of strain beyond the tolerance of my optic nerd nerves.
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    grats, this was a funny threat and you made some people rage, call names, posts screenshots and avoid @RadarX and @Roshen :p

    still i couldn't outparse anyone with fc :( , time to try assassin and afk