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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Penta, Sep 5, 2015.

  1. Penta Member

    This warlock focused casting garbage has got to stop. All the temps fired in sequence create a stat basis that is insane for warlocks.

    Let me see...

    Salvo, sang sacrifice, spellbind, focused casting, + little skull floaty things = OP to death. Espeically since all those things convert to pot and cb base value. This is just absolutely ridiculous. Cut their stuff back to proc a myth based on cc, or create a negative hate effect, or whatever-but this whole cumulative chain of temps that boosts their base pot/cb is a whole bunch of nonsense. This coupled with the fact that they can fire 4 or 5 spells instantaneously is way too much.

    And don't give me no crap about increments-I have a warlock, I know they have enough AoE's they can cast, with a fast enough refresh (Cataclysm) that increments are absolutely no issue. Not to mention concussive, or any other of their many hitting encounters.

    Enough focused casting, it's made locks the most (hugely) overpowered class for the last 2 expacs. No other class can keep up with these base temps, at all.
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  2. SacDaddy420 Active Member

    I like where this is going....
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  3. Eles Well-Known Member

    I'm just curious. If I make a warlock and I use Focusing Casting and those spells/buff I will outparse or be like Mogrim?
  4. Season Active Member

    not with a sig like that
  5. Penta Member

    I forgot to include Freehand Sorcery before their big hit is fired...that insures their next spell does 28% more damage...

    Seriously, Focused Casting...enough is enough. No more Focused Casting.
  6. Tyman Active Member

    Freehand adds 28 potency. Not 28% base damage. The only direct % of damage is the new procs on belts and some other random items.
  7. Wintir Active Member

    Someone got rolled on PvP server.
  8. Yards Well-Known Member

    Penta seems very knowledgeable about the warlock class as he said he has one, I am in total agreement that they should change skull focii name to little skull floaty things.
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  9. Skulls Member

    Just another completely out of balance thing that the Devs ignore. This always comes back to haunt because so many peeps quit the game because of stupid mechanics like this that don't get fixed. Then they wonder why the game has no population, its all on you Devs you allow bad mechanics like this in the game and don't balance or fix them. Poisons same thing, so many dps classes have just given up and quit or left the game, everyone is so tired of the ******* stuff. No passive proc should ever do that much damage requiring NO PLAYER SKILL what so ever, just ridiculously dumb.
    And the worst part of it all is you don't need to figure out any of this stuff, it all gets sent to you daily in tons of feedbacks and petitions, and on the forums and you continue to stick your heads in the sand and ignore all these important issues. FOR PLAYERS THESE ARE PRIORITIES!

    1. Fighter ethereal chakram ranged weapon super stupid damage output, if you wanted to help tanks with hate and agro issues great, the chakram should have done low to mid level damage and also had a 1 or 2 position hate increase added to each mob it hit. But you made it so OP that tanks are now outparsing and doing more damage than 85% of all dps classes.

    2. Theres always issues with new items we get that, but rebalance, fix them and make them fair, don't just leave them broken.

    3. Mage ranged ethereal weapon total garbage for summoners and even worse on the conjuror, you don't allow it to reset any of their big spells, HOW IN THE WORLD CAN THAT HAVE ANY BALANCE?

    4. The list goes on but I'm stopping, gets me aggravated, cause it just makes me want to quit the game too.

    WHERES THE COMMON SENSE???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  10. Koko Well-Known Member

    It died.

    Players like omfgwtfbbq items that completely blank everything else (ref, ref). They have threads complaining about how items aren't as strong as they would like, and would like them stronger (ref).

    You'd like players to be distinguished by ability timing, and you're with me in a very small minority. So buckle up, item procs and RNG influence are going up.
  11. Lare Active Member

    The mage ethereal procs are just down right sad. The only one that is decent is only good for 2/6 mage classes (Duality) the rest are just nice stat increase items.
  12. Skulls Member

    Exactly Lare..... Mage ethereals a joke compared to the scouts, unless your a sorcerer
    1. First The One Above gives us another doublecast but it only procs once every 30 seconds and all mages have atleast 50%
    doublecast anyway, so half the time when the proc is even up we were going to doublecast the next spell anyway. This is
    why this ethereal weapon gives a mage very little, to NO DPS increase. This proc rate should be increased to make it
    have an impact.
    2. The secondary Trembler gives 20% to the group that's a joke also, even the healer ones are 7 times more powerful
    giving 80 potency and a big ability mod increase. The Trembler does give a small dps increase but not much.
    3. The mage Ranged Ethereal wand is horrible for enchanters, barely much better for summoners and is really only good on
    sorcerers. Summoners got completely screwed the only good spell it resets is elemental toxicity which is much more
    powerful on necromancers since they get 4 additional tics of that spell due to their accelerated decay AA tree endline, but
    almost useless to the conjuror. In addition although it is better for the necros its only has a small dps increase during aoe
    fights, there is NO dps increase at all on single target fights.
    4. In comparison the scout ethereals each one increases their dps very noticeably for a lot of extra damage, again just more
    bad, out of balance mechanics.
  13. Anunnaki Active Member

    1.) Add to the fact that if a dumbfire pet gets recast from "The One Above" the damage it does is literally negligible. I would rather get a scout ethereal to sell than to get this piece for my summoner.
    3.) When ETox gets reset, if you cast it before the previous duration ETox runs out, it cancels out the previous ETox and starts the timer over, thus missing out on ticks.

    If you think it sucks to play any mage, I implore you to play a summoner so you can see how bad we get screwed with every piece of gear in the game. Everytime something nice drops, it NEVER shares with the pet, and only gets "fixed" after there are enough complaints to get someone to do something about it. T1's cry that summoners are supposed to be T2 (or T1.5 lol) yet there is less usable utility on a summoner than there is a proper T1 sorc. So less utility and less DPS, combined with the fact that half of the stats in the game don't make a difference on a good chunk of our spells (stuffs cast by the pet.)

    I have to give credit that there were significant changes made to the summoner recently that were supposed to help. I'm happy that there was effort put into the class. It's just that when new stuff is being designed for the game, summoners aren't even an afterthought, as other classes benefit and summoners get to whine.

    And that's all I have to say about that.
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  14. Amaitae Active Member

    YFI: FC increases crit bonus by 75% of caster's base crit bonus. Sanguine sacrifice, spellbind and skull focii do not increase crit bonus... So what is your point, because now after you got the facts straight, there isn't any.
    To me you make the impression failing to play your warlock alt and instead rant about it. Each dps class has its strength. You just seem not willing to accept this.
  15. Breta Well-Known Member

    Getting outparsed as dps by tank with ranged etheral only suggest how bad you're at playing your class.
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  16. Belton Member

    I mean if our stuff worked. Like the Ranged Eth. Then maybe we could MAYBE touch sorcs. But at this point. I've given up hope. How can my Mage Eth wand reset FIRE SEEDS (The crafted from EH) Yes Fire seeds. But not my soulburn? My communion? My Swarms? But for locks! Oh they get everything to reset.
    Please. fix summoners. Or just take us out of the game. <3
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  17. Penta Member

    OK, it works either way for each side of the prestige tree, right CB from pot, left pot from CB...

    Any way you look at this, once all these temps are cast...the locks base stats are way out of proportion to other classes once Focused casting is set off...

    My best dps toon's CB is 970ish. You say FC is 75% increase of base CB

    That's around 720 points of added crit bonus!! Still super super crazy!

    And you're wrong about Freehand sorcery, I'm looking at my wiz right now, and it has 2 procs 24% crit bonus to next spell, and 28% damage increase to next spell...
  18. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Btw I have honesty forgot does Free Hand Sorc do actually require have at least 1 empty hand?
  19. Penta Member

  20. Tyman Active Member

    Check yourself using Smite of Consistency, I just did and on my ungeared wizard at 582.5cb and 589.9pot I got a 7% increase in damage. Which will go down the more cb/pot you have. It is 28potency.

    I'm not saying anything about FC or anything else (wiz gets the same buffs except for FC which is about 3x stronger than FB). Just that Freehand is not a be all end all amazing spell.

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