Focus Aim breaking Stealth?

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Voor, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Voor Guest

    I tried to find anywhere this has already been discussed. Sorry if I missed it.
    I am seeing Stealth (the ability, not any other stealth/invis such as Stalk) break when I hit Focus Aim. At first I thought I was just taking damage at the wrong time, but I am not.
    If I am in Stealth and hit Focus Aim before becoming engaged in combat (like soloing) - Stealth does not break.
    If I become engaged in combat and enter Stealth and hit Focus Aim - Stealth does not break.
    If I am in Stealth and then the tank pulls and I hit Focus Aim after the encounter starts - Stealth breaks 100% of the time.
    I tested this duoing with 2 different tanks on simple trash to assure no AoEs were going off and got 2 other rangers to confirm the same thing, although it took testing it to convince them.
    I did /bug this - but is this a known bug or feature? This can only be tested in a group, where there is someone to pull while you are in Stealth and before you hit Focus Aim.
  2. ARCHIVED-Bloodydreams36 Guest

    I know I have seen it happen to me. I think its just that in grp it puts us in fight mode kinda like when ur dueling someone if u invis before the start it uninvises u. Im not sure if thats the way they want it but atm thats what seems to be happening. I have also checked with another Ranger on my Server with same thing happening.