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  1. Tralelia Member

    Will we ever be able to fly within Raj, or only by carpet which never gets you up to the higher locations?
  2. Benj Well-Known Member

    You can unlock flying through adventuring or through tradeskilling. For adventurers, you'll get flying in Raj'Dur Plateaus after completing the Plateaus part of the sigline, flying in Takish Badlands after completing the Badlands part of the sigline, and flying in Sandstone Delta after completing the Delta part of the sigline. For tradeskillers you'll get flying in all three zones simultaneously, after completing the tradeskill sigline and completing 15 research missions.
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  3. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    The flying mechanic is now intentionally gated behind progression of the adventure Signature or tradeskill (and research mission) questlines. Gotta progress the content to earn flight.
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  4. Tralelia Member

    I can't do the research missions in Sandstone or Takish as I can't reach those areas because I can't fly to them or use a carpet which can't be reached since they are high upon cliffs....not excited about this expansion.
  5. Bramdar Active Member

    For those research missions, you can do the harvesting in any zone. I typically did my harvesting in Takish Badlands for all 3 missions at once, although Raj'Dur Plateaus has a few specific spots with high amounts of dens and fish as well.

    Once you've completed the harvesting, you can either use the workstations next to each researcher, bring your own workstations and fuel, or go back to your guild hall or another city and complete the recipes there before returning to hand in the missions.
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  6. Tralelia Member

    What I am saying, is that I can't reach those areas to get the quest.
  7. Bramdar Active Member

    As you complete the tradeskill signature questline, you'll gain access to Takish Badlands and then you'll also get access to potions that will teleport you to the research camp in Sandstone Delta from anywhere. You need to complete the signature questline in order to get access to the research missions anyway.

    Once you've completed the tradeskill signature questline and the missions become available, you need to complete 15 missions in order to earn the achievement that unlocks flight. The missions reset on a 3 hour schedule, if I'm not mistaken.
  8. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    You can totally reach them afoot, no flight required. If you fail to buy more Call of the Delta potions after you get there via potion the first time, it can take some careful navigation to avoid mobs, but you can still get there. I was able to do it in Beta when ALL the mobs were still aggro everywhere.
  9. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    Good point. If you have a alt that can fly or you're in a friendly, cooperative guild, someone that has access and willing to plant a guild rally banner for you is also helpful, so you can stock up on potions.
  10. mouser Well-Known Member

    This is the part of modern MMO design that drives me nuts.

    "But if players could just fly they would trivialize the zones..." If that's true, players are just going to prioritize flying first anyway.

    It's just speed bumps for the sake of having speed bumps... At least the grind isn't too bad, here.
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  11. Almee Well-Known Member

    I haven't done any of the TS quest line, in RoR, as I want to finish BoL and RoS, with my carpenters on the 4 servers I play on first. I've finished BoL, on 2 of the servers but it came at a physical cost as it was extremely frustrating finding the 3 shadows since we can't fly until we complete the sig line.

    The Mac II trails were flaky to put it mildly. The last one led me around the zone, in a complete circle, back to where I started. Another led me to a dead end in a cave. It wasn't fun.

    And apparently (or so it seems) that only one node is shown at a time so if you can't get to it, you are stuck until someone else finds it. It might also be timed.

    I even tried logging in and out to see if it would reset the node. It didn't. I had to wait a day to finally get a different node.

    This whole business of making us complete sig lines, to be able to fly, stinks, IMHO. But at least with Den Mum, doing the TS line, I can complete that line so that I can fly to harvest mats to make furniture. All of my 120-level TS characters completed the VoV tradeskill line. I'm hoping RoR isn't any harder.
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  12. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    RoR is actually extremely easy and the shortest one yet. It's why they added on the requirement of doing 15 research missions just to pad out the time to something closer to how long it takes adventurers to complete the sig line and earn flying that way.
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  13. Almee Well-Known Member

    That is good to hear, Cusashorn. I am looking forward to it. I loved VoV TS sig line, and have completed it on about 50 characters now.