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  1. Sarcas New Member

    I have played since launch However I had to take a real life break for the last 5 years. I am playing again and enjoy it. my question is I have gotten my all access but have not bought tov or aom. Will I have to buy a flying mount or do I quest for one. Thanks
  2. Mermut Well-Known Member

    There are multiple quests for flying mounts, no need to spend money on them if you don't want to.
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  3. Sarcas New Member

    Thanks :)
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  4. Charlice Well-Known Member

    Also check /claim, you may have one in there.
    The first flying mount quest starts in the DoV zones.
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  5. Wurm Well-Known Member

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  6. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

    Welcome back!

    Edit: Ignore this, apparently you need to do the Eidolon timeline before you can get that quest. Which can be done in less than a week, though, which is how long it takes to get the DoV griffon due to the last set of quests being dailies.

    The fastest way (other than if /claim has a flying mount, that is) to get a flying mount is to head for Obol Plains, and speak to Anton the Mad in Cardin Ward. His very short questline will get you a sokokar flying mount:'s_Quest
  7. flameweaver Well-Known Member

    Doesn't this quest line give you a windgazer glider, rather than a flying mount ??
  8. Feara Well-Known Member

    To all the righteous players that take the time to answers questions on these Forums. You rock! :cool:

    Me... I'm just here to disturb the peace.

    Welcome back Sarcas!
  9. Delishus Active Member

    I used to flap my arms really fast until someone reminded me I'm Arasai.
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  10. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

    Did I look at the wrong quest? I know there's one somewhere that gives a sokokar! I'll see if I can find it (adv and crafter versions).
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  11. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

    Sorry, looks like that one was ToV - Sokokar Airstrider was the mount I was thinking of (it has a crafting and adv version, that somehow have the same name, but show as 2 mounts on the mount list if you've done both quests).
  12. Vainamoinen Well-Known Member

    If you can /claim the 8 year veteran's reward you get an Elemental Mount. It's basically a disc to fly around on.
  13. FriggaWitch Well-Known Member

    This may be the best line to follow for a returning player Flying Mount
    the sokakar is a ToV mount in Vesspyr
    Welcome back Sarcas Good Hunting!!:)
  14. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

    The OP doesn't have ToV.
  15. Gharyn Well-Known Member

    If you're new to the flying thing here I would suggest you do the Leaping to Conclusions quest in Butcherblock first that gets you the leaper mount and play with that for a while because that is an absolute blast. Once you move to actual flying it won't have the same impact and you won't want to go back.
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  16. Rotherian Well-Known Member

    Aren't those discs also available on the loyalty merchant?
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  17. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

    Pretty sure there are "elemental" discs on that vendor...are those flying mounts? The way they're packaged you can't preview one, or at least couldn't last time I tried to look at one.
  18. Charlice Well-Known Member

    Yeah they fly. They're round discs iirc.
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  19. Wurm Well-Known Member

    I agree, when leveling up my warden during 2x XP weekend I was very happy to have that mount when I reached KOS content.
  20. s7n7a7k7e Active Member

    Yeah, leaping is actually fun. One of my favorite mounts is the spider mount. I have both the Halloween and Xmas versions lol.