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Discussion in 'Quests and Seasonal Events' started by Magnann, Apr 8, 2021.

  1. Magnann New Member

    Anyone know of a questine that gives wings (flying mount)?
    My friend has these really cool bat wings, but he cant remember which questline he did, since it was 10 years ago or so.
    Been trying googling, but didnt find anything.
  2. ttobey Makes the Monsters Move

    Those bat wings look really good on a ratonga!
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  3. Smallcorners Well-Known Member

    Or these? No pic on this one for some reason, but there is an game exam link.
    Or could be something else listed in the Wikia under Flying Mounts?

    Good luck!
  4. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author
  5. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    Pretty much all of the Wing mounts are holiday or marketplace purchases. The various quests in the game reward you with other styles of mounts.
  6. Komatus New Member

    The Tinkerfest wings look kind of batlike.
  7. Lateana Older than Dirt, Playing EQII since 2004

    All of my toons got a set of purple wings from some kind of game giveaway a long time ago. They are called Radiant Nightmare Wings and are claimable.
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  8. Lateana Older than Dirt, Playing EQII since 2004

  9. Mercychalice Well-Known Member

    it would be helpful if you knew a name of the wings he has.
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  10. Finora Well-Known Member

    They gave away Radiant Nightmare Wings to people who had bought the Tears of Veeshan expansion as kind of a belated order bonus.

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