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  1. ARCHIVED-Tomanator Guest

    I quit over a month ago due to the fact that our concerns over the raiding zerker have been overlooked far too long.
    I had a buddy call me up and told me that a dev put a response out on the zerker class so I came to read.
    First, I agree Sony DEVS read the boards, but lets see players like Lyger and me were posting back in Nov through May how bad it was. So the zerkers have been crying out for 9 months, the Devs read and do nothing but tell us to wait for the next expansion, so we can pay for it. Fhuucckk THEM.
    Second, Powers, go raid a zerker in RoK, and then tank a RoK raid mob. Ask yourself what roll do we serve on raids. Compare your snap agro if you enter the fight half way to a guardian (AND GOODLUCK WHILE WIPING THE RAID). Compare your DPS to a well played guard on a RoK raid (All but Korsha and one fight in PoR). Now Powers please get your Mythical and compare the tanking supremacy to that of a Guard. Either you don't raid yet, or you run instances with your Zerker and have no clue what a raiding zerker is going through.
    Third, Fix our MYTHICALS - the guard mythical makes them THE ONLY TANK, and if you dont realize this, then please go play a scout class. Do something like take away our buckler restrictions, and give us dual wield with the mythical. That would make us one of the top DPSers out there.
    I wont resubscribe either of my two accounts until they make us equal tanks, or nerf Guard DPS. If they dont nerf Guard DPS, that would mean they would have to raise ours, and I dont think that would be right to the rogues and scouts.
    Its not going to get better, look at ranger in the original EQ. In the original game they were great, RoK came out they sucked, they cried for 2 YEARS and it got better with PoP for 1 year, then they sucked, and sucked, and sucked, and now 6 yeard later THEY have not goten any better. Trust me SONY DOES NOT CARE about class balance, they care about your money, quit and it might get better when your saving $180 a year for a poorly designed game.
  2. ARCHIVED-tikasa Guest

    With the buckler requirement gone no Zerk will ever be MT again. Now a Gaurd can go in offensive all the time and still be able to take a beating and dish out the DPS.
  3. ARCHIVED-LiquidFlex Guest

    Aeralik wrote:

    If Aeralik is only the puppet, then it sure sucks to be him, but I highly doubt it. It's pathetic. Truly pathetic. You can all keep trying to defend everything all you want.
    It's all been laid out on the table countless times, and it is obviously one of those points that the DEVs don't give a flying crap about.

    Complete lack of concern, and then you stroll in here with that pompous attitude you are so famous for thinking that when you drop a single bit of black & white text that we will grovel at the gods for finally being acknowledged?
    Get real. The shear audacity of it all is just sick.
    I truly am sorry I wasted this much time and money on this game.... no I take that back. I did enjoy the hell out of it way back in the day. So Thank you for that much SOE.

    All they are doing is making you all look the fool for continuing to complain about it whilst still dishing out the money to play the game... play the game in an unhappy state too mind you.
    PATHETIC! You cannot justify this no matter how hard you try to Aeralik. Or any DEV for that matter. Don't care, can't care, can't fix, whatever be the reason.

    Besides, lets face the music guys... EQ2 isn't really the end all be all MMO anymore. For as much as this game has built into it, it doesn't quite do it for ya does it? Amazing isn't it?
    Perhaps you should all just accept it for what it is and leave. Period. You know you are thinking about it on a daily (if not minute by minute (or mob by mob)) basis.
    Still hoping for the skies to open up and it to rain down with Zerk fixes? NOT GOING TO HAPPEN obviously. But sure.. g'head and get ready to dish out some more of your monthly cash PLUS the xpac that will be released in the not so distant future.
    For as much as SOE charges, you'd think the'd atleast get SOMETHING right for once.

    yes yes.. I know. This is all just a rant and blah blah.. whatever. I'm a paying customer (for the next 3 weeks) and have the right to spew forth this crap if I so choose to do so... just like Aeralik and his nonsense.

    Sorry to abuse you in such a way Aeralik, but you know it's all true. Stings doesn't it? YUP sure does. Truth always hurts more than the fantasy you try to bestowe upon everyone else's eyes.

    I actually forgot to cancel my account before I departed for work this past time home because I didn't even bother looking at EQ2 at all whilst I was home. What would have been the point? I get more enjoyment out of it by not playing it.
    The game is dying. Look at the population. Not just the Zerk population, but subscribers in general.

    And if anybody takes offense to this, Good! I hope you DO! At least that means you read it and it obviously struck a chord close to home.
    ... /sigh

    Goodbye all.
    Lyger, was great being guilded with you way back in the days of EoS when we had a great group of guildies. You know.. back when the Zerk class was... well.. an actual Tank!
    Good luck in your gaming future, and to all else as well.

    EvE and AoC. :)
  4. ARCHIVED-Sirnef Guest

    Aeralik wrote:
    Hello Aeralik,
    I wanted to point out some inconsistancies in your post.
    "You have a defined role which is tanking." -Aeralik
    I will agree with you. We can tank, RoK instances.
    But, I have never been asked to tank a raid. When I ask to be taken along... I am basically laughed at, as a berserker.
    "I am well aware though that guardians are far beyond everyone else in tanking especially raids." -Aeralik
    If this is the case... Can you please let us know if we should betray to Guardian, now or are you really, and I mean honestly now.. going to bring Berserkers even CLOSE to being able to tank at the level of Guardians.. Even if I have to wait till the fall?
    It does seems, from what little you did mention, that you would be happy to leave the Berserker as they are to ensure that the Guardian is the top tank for EQ2. I am ok with that. I would just like to know now before I continue to gear up my Berserker and not betray to Guardian as seems to be the current trend. And yes, I DO believe there are 100% more Zerks betraying to Guardian then Guardians betraying to Zerk with the way the current development team is handling Guardians. (No offence meant, I am not developing the game, I am just a player) I would just like to know if the Berserker will ever be on par with tanking versus the Guardians or if we are going to be religated to off tank, that's is the main question I would like resolved.
    Thanks for your time making this an excellent game for us to play, and you willingness to wade through all the posts with happy and disgruntled customers alike and make your statements as you have.
    Just looking for a little direction for my style of game play!
    Terg 80 Berserker of Butcherblock
    Ludo 80 Templar of Butcherblock
    Aldorn 77 Illusionist of Butcherblock
  5. ARCHIVED-Nembutal Guest

    Aeralik wrote:
    I do not know how many of us like waiting longer for fixes we have been waiting on for over a year already because frankly we don't trust you guys anymore... SOE has earned that mistrust rightfully... so no whining about it.
    We need positional hate... and we need to do more aggro than guardians since that was what the class was sold to us as. The single largest flaw to the zerker class pre-mythical is positional hate... it's not survivability.
    After the mythical it's avoidence.... because of the tower shield you handed to thinm in replacement of our buckler.... our DPS after mythical is pretty decent on zone wides in many zones... so here is what we need... +riposte. This would give us avoidence AND some DPS allowing us to keep pace as a tank and DPS as what our original role was.
    I also would prefer if no one ever mentioned putting us in chain again... they have 6 DPS classes that use chain.. I don't want to be #7... I also want to tank... I know SOE didn't mention chain... but someone did and that's scary. all my gear would be instantly worthless... I would quit.
    We have to remain a tank and be the tank that has more DPS... I might be OK with SK beating us because they suck at tanking.... they have zero use on raids... but we should beat all other plate tanks. (Guard and Paladin) and be right up there with SK. We should be near Bruiser and Monk.. because we are all fighters.
    I know we can't be the kings of DPS and tanking... But then again neither should the guard... they can tank better than us and dps just as well... zerker should have SOME use that a guard can't fill as well.... and that use should be buffs or DPS. Our current buff has been slaughtered by SOE's diminishing returns cap placement... I personally think the best way to permanently fix the buffs issue is to make "triple attack" and only give it to us.... and only on that buff. That way since it will never hit 100% it will never be useless.
  6. ARCHIVED-Zhonata Guest

    Ok all Bashing aside..... as we are all frustrated and unfortunaly Dev's make easy target even when they are trying to be helpful. I hope the Dev's can understand our position as well as the players try to understand the Dev's are not Omnipotent.
    Seriously if there could be any short term changes to raise the Beserker class's moral and boost its effectivness not just as tanks but as a whole. This is what I would suggest that be done it is short and simple.
    • Change Blood Regeneration to until canceled *Check* -Thanks
    • Change Blood Regeneration's effect from "When target is damage with a melee weapon" to " When target is damaged". This will allow our Hate gain ability with out mythical to work for us when trying to gain aggro back as it stands if we are not tanking it is not active.
    • Change Intrusion, Bloodshower, and Stunning Below to "1sec" cast time the same cast time as AA line Dragoon spin. This is double our normal CA cast time but still under our lowest possible delay on our Mythical. As it stands these abilties go unused because they simple lower dps because of casting time. This would give us 3 more abilties to add to our CA line up and help with the dmg gap between Beserkers and Guardians that seem to overshadow our class.
    • Change Open Wounds MAX AOE Targets: 6. This returns purpose outside of haste to the abilty.
    • Change Turmoils cast time to 1 sec. This is the same as Open Wounds and Juggernaut. Currently the cast time on Turmoil arguably negates the damage boost gain in raid. There is no reason for this abilty to have a 3 sec Cast time.
    • Change Gut Roars Effect to either do what the description says or change the description to match the effect. Currently the abilties description says it works on both CA and Spells, but the Effect says it only works on Spells.
    All of these changes are mearly a matter of plugging numbers and words into already written code. These changes could be implimented on test tomarrow if the time was put into changing it. Im sure that not just the Beserkers on these forums would agree with these changes but the Beserkers World Wide. They are resonable requests.
    Anyways this is what I think would help our class in the short term if not then it can be used as a refrence for future long term changes.
  7. ARCHIVED-xerek28 Guest

    I don't know what to do with my zerk anymore >.< My options seem to be to start another toon or leave EQ2 these days.
  8. ARCHIVED-evilgamer Guest

    Rahatmattata wrote:
    Rofl, are you seriously arguing that brawlers should not be able to do their definded roll (tank) because they can farm blue shinies? As far as farming masters, I really dont know what you are talking about, I have never soloed a RoK mob that dropped masters on my bruiser (never tried either).
    Lol, seriously.
    I guess I missed that in the class description when I rolled my bruiser.
    Uber soloer (not really, root and nukes do way better) and shiny farmer!!!!!!
    I would venture to say that 98% of the bruiser community did not roll their bruiser to farm shinies, and the ones that did dont count.
  9. ARCHIVED-Obadiah Guest

    Zhonata wrote:
    IMO raising the delay would be preferable to changing the cast times on those abilities. That's just me though.

    Gosh darnit why do I seem to be the only person left still complaining about Adrenaline? No one brings it up anymore, and it's not even on Bremer's stickied list. It doesn't match it's description. If you're all OK with that it will never change. I'm OK with it functioning as is as long as the description is changed to match, but it's just wrong the way it is now.

    Here's a question that I now need to test unless someone knows for sure. If you're using your Mythical - which is NOT capped at 4 for AoE targets - and you pop Open Wounds, are you then capped at 4 targets for your AoE attacks unti OW expires?
  10. ARCHIVED-Zhonata Guest

    Mythical is caped at 4 targets I have test it. Hince why i suggest that they raise open wounds target amount to 6.
  11. ARCHIVED-Obadiah Guest

    Zhonata wrote:
    Are you kidding me?!?!? If that's really the case I have a bigger beef than Adrenaline.

    I suppose since the description says "Multiple" targets, it can be whatever number they want and still technically match the description.


    That's just so incredibly lame. That's like Gigli-lame.
  12. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    There goes Class usefulness, AKA AOE.
  13. ARCHIVED-victer Guest

    i dont see the problem here other then the zerker mythical negating Open wounds to be a 50haste buff.
    Every single AOE auto-attack skill in the game is max 4 target and targets must be in front of you. Its been like this ever since they introduced the mechanic.
  14. ARCHIVED-Zhonata Guest

    You that is your problem you dont see the problem. What other class gets one of their defining traits negated by their mythical. Um... none.
    ACtually when open wounds was implimented it was max target: 8. This was quickly seen as overpowered because at the time it was easy enough to tank 8 mobs as once. Now in ROK that is a lot more difficult.
  15. ARCHIVED-Obadiah Guest

    victer wrote:
    The haste part of OW was negated a long time ago. Although I do like hitting it from time to time when it will push me over 300. Sort of like Nigel Tufnel's "Mine goes to 11."

    Every single AoE autoattack skill in the game lists its maximum number of targets. If there's a max on this it should be listed as well.
  16. ARCHIVED-Zhonata Guest

    If you read Open Wounds Decription it says that only effect up to 4 enemies as for or mythical it doesnt say but through testing it is proven to only effect 4 enemies.
  17. ARCHIVED-victer Guest

    Zhonata wrote:
    i dont remember AE-autoattack ever effecting 8 mobs. If it did it was a the mechanic of the AE-autoattack that got changed not Openwounds. Remember swashys use this mechanic and so do Gaurds if they go down the AGI line.

    If you actually read my post rather then reading what you wanted to read i did say that Open Wounds got negated to a 50haste buff. I agree with you that its not fair that we are pretty much the only class that got one of thier skills negated because of thier mythical.

    But the fact is you are still over reacting to something that has been in the game since it was introduced and no one complained before.
  18. ARCHIVED-Zhonata Guest

    I just remember Open wounds effect up to 8 enemies whether it was the mechic or the abilty.
    Im not exactly sure what you say im over reacting to because im talking about the effect our mythical has had on one of our class defining abilties which most certainly has not been in game since Open Woudns was introduced. This Effect our mythical has is great I love it, but the fact remains that it negates out open wounds, asking for open would to effect 6 targets gives us a reason to still use the abilty.
  19. ARCHIVED-victer Guest

    my bad man i think i might be confusing you with someone else that had a freak out post when he learned it was 4 mobs only
  20. ARCHIVED-Obadiah Guest

    victer wrote:
    I suppose that would be me. In this thread at least I'm the only one throwing anything close to a freak out.

    It's really not that big a deal, I guess. Aren't too many places where you need to deal with more. The thing is, EVERY other ability that provides AoE autoattack TELLS YOU the number.

    Seems to me when OW was first released it said "all mobs within melee range" in the description, but in reality it was limited to 4. The description didn't specify the number it was affecting until a few updates later. At that time they changed the description of Open Wounds and Hurricane and whatever else to specify the number of mobs. When they added Dragoon's Cyclone, it specified 4 mobs in the description. Why does Dragon's Temper not specify 4 mobs if it is 4 mobs. Mythicals were just introduced this year. Mechanics of pre-existing AoE autoattack abilities are moot. The mechanics of this item specifcally have only been around for a 5 months. There's no reason we should have all assumed that it wouldn't, couldn't, or shouldn't affect more than 4 targets just because our pre-existing AoE autoattack self-buffs don't.

    It's more of an annoyance than anything else, but just one more annoyance on top of a heap of others.

    Changes involving Insolence and threat position aren't on Test yet. Can't wait to see how that works.

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