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  1. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    Make us a Chain class with a Defined Roll. Or.

    Make berserk 100+ Combat Art Damage, 10% Melee Crit, 10% Double attack
    ((Improved with AA Lines please))
  2. ARCHIVED-Tygerpaws Guest

    So...basically make it a new class...?
  3. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    we are a chain class, we are a leather class as well.
    i wear both chain and leather, so i'm not quite sure what exactly you are asking of them aside from nerfing the class to not wear plate. so then we wouldn't be able to tank as well and still do sub par dps.
    think about what you want from the class then think of what others want from the class because you're not the only one playing it.
  4. ARCHIVED-Aeralik Guest

    You have a defined role which is tanking. I am well aware though that guardians are far beyond everyone else in tanking especially raids. I have said a few times recently though that we will not be making any changes in the short term. In the longer term there are some changes to enhance survivability of the non guardian fighters but nothing concrete that I can commit to or comment on. I would expect to see some of that in the fall though and perhaps some discussion at fan faire if the question is brought up.
  5. ARCHIVED-Zhonata Guest

    *Hades Freezes Over*
    *Pigs Fly*
    Thanks Aeralik, that confirmation about our problem and that they have been heard and are being addressed and talk about is all a lot of us need to hear. Don't be afraid to do it more often.
    *Thumbs Up*
    P.S. Look at my suggetion for our epic in the epics thread. No penalties on O-stance FTW.
  6. ARCHIVED-Luag Guest

    lol@ IF the question is brought up
  7. ARCHIVED-Bremer Guest

    Aeralik wrote:
    And why doesn't our epic nor the changes that will be made with GU47 reflect this?
  8. ARCHIVED-Zhonata Guest

    Bremer wrote:
    Vaild Point, Check my response in the Epic Thread for valid solutions
  9. ARCHIVED-Jake_The_Lettuce Guest

    Aeralik wrote:
    So basically we should expect the "fix" roughly about the same time Duke Nukem Forever is released?
  10. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    Lighthammer@Splitpaw wrote:
    Balls Of Steel.
  11. ARCHIVED-Aull Guest

    I haven't played my zerker that much since rok release and I can't really state anything as to what I see is really the key to making the zerker better. What I would like to say is a thank you to Aeralik for taking the time to make a statement here in the berserker forum. Now I do ask this fellow zerkers please do not start a ripping thread on him and please treat him like a human being. It is obvious that Aeralik and others actually read the forums and have a basic understanding to all frustrations that the zerker community and other classes have.
    Lets see what comes about.
  12. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    well i now see why it was an avoided subject and reply and a more solid understanding of how it is felt tanks are viewed.
    i'd expect the zerk forum to be a ghost town by the end of summer, likely me included but i won't be switching classes. it's just tough to be understanding on a subject where balance was intentionally skewed. perhaps if i saw more class specific loot enhancing berserkers to more of what they are supposed to be i would be more content, but currently i can't be content with how this class is tunneling downhill.
    why do i sound upset? because like many many others who tried to come up with constructive ways to help the class i now feel like that was wasted breath and i could have been saved my time and accepted it but now after spending countless hours levelling the character, getting the best gear and all the masters i now feel like i wasted my time when my brother class is better in more ways than 1.
    thanks for the clarification, i guess it'll take all the other tanks banding together and cancelling their accounts before anything solid is done. it's not hard to see that many other tanks feel left in the cold and the dwindling or migrating population is pretty evident of it. the class has just become a stepping stone to help get guardians levelled up before they can betray.
    this is not about zerks being slightly sub par in a few ways, it is about how the general population has become elitist in attitude and only will accept the best they can get. zerks aren't main tanks anymore and never have been, even offtank is a push between us and paladins and you have to be exceptional at a zerk vs half asleep as a pally to do the same job. i hope you at least intend on fixing SKs or i'd quit solely out of disgust. know why assassins rule the parse? because you play one.
    sorry sir but i will not follow the crowd, this is a huge mistake on sony's end and once the other tanks realize there is nothing in store for them they too will vanish, leaving 1 tank class which i think was obviously what was intended from the start of all of this. i'm sure it won't be a huge hit to the player base as a whole, until all those groups LFG a tank find they can't find one or one to suit their needs.

    i guess i'll see you guys in a few weeks or something
  13. ARCHIVED-Devout Disciple Guest

    Thanks for the dev that came in here and answered. :)
    I'm just sorry to see the serkers got in this too. :( As an SK I definitely know how you feel serkers. I duo with my brother who is a serker. At least we can play together. :)
    I always thought serkers should've had the top plate tank DPS. Serker. Pictures of furious rage warriors raining destruction blow after blow. Insert whatever you want to show your might serkers.
    This is such a great game too but marked by a current tragedy.
  14. ARCHIVED-Pitt Hammerfist Guest

    As a raiding SK, i dont care if guardians are the preferred choice for the tough jobs, its thier DPS however that should be below both SK's and Zerkers.
    So either beef up Zerker and SK DPS or do something to even the balance in the other areas, because atm the guardians are even parsing higher.
  15. ARCHIVED-Jurmoon Guest

    It is indeed refreshing to see a developer response to one of the most pressing issues in the Everquest community. The disparity between guardians and the other tanking classes has become enormous, and is leading to an exodus of tanks. It is difficult on my server to get a group going with so few tanks available. Shadowknights and zerkers have become jokes and are disappearing, brawlers have never been taken seriously as tanks, and guardians are being spread too thin.
    The domino effect is reaching other classes. With groups hard to find, I'm seeing more and more players disappear. People are *begging* for a server merge as Norrath more and more resembles a ghost town.
    There are other factors at play, of course. New competition in the mmorpg market, the onset of summer, the long gap between expansions. But it is significant that such a huge issue has been disregarded for so long, and that there is no fix on the horizon.
    All the same, thanks for the response. Its good to see that someone is listening, even if they don't seem to understand.
  16. ARCHIVED-Jake_The_Lettuce Guest

    Jurmoon wrote:
    It's always been like this, the berserker class has been going downhill since EoF and i cant see that changing anytime soon

    Aeralik wrote:
  17. ARCHIVED-Kage848 Guest

    Yea well. Hmmm. Where to start?
    First of all i have not played my zerker in months. I have switched my main and my new tank is a guardian and hes awesome. I may play a zerker in Nov, yea he will prob be my first toon to 90. but...
    What you have done to the zerker class is crap. Yes helping us take hits better is a step in the right direction. How about the snap agro we been asking for? How about the fact that guardians can match our dps? What about the lack of muliple mob encounters? Although RE2 was a nice start.
    I tend not to post in a thread that Aeralik posts in. Im afraid i may come off as a bad person if i was to speak my mind about things. I wanted to post on this subject though so im trying to control myself. Oh btw i play a ranger but now i have to go and my temper is getting high.
    PS: please make my zerker worth playing at least in Nov.
  18. ARCHIVED-Powers Guest

    Wait, can I get some background on this? I play a berserker but I've never noticed a problem. I can tank just fine as long as everyone else does their job correctly -- though I prefer being off-tank, going with my offensive stance and dealing damage until I need to grab an add or something. So what's the problem?

    Powers &8^]
  19. ARCHIVED-Devout Disciple Guest

    Lyger@Mistmoore wrote:
    I really regret moving to Befallen from Mistmoore because it seems to be really bad over here on the chat channels. There's so much Serker and Crusader prejudice over here.
    It's stings to see a fellow Mistmoorian so upset or dismayed. I wish you the best of luck though.
    Edit: Word correction & grammar apparently too lol
    Lighthammer@Splitpaw wrote:
    Aye. Like Lyger's post above I agree it's a stalling tactic till I see more evidence on SOE's end of them fixing this tragedy. I hope SOE knows what they did here for it will ring for a long time to come. They broke apart a community.
    Edit: Additional Content
    Powers wrote:
    Although I haven't played EQ1 myself my brother tells me they never wore plate in there and did good damage. I'll leave the EQ1 players to comment on that.
    However the images of a Beserker in my mind conjure up images of the best destruction in the class type they're assigned to. So since they're assinged to be plate tanks in this game they should have the top plate DPS period.
    The issue of the problem becomes more apparent when the guardian gets their mythical I'm told. Like I said I play a SK with their own problems but do have a brother I do duo with. He's a beserker. We both have problems and do what we can with what we have.
    Edit: There are also itemization issues from the quests in RoK he tells me from a serker stand point.
  20. ARCHIVED-Rahatmattata Guest

    I hope when Aeralik makes these changes he keeps in mind how overpowered brawlers are solo. They are hands down the best plat farmers in the game. They may not be the most desirable class in raids, but they sure can fill up broker slots with t8 masters and blue shinies.

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