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Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Elcora, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-Elcora Guest

    I know this probally belongs more in the quest forum, but you people are the most knowledgable on the boards, i figured out the:
    Shark plushie: Quest line from EF got to do 2 quests
    Baracuda plushie: Fishing 190 needed from the fishing guy in EF
    Turttle Plushie: I think its a white? shinie collection, but heck if i can tell the difference between yellow and white

    Where are the crab and octopus from...and i'm sorry if this has been asked already lol.
    One more thing other then the 2 house items from the mad mad harvest btw if you do t8 for status soft metals dracnid caves, then hard metals the nodes in the caves switch back and forth so its really easy to keep switiching (except on oasis where i play it don't work so stay out :p) are there any other cool new house items, i heard something about brittle bone chips but not a clue yet.
    80 carp 400 tinkerer, and on the other boards 80 warlock
  2. ARCHIVED-Cmdo Colin Guest

    Turtle Plushie - I've got two bits for the shiney collecton now - will look great in my fish tank!
    brittle bone chips is a quest in North Qeynos afaik... There's a furniture reward for it? I've heard but absolutely no idea where this comes in. Is it the next bit?
    Going off track completely into questing realms is there a title for the harvesting - it's kinda implied.
  3. ARCHIVED-LadyGalasya Guest

    The crab is from the crab bits collection in everfrost iirc....I have heard tales that the octopus is from Everfrost as well as a quested item
  4. ARCHIVED-Cmdo Colin Guest

    Okay - done all the everfrost quests now (err I think) - they're fun.
    There are 5 fish like plushies afaik
    Shark - quested via Brahnagan MacLahnan
    Baracuda - quested via Burm Grunthor
    Octopus - quested via Rainscour
    Finally (and these are guesses as I haven't finished the collections)
    Turtle and Crab from 2 different collection quests.
  5. ARCHIVED-Drash Guest

    Elcora wrote:
    My level 51 Alchemist (with all harvesting skills maxed at 255, including fishing) was not able to get this quest from Grunthor in Everfrost, because he's also a level 27 Necromancer.
    I think this should be changed - if a character is able to harvest the fish (i.e., has the required skill) and is willing to risk dying in Everfrost's waters to complete the quest, then that character should be able to get the quest - irrespective of his or her adventure level.
  6. ARCHIVED-Coniaric Guest

    Cmdo Colin wrote:
    This quest is a live event quest and it appeared to happen in steps. First quest is collecting bone chips to fill up the orb by quest giver in either Qeynos or Gorowyn. That will unlock next part, at least.
    Take a look at couple other threads on this one.
  7. ARCHIVED-Maroger Guest

    How do you start this quest for the live event?
  8. ARCHIVED-Maroger Guest

    Cmdo Colin wrote:
    Rainscour gives several quests - which one rewards the Octopus?
  9. ARCHIVED-Zehl_Ice-Fire Guest

    Maroger wrote:
    Patch notes FTW!
  10. ARCHIVED-Zsargrieb3 Guest

    Where do you get the aqarium to put the fish plushies in
  11. ARCHIVED-JesDer Guest

    Zsargrieb3 wrote:
    You make one .. check the homeshow forum.
  12. ARCHIVED-Ratmaster2000 Guest

    The quest I believe is:

    Vengeance ist Rainscour's!
    This should give you the small octopus plushie

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