Firiona Vie's Grave

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  1. Vaucia New Member

    She's alive and well for both of my characters, who are levels 28 and 40 respectively. Shouldn't I be seeing the grave?
  2. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    you don't see the grave I don't think until you are 92 and have done 'unexpected consequences' where she actually dies.
  3. GabenBison Active Member

    This memorial isn't hilariously cheesy enough. Where's the squirrels, deers, and the rest of the critters of the woods at?
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  4. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    That would be severely disturbing for anyone who has seen any of the South Park woodland critters episode. ;)

    I do agree to an extent though, it is a bit cheesy. Hope Firiona wasn't allergic to flowers.
  5. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't call it cheesy at all. considering there are much more elaborately cheesy real world shrines to slivers of bone thought to belong to saints.
  6. Meirril Well-Known Member

    I'm just wondering when this dam line is going to move. Seriously, I spent 2 hours waiting and it didn't move at all! What are they doing in there? Poising for portraits with Firiona?
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  7. GabenBison Active Member

    Difference is that this is shine is so predictably cliche that its obvious they went with the Snow White and Sleeping Beauty approach. I won't be surprised if a High Elf prince trapped in a Froglok's body comes up to her and gives her a kiss to bring her soul back to her body, he becomes the High Elf prince again, and they live happily ever after the end ect ect.

    Anyways, she was a one dimensional character who's only save of grace is being EQ1's mascot bimbo appealing to teenage boys hitting puberty. I don't really care.

    I did however laugh at that one piece of dialogue when she rag dolls on the floor in the pre-requisite quest back in September with the "FIRONIAAA NOOOOOOOO!", it felt so forced and silly.
  8. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    she was hardly 1 dimensional. she was a tunarian paladin, entrusted with the Lifeguide by tunare. several adventures with her in EQ1 showed her fighting against Layns, she worked with Al'kabor, she faced Venril and the dragons. she did what she thought was right, and yes, a few times she got herself in trouble doing so.

    she was no more '1 dimensional' the Lucan D'lere or Venril or Rile or virtually any other 'major' figure in norrath.
  9. Meirril Well-Known Member

    To be honest here, Firiona is in a very exlusive club populated by princess that get kidnapped so we have a reason to tear through some kingdom. I did like that she broke out of the mold a bit with the Druid Ring dedication ceremony where she became the prophet of Growth. But here we are again, with her kidnapped (in soul, body left behind) to let us know "oh this is going to be bad." Its strange, Firiona was the only person in the Ethernere that looked like she would of in Norrath. Ok, and the dwarven general. Everybody else got a costume change, including the other returned souls.

    It would be nice to see Firiona acting as an advisor similar to Al'kabor instead of the victem.
  10. Estred Well-Known Member

    Tbh most "bad guys" like Venril Sathir are semi-one dimensional because all they server is a biggy for people to murder. Al'Kabor was very well developed through the Footsteps of Dartain when they became The Duality. I don't know EQ1 Lore so it's not so much Al'Kabor I know as it is him as The Duality.
  11. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    she was only a victim once. and that was in eq1 Kunark, where she was establishing the Firionia Vie outpost. At Kithicor she was the field general and a kickass one at that. I think she lost the Lifeguide in Kunark, and spent a while looking to find it.

    in EQ2 she is involved in the druid ceremony, reaffirming her place as Tunare's Chosen and passing on the prophet duties I think to the fae woman. she acts as a catalyst/advisor to get the various kingdoms together for the Combine. she plays the role of scholar and caretaker during the scimitar of the emerald dawn HQ. she was an advisor for the CoE prequest, there at the Duality/Erus' request to try and get Rikantus to speak.

    Erus even states it when she gets zapped that such things had been happening for awhile, but the Duality told them not to bother with it over Age's End. it's only when FV gets zap, and throws a monkey wrench in his interpretations/proves that powerful figures like himself can be zapped..does he start actually dealing with it, helping you get to Ethernere.