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Discussion in 'Community News' started by ARCHIVED-Jaremai, Nov 11, 2004.

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    Free grassroots site developed to help friends find friends across various MMO's. Sign up, input your characters from various games. Your friends can search for your known characters from their game, and find you in other games you play. Not a new site but recently gaining momentum since EQ2 opened.

    For EQ2, the beta 1 and beta 2 servers are listed in its database, allowing beta folks to connect with their friends that are now on live servers, not having a clue as to where. :)

    It's simple, takes a minute, and of course it's free to use. Help spread the word - hopefully if enough folks get registered and gets their friends registered, this site can really prove its worth.

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    I see some of the servers starting to fill up on there (a good thing!).

    One of the other features I didn't really expand on was the public calendar system - you can enter events for your server for anyone to see. It automatically adjusts to local time for the user based on their designated time zone, so that helps folks with math. The calendar also filters off of your preferred servers - say you only wanted to see events for Guk and Butcherblock. That's all you'd see.

    So.. any public guild meetings, open-invite raid type things, weddings, birthday parties, etc can be slapped up there and hopefully seen by others on your server! Kinda neat.

    There's also a cheesy little game on the site that passes 20 minutes of time while you work every day. ;)

    In all... it's got a lot, it will likely have more as time progresses and ideas get submitted, but for now it just needs to get used for what its there for - character tracking and the abovementioned open calendar.

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