Final three levels, where to pop xp potion and solo grind

Discussion in 'Warlock' started by ARCHIVED-JackBurtonBTLC, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-JackBurtonBTLC Guest

    any recommendation as to where to grind level for last three levels? (87-90). Thinking about popping that 100% xp increase potion.
    Any comments of what mob camps would be good to burn through? (weak to our damage types, or have low hps)
    Thanks much
  2. ARCHIVED-DwarvesRUs Guest

    Questing in SBH is by far the fastest way to "solo grind" the final 3 levels.
    The Terrorfang area in SBH is full of vv linked mobs that you can take out with an Absolution/Cataclysm combo. The Stonebrunt Encampment area in Sundered Frontier has a lot of vv linked scorpions and dinosaurs you can blow through easily as well. Still... you'll gain much faster xp from the quests.
    Once you hit 88 you can start getting in to instance groups and each run is worth about 20% or so to boot, as well as the quest xp you can get on 1st time through.
    FWIW, when I hit 88 I set my AA slider to 90% in order to slow things down and gain more AA while I still had vitality. Solo quested to 89 without even trying, then a few instance groups later and I was 90. It went really fast, and this was without using any potions.
  3. ARCHIVED-Primalooze Guest

    its not really solo grind... but the best grind spot is the hole....
    down at the bottom of the lift in the elemental area.. just below the lift is an area of water....
    that area has TONS of linked ^^ and ^^^ lvl 88 mobs in it.... now with a small group... a tank can get into water where the mobs become agro... the rest of the group stand on the side and will never get attacked as the mobs are fish types... tank will never have to taunt or worry about agro..
    There are 4 corners to the area and all the tank does is jump in the middle of each area... he immediatly has 20-30 mobs on him.... they are sooo weak a really poor tank can handle this as long as there is an 80+ healer there too.. (a really good tank doesnt even need the healer these mobs are soo weak)
    warlock or any aoe dps just stands on side and nukes like crazy....the mobs have stupid low hp and resists... normally only takes about 45 seconds to clear each corner... thats 30 odd ^^ and ^^^ mobs.... then just move to next corner.... mobs have a 5 minute respawn so by the time you clear the 4th corner the 1st corner is about to respawn.
    you can gain a lvl every hour all the way from 81 to 90 with the right group setup and a health supply of xp potions...
    i prefer to do this than lvl on quest xp alone as those quests are better used on the AA grind phase that follows after you actually hit 90.. its about getting the balance right...

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