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Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-TPlain, Dec 25, 2004.

  1. ARCHIVED-TPlain Guest

    I am just reading the boards here and I feel sick to my stomach seeing you all blither and [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot]. I for one love my dirge, I don't know how you guys dont. I have 125 Agi without anyone else but my spells on me, not much hits me. I hit for solid 12-16's with my dual weilding, and I have around 1000 or so Hps. I am level 25 and I kickass. I am a major asset ot my group, for any of you who don't like the dirge, thats because you probably blow at playing the game. I HO my single mobs for 200 damage, thats with my DD and the HO proc. My blade techis hit for 80-160, and my DPS is mo high. My Dirge kicks [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot].

    Not once looking back on my decision. GO DIRGES.

  2. ARCHIVED-Psixakias Guest

    try a leafspear or even better a tribal spear as your dual weapons, your base dmg will rise by 6-10 points and your speed will be good enough if you use your speed song too
  3. ARCHIVED-Avocet Guest

    Huh, I don't know, I've always loved my Dirge. Good damage, great group buffs, go anywhere, do anything. No complaints here.
  4. ARCHIVED-Donte Guest

    I don't see much dirge whining. Think you may be confused. I love my Dirge as well.
  5. ARCHIVED-Meadsong Guest

    Who's whining? I love my dirge. Not too sure about all of yours though, bring on PVP perma death, you whiner :smileysurprised:
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  7. ARCHIVED-Zhanna Guest

    I'm enjoying me Dirge as well... she's lots of fun!:smileyvery-happy:
  8. ARCHIVED-supermouse Guest

    The only whining I have seen in conjuction with Dirges is the Fluff song and why bards don't get Selo's anymore.
  9. ARCHIVED-Tuna99 Guest

    I love the dirge class as well. There are some spells that I haven't found a use for, and perhaps that is because they are bugged. However, many spells that I thought useless proved to have a significant application when I found myself in a new situation. I love getting into a situation where I am forced to adjust my typical play (choosing combinations of buffs/debuffs, attacks).

    I'll give an example.

    When hunting in a group that has 2 or 3 scout characters I will often use agi/str buff (increased offense and power for fighters and scouts), Disease Proc (fast weapons= additional procs), and Haste. During Battles I will debuff with clara's (noticed this gives each melee group member a 7-9% increase in dmg... sorry no hard data), and then when power is low, or if the group is doing long pulls will replace with power regen song. I find that this set up works best with mobs that don't con too much higher than the group (ie. whites/yellows) and really speeds up the group when clearing out a horde of blue con mobs (everyone hits constantly which increases procs).

    The other day I did the EL access quest at lvl 27. I got in a bears group there and found myself hunting nothing but red mobs, the highest of which I could not hit. It was clear that my set up wasn't going to work very well for me. Even tho I was doing no dmg to highest mob and low dmg to the others my group asked me to stick around, so I did. I ended up dropping the disease proc (never went off with low hitting group) and the haste. Songsters Luck ended up being the perfect song for us. With it up the difference was remarkable. I was able to do damage to the highest mobs, and 2 lvl 28's had their damage output doubled, because they were finally hitting with consistency. Also, I noticed that I could land my debuffs with a couple of tries, and since I wasn't doing a ton of dmg I focused on getting the debuffs up first and pressed the defense lowering quick moves (coins) whenever they were up. My role in that group was unlike anything I had done in game up to that point. The versatility of the Dirge class allowed me to create a role for myself in a group that was playing over my head.

    I think it sucks to have abilities nerfed, and I am hoping something is done about Lanets, ridiculus fluff song, etc. However, I am still tickled with how much we have at our fingertips to work with.

    I want to add that I am finding more and more groups that aprreciate having a bard in their group. People are getting more and more vocal about Bard contributions and I find that grouping is rarely difficult. My expectation is that as people get a better understanding of the game our popularity will only increase.
  10. ARCHIVED-Lornick Guest

    The whining is relatively minor on this board so far. Give it 6 months after the newness is gone.

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