Fill me in... Why is everyone complaining?

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Cylock, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Cylock Guest

    So, i just started a ranger, but im trying to figure out why everyone is complaining about low dps? On my main, if i have a ranger in my group or raid, they are almost ALWAYS on top of the parse. on raid bosses, they`ve been walking out with 20k parses.... why do you consider that low? if thats low, then rangers were just OP before and they fixed it now.
  2. ARCHIVED-bryan4171 Guest

    Please read the forums before a troll eats you. (thought I would start off on a positive note!!!) I have a feeling you might find a few examples. To start we used to be T1 dps......... used to be wanted in raids..... used to be valued in a group...and you know maybe we are all just babies but if you look at any other class forums you will see a big diff. Mainly they are positive.

    Anyway have fun with your new ranger great solo class actually.
  3. ARCHIVED-Ocello Guest

    The only problem with Ranger is it might be the most difficult class to master in the game. Very very very few players roll this toon and get what they expect out of it. I have known two rangers in 5 years who were t1 DPS at all stages of the game. That is a heaping pile of fail.
    The problem with this is that they bring so very little to a group buff-wise that, if they aren't amazing DPS, then why take them?
    For instance, if I am running a straight PUG, I will almost NEVER allow a random Ranger (or Fury, or Necro, or Brawler et al) into the group--I will lie and say it is filled or that we already have a ranger. Sad, yes, but I want to try and run productive groups. I have seen far far far too many rangers that can't parse their way out of a nutsack--then they bring nothing to the group otherwise...makes them a bit worthless.
  4. ARCHIVED-Cylock Guest

    ocello, so what you`re saying is that the problem isnt the class itself... the problem is the player using the class... you said it yourself you have seen rangers with t1 dps... meaning, it is possible. but they are hard to learn, so when people expect it to be SK-easy mode in terms of damage, they fail. good to know :) i like hard classes to play
  5. ARCHIVED-Kulaf Guest

    Well part of the problem is that the Ranger classs issues thread has not been updated since Aug of last year. And of the issues listed, about 50% of them were directly addressed in the Expansion.
    The biggest pending issues seems to be a desire for some increased group utility (I don't believe this is actually needed), a change to Sniper Shot to be more in line with Assasinate (questionable where that is actually needed), and an increase in overall DPS to bring the class more in line with T1/T2 DPS classes (this issue actually has merrit).
  6. ARCHIVED-Ranja Guest

    Cylock wrote:
    Great glad you are having fun doing t2-t3 DPS with a class that is supposed to be t1. If you don't understand the prioblems at the end game, please don't muddy the waters with these types of posts.
    While you are doing 20k, in a top tier guild assassins, swashies, wizzies, warlocks are doing 50+k. And they all bring more utility than you as a ranger.
    Yes rangers are hard to play but even when played to their max, they are still a t2-t3 dps class due to mechanics.
  7. ARCHIVED-Neiloch Guest

    You have to bust your butt to be sub-par basically.
  8. ARCHIVED-Mathrin Guest

    I'd second Ranja's reply to you.
    Go spend some time on another site looking at end game parses.
    Warlocks and Assassins are hitting 40-60k dps. Rangers (those few left who even bother to post parses) are barely breaking 30k.
    Besides the pure love of playing a ranger or for soloing, why would anyone choose to play the most expensive (cost of arrows) and least desired (arguably - leather tanks have it bad too) raid class in game?
    If the ranger in your raid is topping the parse every fight, then you must have some sucky dps classes in the rest of your raid.
    Just FYI, my comments are coming from a raiding ranger who is doing 18-25k parses and having to watch our assassin do 35 to 45k. I've also seen our warlock hitting 35+
  9. ARCHIVED-Nevao Guest

    Kulanae@Blackburrow wrote:
    Sniper Shot is a red herring, as is utility (though less so than Sniper's). While any ranger would like to see something along those lines the big issue is the DPS gap between Assassins and Rangers and between Preds and Sorcs. Even if the first two were "taken care of" we'd still be talking about DPS becuase that is our role.
    There are a ridiculous number of small issues that contribute to this but the major item is that our CA's were balanced under the assumption that we would have a ridiculously high % of our damage come from Auto Attack and certain procs. However as expansions have come and gone Auto Attack has become more in line with other classes (theirs has been raised), our proc ability has been reduced due to balancing changes but our CA's have have seen no movement. Those CA's have longer cast times (a side effect of being ranged) and therefore we see smaller improvements from many temp buffs since we can not get as many attacks off to trigger them (same with our bow attacks). All in all we need to some form of mechanics revamp to be in line. Either shorter casting times, faster recast times, or increased Auto Attack Damage. There are a lot of threads with ideas. However at this point we don't know what the Devs are thinking other than a former one wants us to be "more ranged" but he now appears to be gone.
  10. ARCHIVED-kartikeya Guest

    Pretty much what other people have said. 20k parses are no longer top tier DPS (and when they were, we sure weren't managing them, unless it was a single fight and your group was amazing and the stars all aligned, etc etc etc).
    As for the arguments about 'skill'? This always makes me roll my eyes. Yes, it is difficult to play a ranger well. It is not, however, some secret talent or formula that only a special few are worthy of. I suspect these amazing rangers you apparently knew were in, wait for it, stacked groups. Or the rest of the raid was sucking. If a ranger is put in the most amazing group ever (at the expense of the rest of the raid, note), and knows what they are doing, and has great gear, and channels The One...then they'll do great DPS. ANY class will do great DPS under those circumstances. Those are not reality circumstances. And assassins, warlocks, wizards and swashies? In the same situation, they will still do more DPS.
    Outside of raids it doesn't matter nearly so much. Things die so fast in most (MOST) group zones that unless your ranger is just absolutely terrible, things wil be fine. We still don't bring any utility to the group, but groups don't have to be amazingly perfect to succeed. Raids are a lot pickier, because if you don't build your raid right, you'll fail, even if your players are great at what they do.
    Soloing you aren't likely to notice anything wrong at all.
  11. ARCHIVED-Dalannae Guest

    Cylock wrote:
    20k is top of parse in your raid? the groups and raids you are going with must not be very good. the SKs in my guild when we raid can do 30+k and you don't even want to know what the assasin can do. and my guild is very a very casueal mostly tradeskillers.
  12. ARCHIVED-Sydares Guest

    20k is a low parse, yes. Sorry.
  13. ARCHIVED-Gaige Guest

    Ocello wrote:
    Of the 5 classes I've end game raided on ranger is by far the easiest.
  14. ARCHIVED-EQ2Magroo Guest

    Neiloch@Crushbone wrote:
    I don't know about that, I manage to be sub-par without even trying :) :)
  15. ARCHIVED-Ranja Guest

    Cylock wrote:
    You sir are a moron. nice vieled insult at the ranger community.
  16. ARCHIVED-ranlaen Guest

    Sadly after years of hoping and playing other classes to max level but still levelling my ranger to max whenever the need arise i have come to the conclusion that either he becomes like my guardian and nothing more then a trade bot or i will need to progress him some way.I bust my butt to gear him up but still he falls below rest scouts like assasins,swashies and sadly even my sk is coming close to his dps now.
    Every xpac makes things worse and the only pleasure now is BG since he can somewhat dps well there due to been a ranged class.
    So finally i plan to throw in my towel in a few days and betray to assasin
  17. ARCHIVED-Dalannae Guest

    Gaige wrote:
    yeah I find the Ranger easy to play also but getting the t2-t3 dps much less T1 on the other hand.... so that I"m wanted in those Raids and groups Well that is up to the Devs to unbreak what they broke.
  18. ARCHIVED-Osp Guest

    Alenna@Guk wrote:
    They have more important things to there failure called Battlegrounds, SF loot itemization, SF item graphics, LoN and Station Cash items. Get in line its a long one that never moves.
  19. ARCHIVED-Thunderthyze Guest

    Ocello wrote:
    Great attitude. Remind me never to roll an alt on your server.
  20. ARCHIVED-Dalannae Guest

    Venez@Permafrost wrote:
    we have been in line we keep getting pushed to the back by the others.

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