Fighter Offensive Stance Nerf

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Atan, Nov 20, 2018.

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    I do not understand this nerf at all. You've basically chosen by now both removing the potency buff and lowering the Fervor to 1.8 to essentially just remove offensive stance completely from our hotbars.

    First off, both the potency version and the 25 Fervor versions were neither overpowered for this content.

    For those of us playing a raid tank in slots other than MT, there are only a few fights we actually tank anything, and the previous versions of this stance were allowing me to do (brace yourselves, cause it was crazy over powered....) rogue like dps.

    This change, I might as well just log off except for 3-4 encounters in this expansion pack, and our 3rd tank SK, looks like we just need him for 2 fights now.

    I don't understand why you thought it needed fixing, as there was nothing 'broken' about fighter dps in offensive stance in either previous versions give when its in use, we're basically rogue level dps, survivability, and offer little to no utility.

    I guess your telling me I shouldn't play an offtank and instead play something useful and have a tank alt to login for a few fights.

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    Agreed too. Took the fun out of playing an off tank.