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Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Netty, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Netty Member

    I know its been like this for some time now but i always tough it was a bug. Why is it that the brawler BP get better melee stats then the plate one? Is there a reason for this? no... Its enough that they can DW/2hander and be max defensiv they dont need extra stats aswell. I just wonder why?
  2. Estred Well-Known Member

    can you post pics or thread/links of these items? Not that I doubt you but I would like a comparison or at least the names of the BP's in question are you talking Commanders from PoW? Are you talking Drinal in Harrows End?
  3. Boli Active Member

    95 Fabled (Primal Chestwrap/Brestplates) are almost identical.

    Brawlers get 76.2% DPS/Haste
    Plate Tanks only get 42% DPS/HASTE BUT +5 Defence and better mitigation.

    The last EM tier Brawlers got 74% DPS mod but only 49.6% Haste
    Plate Tanks got 40.2% Haste/DPS

    Brawler Brestplate is actually MISSING the +20 Defense/Deflection which they had last tier; obviously the increased mitigation plate tanks get are factored into the item.

    Items referenced:

    Drakiz Tunic of the Wrangler vs Drakiz Breastplate of the Bouncer
    Primal Chestwrap Vs Primal Breastplate
  4. Netty Member

    Its been like that forever. Just look up ever singel raid BP since dov. atleast drunder HM and so on. Even some legendary have better stats.

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