Few questions (returning player)

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  1. Markel New Member

    I've recently decided to have another look at EQ2 (due to my main MMO world being destroyed), and got absorbed immediatly. So i resumed my subscription and started to enjoy it.
    More or less i figured up some things, but still have a few questions.

    1.Maintainance on US servers starts everyday at 7pm. Is it due to new CoE expansion release or it is always like this?

    2. While playing i noticed a huge inflation of money amount on broker, some things costs more than 1k plat and in Auction channel i see people talking about buying and selling stuff for several thouthands of pp. On the same time overal prices on harvestable rares didnt raised in price too much. Did something happened? Is it much easier to make money now? Is this situation roughly the same on all servers or US and EU somehow different? (I'm on Antonia Bayle atm)

    3. Is it just me or rares and treasure chests drop rate was significally increased?

    4. I'm thinking of moving to Splitpaw due to more comfortable downtime window so which server is better population-wise Antonia Bayle or Splitpaw?

    I think thats all question i can think of right now.
  2. Hachi Member

    1. It's the new expansion. There's usually a high frequency of patches and downtime after a big update.

    2. Yup, that's how it goes with a mature game. The benefit is that it *is* easier to make money, but damn near everything also costs more. So it kind of evens out unless you still use old fashioned money making techniques like me...

    3. I don't think rares are that much more common by default. Though you can increase that with tradeskill AAs. Bigger chests seem to drop more often, but small and regular chests are about the same from the last few years, in my opinion.

    4. Probably AB. I think AB and Freeport are the two most populated at present. I'm not familiar with the PVP or non-US servers though.
  3. Onorem Active Member

    1. Maintenance generally starts at 7 AM (Pacific time), not PM...and it's usually only on Tuesdays, but with an expansion comes more frequent fixes and additional downtime.
    2. Yep. Stuff costs more. Rare harvests are worth much less than they used to be, but low level rare collectibles are worth more. Low level transmutables are also usually worth several gold...or were last I checked. I guess demand might have dropped a bit by now.
    3. Depending on how long you've been gone, there's a good chance that rares are no longer considered rare. People harvesting for an hour or two now expect to have a few rares in their bags. Also, if your skill exceeds the tier your harvesting in, the chance for a 'rare' is increased.
    4. No idea. Sorry.
  4. Markel New Member

    Thank you for response. That makes it clear for me. If maintainance usually only one day a week might as well stay on AB
    Just had a bit of shock from Queynos and Freeport redisign. I'm kinda missing old starting areas :(
    Hope they will put it back in one form or another.