Fervor : Where to get It if you missed CD xpac?

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Disrption, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. duckster Active Member

    Actually surprised they didnt disable these since they did with all of the other runes(albeit they were orange).

    Probably an oversight and get adjusted in Tuesday so its nearly a full reset going from CD to BoL.
  2. Drona Well-Known Member

    This is precisely the reason why I don't play WoW :)

    Complete gear reset makes mockery of progression, you might as well stop raiding 2 or 3 months before a new expansion since why bother? If a new player can catch up to existing player in 2 weeks then you have shallow game where anything you do is irrelevant. Which then begs the question why bother with anything in that game to begin with?

    Progression has to matter and it has to be balanced with returning players and new players in mind too and I think EQ2 has decent balance. This expanse has reset so many thing and made it easier for new players to catch up. All those runes the OP is missing can be gotten in 2 weeks provided they join a guild since they are all easy to get now.

    Complete gear reset destroys game communities since it allows for MMO tourist. I have played many MMOs during past 16 years and only game I keep on coming back is EQ2 even despite the P2W which I hate. It took me a while to realise why and that the main reason is many people who started the game in 2004 are still here. I cannot say this for many other MMOs...

    Almost all MMOs allows for complete gear reset or even gear doesn't matter, lets not turn EQ2 into one of them since I find them all shallow and not worth play for precisely this reason. So please let me have just one MMO which is not like the others :)

    If things are easy to get then they are not worth getting...

    There is price to be paid for everything and in EQ2 case, its stronger community over loads of players.

    At the end of the day you have to ask your self this question, why are you trying to play EQ2 over other MMOs if they are better? There is something about EQ2 which is bringing you back to it, what is that something? I personally think EQ2 is crap MMO!, it looks crap, it plays crap, it run crap and its pretty much crap! Yet it has one thing which all other MMO lacks, people who have been playing the game together for 15 years.... a community where you know other people. This is the secret ingredient to a MMO

    /end rant and sorry if I come off too aggressive :)

    Edit, PS: I am not against gear reset. I think gear reset is needed but I am against complete gear reset. Something should matter. A returning player has to pay price for being absent from a game.
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  3. Sious Member

    that is true, and lets go a bit deeper into this.

    Ember rune, kill some nameds in fire zone from CD. Takes 1 night if you have a full raid that did it before, take 2-3 to get flawless (you do need to farm some stones for the second names) if your raid force never killed them and you need to figure it out.

    Now where would that rune drop. from a solo ? i mean if it drops in a heroic it's 2 late becouse "whhaaaa i need frevor before i can run heroics"
    The game in this stage is more as last xpack, the packs are getting smaller compaired to TSO or EOF so by keeping previous content valid and putting relative easy but REALY good rewards in there they make it look bigger.

    Having to work for somthing for 2 weeks is ok, it's not bad it's not like you need 1000+ pebbles to get your "golden sun" title (if you don't know how to get that title look it up, it takes more then 2 weeks)

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  4. Argosunited Well-Known Member

    Yeah that's nice but it's not the point I'm making. And I know all about the pebbles and Fallen Dynasty, I have the titles.
    And btw it's 500 pebbles for the Golden Sun title.
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  5. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    People still do celelestial quest, at least on HoF ive seen a few groups. Joining them and u can clear all the heroics for the blue adornment.

    That said, its very odd they didnt add fervor adorns to Luclin and its odd they didnt update the monthly quest to be relevant with Luclin content.
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  6. Raff Well-Known Member

    Even if they did? The runes (just like the last runes) would be locked behind current raid content and still not accessible to most non-raiders. But right now, with your new gear...any of you could put together a guild raid or guild /pug and go back and do the CD content a lot easier than trying to raid right now.
  7. Elkana Member

    If BoL had a fervor rune that would catch you guys up to where we are, then we'd get it and be 200 fervor more than you guys anyways? Am I taking crazy pills? lol - Not trying to be a stick in the mud, but we've been playing, raiding, grinding and wasting our time to get several runes, buffs and other items and spells to get to where we are. Those of us (like me) who took brakes had to do old content, had to spend real money, had to do all the tricks and a bit of begging to catch up.
    It's not that complicated, if you want the fervor, you'll have to work for it, and buy it with your real life money - like we all did.
    Love you guys though : )
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  8. Dead Alt Account Active Member

    We buy an expansion and pay a sub to run old content so we are viable for the new content, and pay additional money to buy plat to buy items we need for the new content as well? A money-sink in a 15 year-old game with a declining population? That's asking a bit much IMO. Again, in the Sony expansions, this was never an issue.
  9. Laita Active Member

    Depends entirely how they code it... If they give the rune the same effect name, and lore it like they did with others, then you can still only have 1, and your point here is moot. I'm not sure why there are so many people out there trying to block returning players, a quality community is what makes this game strong. If anything you all should want an upgrade to this rune in this new xpac as well.... and please show me what item I can buy with real money that jumps my fervor up in the 200 range?? I'll wait..
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  10. Gnomfu Member

    All that is true, but i didn't have to do old missed content to get my potency up to current starting levels. I didn't have to do old missed content to get my ability mod up to current starting levels. I even got a class adorn from gear to help me progress, but aside from given 1 blue adorn there is no entry level blue / red adorns available to help bridge the gap from previous expansions. I'm having to backtrack a ways to get my epic 2.0 skill and found out i have to backtrack even further to get greenmist.
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  11. Raff Well-Known Member

    But here you are. Still here.

    Or if you are not playing? Why are you still here?
  12. Occam Well-Known Member

    People keep saying DBG didn't put fervor runes into BoL. How do you know? Remember that the good solo runes all took time to get when they were current, so nobody saw them right away. You can't and shouldn't expect to finish the solo sig-line, run some solos and heroic zones and walk away with a 30+ fervor rune. You need to work for them, so it's no surprise if nobody has seen any BoL fervor runes yet.

    The problem is not a lack of BoL fervor runes, but that it's so incredibly difficult to get into heroics. They did such a poor job designing progression for this xpac that most people are struggling to get the stats necessary to be effective in heroics. People thought progression was difficult in CD, so apparently DBG saw that and said, "hold my beer". :rolleyes:
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  13. Raff Well-Known Member

    BoL is much easier to access heroic content than CD was. Expac has been only here a month and many of us are already regularly running heroics. That did not happen in CD.
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  14. Disrption Member

    After talking to a few folks in-game regarding this its simple, just go back and do the content you missed. My girlfriend and I will be monk/fury duoing the old zones but should be not bad at all since we have the potency for the BoL content just not the Fervor, then go do the same with Fabled Kael to get those other 2 Blues. I will put in the work whilst leveling my mount/familiar/merc so as to eventually be effective.

    In this sense BoL is more of an Add-on for those done with CD content, based on the 200+ Fervor disparity I discussed starting this, past the Solo content that is. So go back and do CD, or just Solo BoL and accept that content ceiling.

    Looks like I am off to Myrist for a few months, thanks all for the input here.
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  15. Dead Alt Account Active Member

    Here you are, once again, posting useless and meaningless tripe on the boards.
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  16. Raff Well-Known Member

    You should talk, lol. At least I'm not haunting the forum boards of a game I no longer play.
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  17. Gnomfu Member

    I'm a returning player who is content to run solo instance and rebuild my crafting army into 9 level 120 monks with a different TS on each.
    I think the point the OP was making is the hole created by not having an easily accessible option for returning people. Raiders will always out gear me and i'm fine with that, but forcing people returning / new players into old content is a little overwhelming.
    They offered me boosts to my ascension classes so i could start out - thankfully. Still working on how to upgrade these for my Marmy. Epic 2.0 i didn't know about until a different post pointed out how it now sucks for Bruisers - Still have to get monk version and figure out how to improve it. And i never would have known that my 80% fervor was low until someone pointed out people have 200%+ in this.
    They helped bridge the gap for new players with gear, level boosts, mounts, mercs, pets, ascension boost, diety boost (no idea how to get from 85 to 100) but they left out starting adorns. I've managed to get a couple of red drops in solo instances (1 waist and 1 from a set) and had a recipe drop for waist ones but no mana recipe yet and until they messed up the achievement reward 1 only had the warlord adorn from the starting chest gear.

    There is so much back content i have to do, it just would have been nice if they included a starter option for adorns. I'd even have been happy with a tradeskill book that offered lower stat value adorns to fill in the holes on gear. i've been getting white adorns for everything 3 or 4 increases to ability mods (25K, 64K, 72K, 90K and 120K) i think were the ballpark ranges i've been offered increases on.
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  18. Dead Alt Account Active Member

    Still playing. But, unlike you, I hate to see returning players give up and quit, which is terrible for the game as a whole. You should have the same view, because without them, the game eventually dies along with your eee-peeeeen.
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  19. Argosunited Well-Known Member

    I've been playing since 2006, missed an expansion, and now I have to go back to old content to be relevant in the current content. You don't see anything wrong with that?
    All they'd have to do is make the rune use the same slot as one of your current runes. Or, they could just put fervor on something in BoL other than the 1 or 2 fervor you can get with some mount stuff.
    I don't think anyone that is looking for fervor to be useful in heroics even mentioned raiding, it's just the 'look at me' crowd that have.
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  20. Zynt Well-Known Member

    Thank you for that list. Do you happen to know how much the two Kael runes cost? I Googled them but just got a description, no currency cost. I think I've got 2500 Tremissis currently.

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